Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 4 Review: Momma Knows Best

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So, how would you grade this TGIT crossover event? 

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 4 was the first half of a crossover with Station 19, and perhaps those of us who have grown accustomed to the Chicago franchise crossover extravaganzas have been spoiled because it didn't feel very "crossover-y." 

Nevertheless, it's always interesting when someone outside of Ben graces the halls of GSM, right? 

Ready For Her Date - Grey's Anatomy

The strange thing about this crossover is that the one thing connecting the two series was Max and his inevitable disappearance and whatever happens to him after he crosses the threshold and runs off.

Initially, it seemed like the fire that brought Andy and Miller to the hospital and caused Ben's first injury (were you as surprised as I was about that being his first fire-related injury?) would be what connected the two series. 

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It wasn't, and maybe that's something both shows should keep in mind for future crossovers, and I fully expect and hope to see more of them down the road. Grey's is infamous for natural disasters and catastrophic events galore, so a crossover event should be more imaginative. 

The Station 19 cast drafted to the show was hanging around the hospital for kicks, and that's something that both series could do on a weekly basis without anyone batting an eye because it's that casual. 

Andy and Dean - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 4

Miller and Andy did provide some humor. For one, somehow Andy is more likable on Grey's Anatomy than on her own show. That never ceases to be confounding. The rapport she had with Miller was fun and humorous, and she and Meredith have a cool bond. 

Andy even managed to give Meredith some sound romantic advice after Meredith's date that didn't end on a good note, and coming from Andy, that's almost laughable. 

In the meantime, Miller's crush on Maggie was adorable. Who wouldn't love that woman?!  Don't answer that. There are plenty of people who don't, but for those Maggie fans, his attraction made all the sense in the world. 

You found out there are good men out there and you dodged a really slow moving bullet.


Miller and Maggie would be a cute couple if Maggie weren't involved with Jackson. Speaking of Jackson, it's such a relief that the others aren't letting his bizarre absence go undiscussed. It's weird as hell, and the show is self-aware about it. 

Jackson's excuse was abrupt and shoddy, but at least the series knows it. Why does it seem like Jackson is going to return rocking Birkenstocks and behaving like he's in a cult? Nothing is exempt from this series. 

Maggie was a prominent character in this hour. She deserves some kudos because while she's as puzzled as everyone else about Jackson's absence, she isn't nearly as fazed by it since Teddy's secret is keeping her up at night. 

Dean Asks Maggie Out - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 4

No, but really. Where in bloody hell is Teddy?! This whole thing with her avoiding Owen and not telling him shite is ridiculous! 

Once again, if she was so concerned about Maggie spilling the beans, then why postpone telling Owen? Wouldn't she want to beat Maggie to it or at least spare the poor woman from having to hold this secret from someone she considers a sister? It's infuriating! 

Maggie held off longer than anyone should have to hold things off, and at least she slipped up and told Meredith and not Amelia. She's wrong for violating doctor-patient confidentiality, but hell, I'm not mad at her. It is what it is. 

She probably wouldn't have spilled the beans had she not been dealing with Max and his father. Max's father was frustrating because he meant well, but he wasn't doing his son any favors. 

Teddy Altman is pregnant. It's Owen's baby. Owen doesn't know. Amelia doesn't know, and I just broke doctor-patient confidentiality by telling you.


Maggie's connection to Max was one of the highlights of the hour. It seemed like Maggie saw a lot of herself in Max. He was an inquisitive kid just like she was, and he wanted to know what was going on. 

Maggie understood how he felt and probably remembered what it was like to want the truth from adults. She could have told Max the truth in a way he could process it. It's too bad she wasn't given the opportunity. 

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He probably wouldn't have disappeared. 

DeLuca gets an A for effort because he did the best he could while on the helipad with Max. It was nice to hear some background on DeLuca and learn more about how his mother died and his relationship with Carina. The DeLuca siblings are the cutest. 

Max - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 4

The entire hour had a heavy theme of mothers. Maggie connected with the kid who lost his mother. DeLuca recalled losing his mother and his sister stepping in. 

Amelia struggled with defining the role she plays in Betty's life. Amelia and Owen as these odd co-parents in the Hunt-Shepherd House of Misfits are pretty damn spectacular. Their familial unit is preferable over the Omelia romance saga. 

They work well as co-parents, and it was so funny and sweet that Amelia called Mama Hunt to the hospital seeking advice about parenting. Betty was behaving like such a typical teenager, and she and Amelia duking it out like a real mother-daughter duo was hilarious. 

It was especially funny that Betty kept bitching about Amelia to Owen and wondering how he ever married her. She sounded like a teenage girl appealing to her father over her mother. In the end, Owen bestowed some paternal advice to her, and it put an end to Betty and Amelia's spat. 

Betty: I seriously don't understand how you were ever married to her. She's so extra.
Owen: She is a little extra, yeah.

The two of them will butt heads again eventually, but they're both secretly enjoying it. Deep down, Betty is grateful that she has two people who care about her well-being, and she's enjoying that she can be a normal teenager.

Alex and Betty should have more scenes together because they would probably connect over their messed up experiences. It's Alex's ability to understand the plight of some of his patients that makes him one of the best doctors at the hospital. 

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It's disgraceful that Julian didn't want to get his BLEB situation under control because he couldn't afford it, and he didn't want to put any strain on his mother.  Once again, Alex did something that he shouldn't have done, but it's something most people would be willing to overlook given the situation. 

Patient: No, no. I can't have surgery.
Alex: Dude, listen. It's an emergency surgery so it's covered under your insurance, and anything else we find in there. You understand?

Will Alex and Richard ever stop fighting over the chief thing? Richard has to let it go. Plus, he still walks around like he's chief doling advice at the ready anyway. 

I'm more interested in Jo and Link's connection.

How do they know each other? It was before she went on the run, so that narrows thing down a bit. Although, how did he not notice her at the hospital in all this time? How did she not know he was there? 

Meredith still has weird chemistry with Link and DeLuca. Fortunately, she went on a date with John instead. The two of them realizing far too late that they were on the wrong date was a funny moment, and them working together to send their dates messages (despite their dates hitting it off) was amusing. 

Meredith's Date

Despite the mixed feelings when it was revealed that Josh Radnor would guest-star as a potential love interest (I was one of the people groaning), John was pretty cool. 

They both hit it off, but he messed up with his stance on desperate single moms and kids. Go figure. 

What did you think about the first half of the crossover? Hit the comments below! As always, you can watch Grey's Anatomy online here via TV Fanatic! 

Momma Knows Best Review

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