The Affair Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Who Did Helen Hook Up With?!

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It's one thing to know that your partner is dying, but it's another whole thing to know how to process it. 

Helen finally processed the fact that Vik was dying on The Affair Season 4 Episode 7, and it culminated in her bawling her eyes out, telling him she did not want him to go. 

It was a genuine moment for the couple, and probably one of Helen's most emotional scenes to date. The sad thing is that it came just as Helen was coming around to the prospect of having Vik's baby. 

Joshua Tree - The Affair

If you watch The Affair online, you know that Helen did not take the shots when she was supposed to and that had a detrimental effect when she and Vik visited the doctor. 

It was a kicker for Vik who felt like Helen would be the one to help him bring a child into this world. It's a shame that as Helen is warming to the idea, her chances of conceiving have diminished. 

She was very positive about it at the top of the hour, buying a pregnancy test because of her missed period, but Vik was so over talking about it. 

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It was like Helen was trying to do her best to make Vik happy, all the while knowing that she probably won't have another kid before Vik passes away. 

Helen's journey was random, but it was filled with comedy and progression for her. Until she laid eyes on Sierra.

Emily Browning is a fantastic actress, but Sierra is one-dimensional. I get that she's supposed to be poking fun at the stereotypical Hollywood middle-aged person with a famous parent, but aside from that, she doesn't bring much to the table. 

Helen Looks for Meaning - The Affair Season 4 Episode 7

With Sierra being such a spiritual person, I thought she would have opened up to Helen about her tryst with Vik. It's going to be awkward when the truth both Vik and Helen know the truth about the other having sex with Sierra. 

To be honest, it's doubtful they would even argue about it now. Helen's breakdown to Vik confirmed that there is still a lot of love between them. 

They just need to get it together. 

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I loved that Helen's first instinct was to rifle through the cookbooks to find out who her mother was. I spied Nicole Kidman and Susan Sarandon in the books!

Helen loves talking and giving her views on things, so her becoming the star attraction at the retreat was another highlight. 

The Truth - The Affair Season 4 Episode 3

I did expect a rivalry to form between her and the leader of the group, but it went in a direction I never expected. 

It was typical of Helen to be against the ladies initially. She comes from a very different world and has always relied on herself for guidance. 

It's her way or the highway. The women at the retreat were all passive and wanted someone to guide them. That's not Helen, and it never will be. 

Noah knowing the truth is going to make things different. Helen needs to spend some time with her man. They need to go on a vacation without the kids and forget about their worries for a few days. 

As for Noah, he was considerably more likable. He's trying to be a better person, and that's the best thing he can do during this time. 

I dare say Vik's condition is going to bring him closer to Helen, and I hope we do not end the series with Helen back with Noah and Alison back with Cole. 

Vik's Pain - The Affair Season 4 Episode 5

Alison and Cole still have love between them, but Helen and Noah? Geez, that's a recipe for disaster. 

It was about time we caught up with current events. Noah knew there was something amiss the moment he realized Cole called him. 

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They hate each other with a passion, and I'm still surprised Cole turned to Noah for assistance. Maybe he knew Noah would stop at nothing to get her back. 

Still, Cole looked awful and could not resist taking a jab at Noah for being so well put together despite the circumstances. 

Noah Deep In Thought - The Affair Season 4 Episode 7

Could finding Alison be the thing that ends their feud? Do they even need to end their feud? 

Alison is not in Noah's life as much as she once was, so if she's found safe and well, Cole and Noah don't have to ever be in the same room again. 

Noah is still making the same mistakes, and I don't see him ever changing his ways. Sleeping with Janelle was another one of his bad moves, and when other staff members get wind of their burgeoning relationship, the board will likely oust Janelle. 

There's no way that relationship stands the test of time!

Okay, The Affair Fanatics!

What are your thoughts on all the latest twists and turns?

Hit the comments below. 

The Affair continues Sundays on Showtime.

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The Affair Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Helen: Do you think I'm too young to be in menopause?
Vik: Don't you think I'm too young to die?

Noah: You should have told me.
Helen: Why would I have told you?
Noah: Because we're friends?
Helen: No, we're not.