Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 5 Review: Everyday Angel

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The secret baby saga continues. 

Teddy made her grand reappearance on Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 5 after being missing in action for longer than she should have been. Thanks to Meredith, Teddy is one step closer to telling Owen about his biological child. 

If we're lucky, Owen may find out before the midseason finale. Goody! 

Reaching Out - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 5

Teddy has been incredibly frustrating this season so far. When news broke that Kim Raver would return as a series regular, many fans could not be happier. The possibilities were endless, and a familiar face could somewhat ease all the negativity surrounding the series due to so many changes. 

Then this storyline came about where Teddy has come across as nothing but selfish and childish if she ever made it onscreen that is, and it was disappointing. 

Most fans could guess why she wanted to hold off on telling Owen the truth. She freaked out and was discouraged when she saw the Shepherd-Hunt pseudo-family. She didn't want to interfere with any of that, and she didn't understand the situation. 

I don't hate Owen, I, I love him.


Amelia and Owen barely understand the situation, so you can't fault Teddy for hightailing when she did. You can blame her for even considering not telling Owen she was expecting his kid and raising the kid in Germany by herself. 

If Teddy settled on that as a final decision, then all respect for her would be lost as far as I'm concerned. Meredith was right, what could she say to her future child when they eventually went looking for their father and found an honorable, good man like Owen instead of a deadbeat or a monster? 

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Teddy more than anyone else understood how important family and children were to Owen, so why would she even consider depriving him of something like that?

The two friends have gone through hell and back, and that includes a freaking war together, and they still aren't on the best of terms right now, but that choice would have been unforgivable. 

Penny for your Thoughts - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 5

Any chance of them ever being friends again would have been shot to hell, and she would have risked destroying the relationship with her future child if they discovered the truth and grew to resent her for depriving them of their father.

Teddy has had ample time to think about all of this, so her attempts to talk things out with Meredith had one wondering what the hell has she been doing all of this time? 

Nevertheless, Teddy and Meredith never had a close relationship. They weren't exactly friends during Teddy's original tenure on the show, so there was something fresh and endearing about them spending the day together baking cookies for Zola and talking about motherhood. 

How is it that those handfuls of scenes in Meredith's kitchen provided more background on Teddy in the hour than the seasons Teddy was on the show before? We never knew anything about Teddy's home life and how tragic it was. 

Showing off the Kids - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 5

Teddy's parents died nearly back-to-back from one another, but then she lost a close friend on 9/11 in one of the towers. That was what drove her to join the military, and since then, she has a fear of losing people. 

After learning about her past, and knowing everything we know about her, Teddy is a resilient woman. There is no telling how many friends she may have lost overseas. She lost Megan Hunt for a decade or so. 

She lost the man she loved, Henry. She lost her mentee, Yang. She lost Owen twice now. Teddy has experienced a lot of loss in all of its forms, so if she's a bit afraid, she has a good reason. 

What's most striking, and it's in line with her relationship with Owen, is she knows Owen well. She knows that Owen is the type of guy who would want to drop everything and be with her for the sake of their child. 

Amelia: So, do you want to say the Serenity prayer before you go in? OK, don't do drugs.
Owen: Have a nice day at school!

We've mentioned it before, but sometimes Owen is so focused on getting his family, that he treats the members that may or may not comprise it as though they are interchangeable. Teddy doesn't want Owen to be the nice guy and drop what he has going on with Amelia to be with her. 

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Teddy loves Owen. She has always loved him, so she could never watch him give up someone who makes him happy for her. She also can't bear the thought of Owen being with her out of obligation instead of love. 

It sucks that Teddy can never rid herself of this unrequited love she has for Owen, nor can she shake the feeling that she's a consolation prize. She deserves so much better than that. 

In the meantime, Amelia and Owen have settled into their roles as parents and whatever it is that they are to one another.  The back and forth between the two was irritating, but they have reached a point in their relationship where it seems they have a real shot of being together permanently now. 

Staking Out

It was a big step for Amelia being able to talk about Christopher with Owen. Caterina was fantastic during that scene. Amelia has matured a great deal this season, and her growth has worked wonders. Not only was talking about Christopher cathartic for her, but it showed that she is finally healing from her experience. 

Momelia is the best Amelia. She was a self-proclaimed hellraiser as a teenager, but now she has become this neurotic mom who sits outside of Betty's school for the entire school day to make sure she doesn't get into any trouble. It was amusing how excited she was that Betty made friends, and the app thing, oy! 

Amelia is a total mom, and the funny part about it is she doesn't even know when it happened. Betty secretly loves it though, you know she does. Meanwhile, Owen is a total dad who probably has started wearing Dad jeans along with the baby Bjorn he puts Leo in. 

This family is the cutest. 

I apologize for the way that I left, OK? Truly. That will never happen again.


Jackson returned during this hour as well. The reasoning behind Jackson's disappearance remains bizarre as hell, but there are no complaints about him returning. Maggie didn't know what to make of it though. 

Jackson returned with an incredible case that was sweet when you think about it. It was like fate that he met this man and his boy, and he was able to fix the child's back, but he also caught the boy's cancer and saved his life. 

It even required him to team up with Alex and Link for surgery, which was awkward at times but also fun. The downside was his sudden reappearance threw Maggie off. 

Bros in Surgery

Maggie had every right to be annoyed and confused because she didn't know where she stood with him. Jackson bailed on her; he deserved to be in the doghouse. 

He should have been in the doghouse longer if you ask me. He made amends though, and he doesn't plan on leaving again because everything he needed to find was right there with his work and with her. 

The two of them have grown into this adorable couple, so it's satisfying that they were able to make up, even if it did happen quickly.

Cece would be pleased, but the poor woman is so fearful that she's going to die without a donor. She has inspired Maggie though, and I love how the past couple of seasons the doctors have shifted back to being passionate about their work. 

Jaggie Make Up

Bailey is passionate, and she and Jo make an amazing team. It's an unexpected one, but they have funny moments together. I cheered them on when they figured out what happened to Nina without calling Meredith. 

Bailey was quick to inform Nina that she is the woman behind mentoring Meredith Grey, and the pride that Bailey has in the remaining members of M.A.G.I.C never gets old. 

It's worrisome that she's stressing so much about Ben though. 

My husband is a firefighter. I haven't heard from him today, and when I don't hear from him. I don't breathe.


Alex is a grouchy chief, but the coldness directed at Link was intense. Initially, it seemed like he was jealous of Link's relationship with Jo because he didn't know their history. When he told Link what was troubling him, it was so much better. 

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He still harbors so much anger over Paul and his abuse. He couldn't fathom Link being around Jo during that time in her life and not intervening. It's a complicated situation, but I could at least appreciate where Alex was coming from there. 

He forgot that Jo is Jo, though. Jo doesn't listen to anyone, and there was nothing Link could have done to persuade her to leave Paul at the time. Link let Alex know that if he knew the extent of what was going on, he would have done something about it. 

Did you know Paul? Because a good brother would have protected her. You're like twice that guy's size. You could have leveled him.


I believe him. I know everyone has mixed feelings about him, but I'm rather fond of the character for the most part. At least give him credit for being part of some wicked awesome jam sessions with Webber and DeLuca. 

Speaking of Webber and DeLuca, how the kid didn't see that Webber has been grooming him for greatness is beyond me. DeLuca is such a fantastic doctor, and the series is showcasing that more and more. It's very much appreciated. 

Levi's crush

The flirting between Nico and Levi is appreciated too. Poor Levi doesn't know what to do with himself. Nico, or better yet Hellmouth is giving him mixed signals. Give us this 'ship already! 

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, Grey's Fanatics! You can watch Grey's Anatomy online here at TV Fanatic if you missed anything!

Everyday Angel Review

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Amelia: So, do you want to say the Serenity prayer before you go in? OK, don't do drugs.
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