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There are some offers you cannot refuse.

That's a dilemma Plum was feeling duringĀ Dietland Season 1 Episode 2.

Hey, you cannot walk away from the best offers in life, even if they are from terrorist organizations.

Errr, feminist terrorist organizations, anyway.

Getting to know Plum was well worth the effort, even if it was difficult to watch her miss cues from men when they were as blatant as a hunter's spotlight in her eyes.

If there is one thing the woman is missing, it's self-confidence.

Will she receive it as the series moves on?

That has to be why she finds a terrorist organization dealing with feminist issues so exciting.

Plum is ready to take her future into her hands instead of suffering a lifetime full of consequences.

Make sure you watch Dietland online so you can get in on the weird "fun" that comes with this new series!

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Dietland Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Kitty: I used my triple lipid cream and my rose water mist, but I just can't keep the glow today.
Julia: Oh shut up! You look fabulous.
Kitty: Isn't there some new life changing thing I must simply have to try?

Oh for heaven's sake, what now? Some hideous t-zone crisis?