Power Season 5 Episode 3 Review: Are We on the Same Team?

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It's a testament to how many times this show has bamboozled us over the years that I second guess everything that happens. When something seems too coincidental or too perfect, I immediately question it. 

Angela runs into an attractive guy at work who wants to take her out to dinner? He's obviously out to get her.

And a business-savvy woman with money to spare, changes her mind and decides to invest in a building because she was wined and dined and bedded? Well, actually, I was a bit surprised by this reveal. 

The Tip Line - Power

Power Season 5 Episode 3 was old school Power at its finest. An hour light on the action but heavy on the forward progression. And it's really starting to feel like this may be the biggest season yet. 

The Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan reunion was always fraught with distrust, but things are going to get worse, as none of their goals align at all. Ghost is purely looking to avenge Raina's death and feel a modicum of satisfaction.

Tommy wants to avenge Raina's death as well, but he also has his business to think about and put first. 

And Kanan? Well, he wouldn't even be involved with Ghost and Tommy if there wasn't something in it for him. 

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So, here are three powerful men, each with different agendas, cautiously following one another's leads and lying to one another along the way. Kanan's betrayal shouldn't come as a surprise to Ghost or Tommy when it's eventually revealed, but Ghost and Tommy need to do better.

With everything they've gone through lately, don't they owe one another the truth?

Business over Pool - Power Season 5 Episode 3

When you actually sit and think about the things Ghost has been through lately, it's crazy to think he can get up every day, put on his clothes, run Truth, look for investors and help plot the demise of his hated rival and a massive drug cartel.

I guess that's all in a days work for someone like Ghost, but it's very clear that he's struggling. 

Save for the time he spent in prison, have we ever seen Ghost look less like himself? And he's just heavily drinking, and no one is saying a word to him. 

Tasha seems to be the only one aware that Ghost is losing it, but at the same time, she's got her own issues and demons to battle. She can't be trying to fix Ghost when she's barely holding it together herself. 

The next time you feel you need to kill somebody so damn bad, why don't you kill Kanan instead.

Tasha [to Ghost]

There are antagonistic and deadly rivalries riddled throughout this series, but there's nothing quite like the venom Tasha throws at Kanan. 

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Every season Kanan gets himself into trouble and worms his way out of it, but my money is on Tasha being the one to bring him down inevitably. Unlike Ghost and Tommy, she doesn't have a soft spot for him and their bond from growing up together.

She sees him for who he truly is, and she hasn't forgotten the hand he has played in so many of the events that have shaped her life. 

Girl Talk - Power Season 5 Episode 3

While trying to be a better mom and continuing to grieve, Tasha is also still working with Angela, who continues to dig a bigger hole for herself.

I'm not sure if she's trying to strike preemptively to put herself in a good position, should her affiliation with the Ray Ray investigation become known, but she seems to be rushing this Jimenez case. 

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And I'm sorry, but I do not trust attractive men that bump into random women in hallways and immediately ask them out to dinner. Is that even real life?

I'm all for Angela moving on, as she has every right to, but why even bring up that you're investigating the Jimenez to someone not remotely involved in the case?

Maybe this whole interaction was harmless and a way to show us that Angela is moving on from Ghost, but I'm still skeptical. 

Kate: He's a devil, Tommy. He's going to use you.
Tommy: Like you use me for coke?
Kate: My son is smarter than this. Just you wait, I'll be right. Love you.

Speaking of skeptical, Tommy knows something is off, but in Tommy fashion, he's letting his emotions cloud his judgment when it comes to Teresi.

Is it surprising Teresi was using Tommy to secure his release? No. But will he actually throw his son all the way under the bus when all is said and done?

I have some serious doubts about this, but if I were Tommy, I'd be heeding my mother's advice right now. Shady fathers who resurface into their criminal son's life and magically get out of jail should never be trusted. 

Tommy and Tasha - Power Season 5 Episode 3

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Diego is making his presence known, and he is not a fan of Dre. This season seems to be building towards a showdown between the two, and I think Alicia will be placed in the middle. 
  • Kanan getting in good with 2-Bit and stealing from Cristobal to buy into Tommy's business was actually pretty genius. 
  • Keisha is still not giving in Tommy's advances, but she did give him some good advice. With everyone naturally wrapped up in their own problems, Tommy needs a sound person in his corner to talk to, and it's nice that Keisha can be that for him. 
  • Angela is either going to have to answer Ghost one of these days. The angsty voicemails and texts are already getting old.
  • Have we really seen the last of Tariq for awhile? Are we that lucky?

So, what did you think about "Are We On The Same Team"?

How long before Angela and Tasha have to bring Ghost into the mix?

Will Tommy find out what Teresi is doing before it's too late?

Are 2-Bit and Spanky going to flip on Dre?

Drop me a line so we can discuss everything and look forward to the rest of the season.

And remember you can always watch Power online to get caught up!

Are We on the Same Team? Review

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Power Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Tommy: Killing the Jimenez should be our top priority.
Ghost: No, I'd rather shoot Dre in the face.

I got a question for you. Why you can't stay off the fucking tv? I mean, you do understand the concept of being a criminal, right Ghost?