Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Endings

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I'll start off my review of Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 2 with a personal anecdote about the annual crossover.

As Chicago becomes a hub for TV shows, Chicagoans have gotten used to sets closing down streets in the city. 

On one particular day as I was driving into work, I was shocked to see smoke billowing from a high rise building and even more concerned with all the surrounding fire trucks.

Finding the Culprit - Chicago PD

I panicked because, for one, the entrance to my parking lot was blocked but most importantly because I thought there was a real fire in progress.

It wasn't until I drove closer to the crime scene that I realized it was actually a "TV scene" that would serve as the backdrop for the "biggest crossover episode" the Chicago franchise has ever seen. 

See, even we get fooled occasionally. 

Which brings me the episode, one I eagerly anticipated and found slightly disappointing.

I'm sorry, Jay, for everything. For not being there for you and dad. For not giving you space to grieve, We'll keep him on the vent as long as you want.

Will Halstead

For most of the hour, I was let down by the story development. It wasn't a bad storyline, per se, but it wasn't the direction I thought the narrative was heading based on the exceptional lead-in by the Chicago Fire and Chicago Med episodes. 

Maybe it's just me (please tell me if it isn't), but I feel like the cartel storyline is one of those "been there, done that" plots and didn't quite fit with the vibe I was getting from the suspicious man who later turned out to be Danny Mendoza. 

Based on Jane Doe's bruises, her escape from the hospital, and the fact that she cut out her microchip, I expected this to be a domestic abuse case.

Mendoza fit the bill completely, even when the woman told Jay that she was "finally free."

Finding the Truth - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 2

Not that the fire didn't do its fair share of damage, but cartel members don't usually burn down buildings to kill; their tactics are much more gruesome as Jay described. 

Regardless, members from all three squads suffered permanently at the hands of this major event -- specifically, the Halstead brothers who lost their father, Stella whose career as a firefighter was threatened when she almost lost a lung, and Severide who thought he had lost Stella forever. 

One of the stronger points occurred when we dove deeper into the troubled relationship between Pat and the Halstead brothers which was first brought up on Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 20. 

During that episode, Will was the one who had a hard time seeing eye-to-eye with his father who was experiencing heart problems.

Cartel  - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 2

This time, Halstead's complicated relationship with his father came to a head and sadly the last memory he's going to have is chewing out his father.  

I'm not surprised Halstead took the death so hard and didn't want to let go even when Will assured him it was the right thing to do and that the hospital only wanted to keep him alive to save their own ass. 

This may be a point to touch upon for Chicago Med, but that new COO isn't the least bit likable. 

Jay Halstead: She couldn't have gotten out of there too fast so where would you go?
Burgess: I don't know. To find someplace to hide, some place to die.

However, seeing how proud Pat was of Will, it was expected that after his death Jay would learn that even though he wasn't upfront about his feelings, his father was proud of him and his career as a cop.

And even though I saw it coming, I shed more than a few tears after Jay found that photo in his father's dresser from his graduation proving that his dad always supported him. 

It's unfortunate they never got the chance to say goodbye. 

I held my breath during that last scene because I honestly thought Jay would pull the trigger and take out Danny after he begged for mercy and said he wanted to see his father. 

Sell Out Your Son - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 2

The fact that he's willing to save a man who just took away his father to give him some extra time with his own says a lot about Jay's character.

After Pat was declared braindead, Jay should have been benched automatically. 

I don't understand why Voight continues to let team members work a case when they are too emotionally involved and haven't properly dealt with what has happened. 

These men could find us just as easily in any jail cell. You can't protect us.

Carlos Mendoza

Jay wasn't making any rational decisions when it came down to figuring out who set the fire. He and Severide were more set on getting revenge than getting justice which led to some questionable moves on Jay's part. 

All along, you knew it wasn't going to end well.

Voight has every right to be mad because Jay disobeyed him and put himself and the team at risk, but what else did he expect? How could he ever think Jay would step back when he was so close to finishing the guy?

Getting Answers - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 2

Voight's team doesn't like to follow the rules. Even Antonio who was all "by the books" on Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 1 didn't object to baiting Carlos by arresting his innocent son, Juan. 

The "case of the week" focusing on the complicated relationship between a father and son tied it all together beautifully.

Jay Halstead: I don't know why we're debating this.
Upton: Cause we're playing with an innocent man's life, Jay.
Jay Halstead: Five innocent people died because of this guy's not so innocent brother and father. So sorry if my heart doesn't bleed like yours.
Upton: Excuse me?

Despite my hesitations towards Upton, she was on the mark when she said Jay was using her as a punching bag.

Personally, I feel like she's been everyone's punching bag since she joined the team; she's always butting heads with one of her own. 

Punching Bag - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 2

She deserves more credit for remaining cool and composed in tough situations. And she's especially badass because she stands her ground. Jay took it overboard with his attacks, and I love that she stood up to him. 

She didn't deserve any of that crap, no matter how hurt he was. 

Based on her reaction when she saw that he was shot, she really cares about him, probably more than she even realized. 

As someone who has been vocal about not wanting Jay and Upton to get together, I hope this isn't the stepping stone toward that relationship. 

All in all, it was another successful crossover even if some parts weren't as strong as others. 

What did you think? Was Jay out of line? Did Voight make the wrong call allowing him on the case? 

You can watch Chicago PD online and share your thoughts in the comments below! 

Endings Review

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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm sorry, Jay, for everything. For not being there for you and dad. For not giving you space to grieve, We'll keep him on the vent as long as you want.

Will Halstead

Jay Halstead: She couldn't have gotten out of there too fast so where would you go?
Burgess: I don't know. To find someplace to hide, some place to die.