Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 2 Review: When To Let Go

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What a great second hour of Chicago Fire!

Just kidding. 

While it did feel like Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 2 focused more on the visiting characters from Fire and Chicago PD, our faves had their moment in the sun; if you squinted hard enough. 

An Apartment Complex Fire - Chicago Med

An emphasis on outside characters wasn't the only problem with "When To Let Go." More objectionable was that it was virtually a repetition of Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 18

If having mass casualty events was more the norm in the Chicago world, it wouldn't have been as striking. But that ED is usually so quiet that the events drastically stand out, especially coming so close together in the timeline. 

At least this time there was continuity between the Chicago franchises. 

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The focus on Fire and PD characters did distract from the gaping hole left in the cast by Rachel DiPillo's abrupt exit. Sure, the door was left open for her eventual return someday, but it's probably not a good idea to put money on that happening. 

Let's hope that Gwen follows her out the door. 

The most annoying moment with the COO may have been her questioning Maggie about having everything in place for a mass casualty event. The hospital just went through a much bigger tragedy -- if it's still fresh in our minds, it should be fresh in the characters. 

Tough Decisions - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 2

Except that continuity is a word I'm unconvinced of which the writers are aware. Didn't Pat's heart surgery take place during Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 20?  

Apparently not, or he had another cardiac incident because Gwen was super shady about keeping him on life support until the 30-day deadline was past. 

Trying to force this timeline to make sense will give you a headache. Just don't bother. 

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It was what we didn't see that was most interesting about the Halstead family story. Jay and Will going at it about their parents and trying to assign blame is old news, but why was Natalie not brought into anything until the end?

As the daughter-in-law-to-be, shouldn't she have at least been able to lend support to Will while all of this was happening? Why didn't he confide in her? 

Just another sign that their relationship needs some serious work. 

Gwen sticking her nose into Jay and Will's business was just another indication that she's a bureaucratic monster, but no one needed that confirmed any further. 

The new attending was a surprise, as was his instant resentment of Choi. He didn't give his chief resident any choice but to react defensively, which isn't a great look on anybody.

You know this guy is going to be trouble because even Doris thinks he's an ass. 

Fighting for Family - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 2

Luckily, Dr. Charles came through and saved the day with a decent story. Otis helped of course. 

This combination of characters really worked and is something I think we would all like to see more of in the future. Otis has been through a lot in the past year, and it'd be great to see Daniel visiting him at Molly's for some "sessions." 

If you watched Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 2, it's easy to understand why Otis was suffering. The image of the mother and baby in the elevator was hard to get out of your head, and that was just by seeing it on your TV screen. 

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Otis isn't a character anybody who loves #OneChicago wants to see suffer, but it's hard to deny that his stress issues coming back up later down the road would be disappointing if it means more appearances on Med. 

Who can get enough of Yuri Sardarov? 

His self-deprecating humor would be a nice change of pace from the stoic tough-man routine TV characters have who usually face PTSD or any other mental health issues. 

Support  - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 2

While basically none of the stories set up in Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 1 were addressed during "When To Let Go," things will be back on track with Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 3 ("Heavy is the Head").

The medical students will be back with no one knowing what to make of Elsa. Based on her insistence that she won't be going into patient care, I expect we're looking at a replacement Sarah but one who has zero social skills. 

Maggie will help Connor open his new hybrid OR in the ED, and the pressure is on to prove it's usefulness. Gwen's not the only doubter after all. Will the pressure keep Connor from figuring out the lengths Ava went to to keep him in Chicago?

Hopefully, Ethan is too distracted by the situation with a young boy brought into the ED to be an idiot about Emily again, but there's no news about what April will be doing. Will she be starting a crisis pregnancy center maybe

Consultation - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 2

So what was your take on "When To Let Go?" Did you watch all three hours of the crossover? Did the one night, one city work for you? Did you get any inspiration for a new inter-show romance? 

Let us know your thoughts in our comments section below! You can watch Chicago Med online with us anytime!

When To Let Go Review

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