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Was a fresh start in Phoenix what Teresa really needed?

That was revealed on Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 4 when she fleed Europe after it emerged that Camila and her daughter were closing in on her location. 

While in Phoenix, Teresa had to deal with a commission of cartel bosses and a corrupt local sheriff who were not fans of having this in-demand woman anywhere near their operation. 

What did Camila do to get the upper hand on them?

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Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

About seven miles out that way is a mass grave. It's filled with the bodies of dealers who thought just what you're thinking now; set up business here and don't give La Comisión a taste. A graveyard of ambition. Trust me, you want to break into this market it's going to cost blood.


There are dirty cops everywhere. I have to stop running at some point. We'll make it work.