Shooter Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Sins of the Father

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Oh yes, Swagger squad. Shit just got real. 

Shooter Season 3 Episode 3 is the best installment of the season so far, and it did not disappoint. Not in any way. 

There are a plethora of reasons why this hour kicked all kinds of ass, but one of the biggest ones was the team-ups and teamwork. 

Bob Lee's Investigation - Shooter

Shooter fandom often refers to themselves as part of the Swagger Squad, but this show is at its best when so many of its characters come together and comprise an actual Swagger Squad. Can we give a round of applause to our new member of the squad, Harris? 

Yeah, he got sucked in before all of this, but Harris' first kill was like an initiation, and it solidified his spot on the team. He's a virgin no longer. They grow up so fast, don't they? 

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I'm so proud of him. I love that on this series one's heart bursts with pride because the goofy puppy of the bunch got his first kill. Anyway, Harris was a highlight of a fantastic hour. 

Harris Gets His Swagger On - Shooter Season 3 Episode 3

Keeping up with the theme of giving us intriguing partnerships, Bob Lee and Harris were paired up for most of the hour, and it was nonstop hilarity. They're such a mismatched pair, and their interactions were comedic gold. 

There were so many funny quips, looks exchanged, and interactions between the two of them, I was snickering the entire installment. Jesse Bradford was at his best.

His delivery of lines about the bumpy road or the exasperated plea to call the police after killing a guy were perfect. He even slipped in a Simon & Simon reference on behalf of Gerald Macraney's appearance. Classic! 

Red Bama Sr. - Shooter Season 3 Episode 3

You had two men who are so vastly different in many ways. The contrast between them as they embarked on this journey going from place-to-place trying to find out more about Earl's redacted time in the war was compelling and amusing. Harris is the talkative intellectual and Liberal Arts Major who seems fundamentally opposed to guns. Swagger is the silent soldier and all-around badass. 

Bob Lee: Have you ever shot a gun?
Harris: No.
Bob Lee: How do you know you don't like them?
Harris: I don't want to hold the power of somebody's life in my hands.
Bob Lee: You don't need a gun to have the power of somebody's life in your hands.

Yet, they made a hell of a pair. It was so unexpected and so fruitful because it led to our biggest revelation of the hour. Earl Swagger was one of the founding members of Atlas, formerly known as Phoenix! Did you see that coming?! I did not! 

We knew Earl tied into Atlas somehow. They kept emphasizing that the Swaggers and Atlas were inextricably linked. I didn't anticipate it being in this way though. Holy crap! 

Earl at War - Shooter Season 3 Episode 3

Previously, I critiqued some of the flashbacks because I found them dull, but this time around, I found them critical to the storyline. The background on Earl during the war was intriguing, and now I cannot wait to see more of him and how deeply involved he was in Phoenix/ Atlas. 

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We got a real feel for his character during those flashbacks. It's surprising to learn that he wasn't the best shooter. It seemed like one of those things Bob Lee would have inherited from his father. What he did inherit from him, however, was a sense of self-righteousness among other things as Red Bama Senior pointed out. 

If Phoenix became Atlas, then my dad was one of the founding fathers.

Bob Lee

It's the first time I connected with Bob Lee's determination to find out everything there is to know about his father. Who was Earl? Who was he really? 

Bob Lee's storyline and the background on Earl stole the hour after slipping to the wayside during Shooter Season 3 Episode 2 when Isaac and Nadine's investigation was more interesting, but that's not to say Isaac and Nadine didn't have some damn good content this time around too because they did. 

Carlita is hella awesome, and her eventual return is going to be rad. I kind of love her already, how about you? She exudes confidence, badassery, and sex appeal. Did you catch how she was flirting with Nadine? Good times. 

Carlita - Shooter Season 3 Episode 3

She's exciting, and even though it was predictable that she would get the information she needed out of the cleaner and kill him before taking off, I didn't fault her one bit. Her working relationship with Isaac and Nadine will be tenuous at best, but that's what makes it so fun! 

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Hell, Nadine and Isaac are still trying to figure out how to work with one another. It's working though, my God, it's working. This team up is one of the best things about the new season so far. In fact, all of this group action and these teams are rocking my Shooter world right now. 

Do we love Bob Lee as a lone wolf? Yes. Is it fun when he works with a group of people he may not have otherwise worked with for some greater good? Also, yes. 

Harris: Where are you going?
Bob Lee: Just walk in like you belong. No one will say anything. White man's privilege.

Additional Notes: 

  • Even Red Bama is sick of his own son. When he threatened to let Swagger handle him, I laughed. OK, and I laughed when he walloped him too. I'm not sorry. 
  • The fight scenes on this show are the best. They may even be better than the (incredible) shootouts. 
  • It pains me to say that we only caught a glimpse of Julie, and I didn't mind it at all.
  • Jesse Bradford is slaying his role as Harris this season. He's the comedic relief I didn't know we needed. 

How are you feeling about that shocking revelation? Are you enjoying this season so far? Are you becoming a Harris fangirl like me? Hit the comments below! 

Don't forget, you can watch Shooter online here via TV Fanatic. 

Sins of the Father Review

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You're not the only ones who want to take down Atlas.


My son needs to learn the way you hit your target is to know where it's headed.

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