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Did Liza manage to put the past behind her in order to move on with the book tour?

That was addressed on Younger Season 5 Episode 3 when she realized that her past with Charles could derail the whole tour. 

Who Are You? - Younger Season 5 Episode 3

Meanwhile, Kelsey and Zane worked some magic to court a prospective memoir from a speechwriter. 

However, Kelsey had to question whether Zane was trying to get one over on her again. 

Did she find out the truth before it was too late?

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Younger Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Lauren: Kelsey got onto Yara.
Josh: Wow, this is like Tinder for the Illuminati, right?

Charles: Pauline and I are getting a divorce.
Liza: What?
Diana: Oh, Charles. I am so sorry. What are we going to do about the book tour? It starts tomorrow.
Charles: Everything goes forward as planned. I was never part of the publicity.
Diana: Not officially. The book has been gaining momentum because people thought it resulted in the author and her husband getting back together.
Charles: I don't know what to say, Diana. I'm not going to live my life to fit the novel.