Colony Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Bonzo

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On Colony Season 3 Episode 12, Kynes's operation is in full swing, and the whole episode centers around a Kynes vs. Snyder scenario.

It was a race to see who would outsmart whom, and the outcome was a pretty close call.

Snyder showed a brutal side trying to get intel on where Kynes was hiding out.

Broussard Needs Help - Colony Season 3 Episode 12

We've never seen that side of Snyder before, and even though he's a dirty dealer, the nonchalant attitude he had tormenting the community patrol was surprising.

Snyder doesn't seem the type to stomach any type of violence. He's more into mind games than anything, but he had no problem watching his right-hand man get info on Kynes by any means possible.

Luckily there was no need for waterboarding or bamboo under the fingernails because Snyder would have done all that and more, it seemed.

I believe in a future that isn't governed by the IGA. I'm asking you to believe with me.


I'm not too keen on this side of Snyder, and I have to wonder about his endgame now.

He's not 100 percent loyal to the IGA. He's not loyal to the resistance. He's not power hungry, even though people keep handing him hordes of power.

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Snyder's in the game to win. He's in it so he'll end up on top.

How does his hunt for Kynes land him on top?

Saving Kynes - Colony

Kynes is the one with the key to the end game. He's the one who has a plan for after the big war. Snyder said it himself that the whole city was of a labyrinth of Kynes' design.

Snyder has to admire the guy.

It would make sense if Snyder ordered Kynes brought back alive, but he didn't. He said either bring him back alive or kill him at the Bonzo location. If Kynes were brought back alive, I could see Snyder collaborating with him, so he would end up alive and well in the end.

Snyder has to know Kynes is set. 

One of the many things I like about you, Lieutenant. Is how you never try to put glitter on a turd.


Kynes's whole plan runs away from technology, which makes total sense. Especially considering the Hosts are some kind of AI. The only way to beat an enemy who relies on or is technology is to run a plan counter to that technology.


The only dumb move Kynes made was going ahead of Broussard. Broussard told Kynes if he wanted to live, Kynes was to stay behind him.

Katie Checks on Gracie - Colony Season 3 Episode 12

Boy, he had that right.

As soon as Kynes ran around Broussard for the getaway vehicle, it was obvious he was going down. It's a good thing Broussard recruited Amy to come along. She'll save Kynes. No doubt. There is more to his story, and he is an integral part of what's about to go down in Seattle and around the world.

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They won't kill off Kynes. 

Nobody knows Kynes's entire plan but Kynes. Some of his advisors and minions might have pieces of the puzzle, but not the whole thing.

Clearly, it would have been better if Kynes had time to run more tests against the enemy, but he didn't.

We gotta throw in with somebody eventually or else what are we doin'?


He doesn't know how to beat the enemy yet. He's going to have to improvise.

Maybe that's where Will and Broussard can step in and help in a big way. If Will makes it, that is. He's injured, but he's still moving, so it looks like he'll be okay.

He was a one-man show, spilling IGA bodies all over the joint. It was a beautiful thing.

Will may have done so well in part because of his talent, and in part, because it was a suicide mission for him.

He wasn't trying to die, but in his mind, he's spent. He's given everything, and he made peace with that going in. If he were to die, well, that was just a-ok with him.

Bram Tells Gracie About the War - Colony Season 3 Episode 12

He didn't even say goodbye to Katie! That was nuts.

No, he shouldn't have been all moon-eyed and romantic, taking her into his arms with some heartfelt goodbye, but dang. He just got in the car and took off. Not a look. Not a touch of the face. Nothing.

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That's when Katie knew he probably wasn't coming home, but Will's a Barney Badass, so maybe she had faith. Who knows?

And Katie! Who is going to fall asleep so hard that both their children are going to pack up and slip out the door?

That girl must have been exhausted!

Only so much damage a man with a gun can do. If the balance is ever going to shift in the resistance's favor, it's gonna be because of a man like Kynes.


She hadn't even checked on Bram because she would've seen he wasn't home and stayed up. No, she checked on Gracie, then took a snoozer.

The city is essentially burning. Her husband is out there probably dying.

Katie's taking a nap.

Well, it's a good thing she didn't go to the fight. Not without some coffee anyway.

Over to you Colony fans!

How do you feel about Kynes' analog plan? Do you think Will is going to make it back to the outliers alive? Were you surprised by Snyder? Do you have any theories about the season finale?

Hit the comments and tell me what you think.

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Colony Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

One of the many things I like about you, Lieutenant. Is how you never try to put glitter on a turd.


We gotta throw in with somebody eventually or else what are we doin'?