Alone Season 5 Episode 4 Review: The Tempest

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On Alone Season 5 Episode 4, a strong rainstorm ripped through Mongolia like a freight train. The contestants hardly had time to prepare, and a lot of the shelters weren't all the way completed. 

They had no choice but to hunker down in their shelters and hope for the best.

Luckily nobody tapped out.

Britt Waits for the Ducks - Alone Season 5 Episode 4

It was a good thing the storm blew through because it showed everyone where their shelters were weak and gave them the kick they needed to strengthen their Mongolian homes.

The name of the game was still getting food. Nobody wants to go hungry.

It's going to get cold in Mongolia pretty soon, so everybody has to finish their shelters, make sure they're warm, and find a steady source of food.

That seems to be more challenging for some people than for others.

You have to fight through it.


It's week two and hunger is starting to become a problem. It's not going to be possible to make it through the winter unless they can figure out how to keep a steady stream of food coming in.

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Dave is having a problem killing animals. Not that he can't because he is, but it's bothering him.

They're all very thankful when they hunt and kill. They thank the food for its sacrifice, but it's hitting Dave more on a personal level.

Dave and the Woodpecker - Alone Season 5 Episode 4

When he decided to let that big juicy Woody Woodpecker go, I knew he might struggle going forward. The opportunity to eat doesn't always present itself, and as we've seen, you can't always choose what you eat.

Dave knows he has to hunt to eat and get his protein fill, but he's having a hard time killing the beautiful animals that surround him. He may not be cut out to be a hunter. That's okay in a typical life, but not when you're trying to survive.

I want to be in a place that feels like home


The question is, will he be able to overcome his grief for the animals? I'm not sure.

I'd hate to see Dave quit over something like that. He has such a positive attitude and that could take him all the way to the end. He's got the skill to make it, and he's a pretty good hunter too, so it would be a shame for him to tap out this early in the game.

I think he would regret it.

Poisonous Frog - Alone Season 5 Episode 4

I love what Randy's done with his cabin, and I cracked up when he was standing there dirty in his underwear for all the world to see. It was brilliant of him to dig in the riverbed for clay to make his chimney. He could literally live in that log cabin forever.


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Anyway, I bet he got the idea for the clay from Minecraft. Okay, probably not, but that's where I would've gotten the idea.

Brooke had great ideas about how to set up her chimney too, but she got her ideas from home.

It's an advantage, living in Alaska because she's developed certain skills about surviving in the cold just by living her daily life at home. I was impressed with her piping the smoke out of her shelter. I'm a little concerned about all the leaves she has hanging over her firepit, though.

That's right. It's a flower in my rag. Say something about it. Clearly, I don't care. It makes me feel good and it's brightening my mood.


Fire hazard!

Brooke's convinced the flames will never get high enough to reach the leaves and the branches. I hope she's right.

Along with Dave on mental attitude, is Britt. He's keeping it light, and he's cracking jokes. It's going to keep him from going crazy, for sure, but he's starving. Eating grasshoppers is only going to get you so far. Even he admits he doesn't have the primitive skills the other contestants do, but I don't think he needs them.

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He's one of those people who sees a problem, comes up with a solution, and makes it happen. Add that natural skill to his funny and positive outlook, and you're looking at somebody who can go the distance.

Randy and his Log Cabin - Alone Season 5 Episode 4

It's not always a case of having to know everything, but applying what you know to your situation, and making it work.

He's got that.

Thank you, Mongolia. Now it's time to go eat.


Honestly, aside from Dave and his moral dilemma at the moment, everybody this episode has the potential to go the distance.

If I was a betting gal, and I sometimes am, I would put my money on Britt and Randy. Britt's got the grit, and the gumption and Randy's got that badass house.

What do you think, Alone fans? Who do you think out of the contestants has what it takes to go all the way? Do you think Dave will tap to save his furry and feathered friends? How long do you think it will take for Brooke's house to catch on fire?

Leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts.

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The Tempest Review

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Alone Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

I want to be in a place that feels like home


That's right. It's a flower in my rag. Say something about it. Clearly, I don't care. It makes me feel good and it's brightening my mood.