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Did Smurf manage to pull all the strings from the inside?

That was revealed on Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 6 when she attempted to get J to clear up any loose ends following Javi's murder. 

Daddy Has a Plan - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 6

Meanwhile, J was trying to come to terms with the testing time he was facing in his relationship with Nicky. 

Also, Craig gathered the boys in order to defend the Codys' reputation when it emerged that not everyone bought into the whole idea of a crime family. 

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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Jail Girl: Got any pictures of you boys, Smurf? They're fine.
Smurf: No.
Jail Girl: Oh, c'mon. Not even hanging over your bed.
Smurf: Not even over my bed.
Jail Girl: Oh, yeah? Why is that?
Smurf: Because I wouldn't want this shithole to start feeling like home.

Pope: I have to find you a doctor.
Lena: Why? I'm not sick.
Pope: Not that kind of doctor. It's the kind of doctor that you talk to. There are some kind of doctors that you talk to when you feel mad or sad. They talk to you.
Lena: Why?
Pope: Because it's supposed to help you not feel mad or sad anymore.