The Affair Season 4 Episode 6 Review: What Happened to Alison?!

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Well, that was surprising. 

Alison has been searching for meaning for so long that I never thought that she could have had a run-in with the sea all those years ago. 

Yet, on The Affair Season 4 Episode 6, we learned that Alison's father was living in plain sight all along and that he was the one to save her when she almost drowned in the water.

A Surprising Discover - The Affair

Alison is a troubled individual. She's been haunted by the past for so long that it's surprising she managed to turn her life around. 

It was convenient for James to want to reach out to his daughter when he needed something from her: A kidney. If he ever wanted to carve out a relationship with Alison, then he should have done it when she was young. 

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There's a lot of debate about the way Alison was conceived, but I'm inclined to believe Athena. There's no reason for her to hide his existence from Alison. 

Better yet, if he had nothing to hide, he would have opened up about it before now. What happened to Athena was horrible, and she would have probably wanted to forget all about getting assaulted. 

Alison in Jail? - The Affair Season 4 Episode 6

It was also a terrible time for her to find out about Ben's family, and that's likely why she spiraled out of control. 

She was on edge throughout the hour, and it was difficult to watch this woman who finally turned her life around self-destruct before my very eyes. 

It was positive for her to turn to Ben as a support system, but it's difficult to get on board with her turning to Noah. 

If you watch The Affair online, you know that her relationship with Noah was toxic as hell. As soon as the honeymoon period lapsed, there was nothing there. 

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That said, she turned to Noah because she felt there were no other options. She would not knowingly leave Joanie without a mother while Cole is out of town. 

Look at Me - The Affair Season 4 Episode 2

The incident on the plane was bizarre. Alison's storyline jumped from one extreme to the next, to the point it started to feel convoluted. 

The man on the plane was awful, but I expected Alison to shut him down from the get-go. It's always difficult being in the middle seat on a flight. 

You never know who you're going to be sitting between and then it becomes the luck of the draw. Let's say it all escalated quickly, and there's going to be viral videos of Alison spreading across the internet like wildfire. 

The way everyone jumped on the bandwagon was eye-opening. It only takes one person to say they saw something for the rest of the people to turn on the original victim.

Helen Lays Down the Law - The Affair Season 4 Episode 6

My favorite part of the hour was hands down the chat between Helen and Alison. While Helen is fierce and outspoken, Alison has always played the victim card. 

It was the conversation I never expected to happen, but Alison needed some perspective on why she was feeling the way she was feeling. 

Helen was right: Alison needs to change the narrative or she runs the risk of being old and realizing she's lived a life that's not for her. 

Popping Bottles - The Affair Season 4 Episode 1

I did laugh out loud when I noticed that Alison was sleeping on a sofa in Helen and Vik's seemingly colossal home. I refuse to believe there was not a guest bedroom in that house. 

As for Noah, I spent all of The Affair Season 3 hating him, but I liked him on the first few episodes of The Affair Season 4

It's incredible, but a few scenes into his story on The Affair Season 4 Episode 6, I changed my mind about him again:

He's an ass. 

Noah Smiles - The Affair Season 4 Episode 6

Anton may be a troubled youth who is struggling as a result of his parent's distinctly different views, but Noah waltzing into Janelle's office to give over the essay to his mother rubbed me the wrong way. 

On top of that, taking over the call to Janelle's boss was downright ludicrous. Oh yes, Noah's superiority complex came back to the forefront, and I'm just surprised it happened in the half of the episode that was from his perspective. 

Both Noah and Janelle should know better than to be getting close to each other given their positions in the school. Also, Noah being Anton's teacher is problematic. 

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Noah always finds himself in difficult situations, and he has nobody to blame but himself. It's just a shame that all the progress Noah has made has been thrown out the window. 

Honey, I'm Home! - The Affair Season 4 Episode 1

It's frustrating Cole didn't return home before Alison left, but the silver lining is that his declaration of love to her was not the thing that sent her to another coast. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? Do you agree that Alison plays the victim card a little too often? Should Noah stop getting close to the wrong people?

Hit the comments below!

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The Affair Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Alison: He said I almost drowned. Did he save my life?
Athena: Stop talking. You don't know what you're talking about.

If you don't like the way men are treating you, change the story. What's the worst it could do?