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Did Smurf manage to get a job inside the prison?

That was revealed on Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 3 when she realized she was going to need to navigate prison politics if she wanted to get ahead. 

No More Time - Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 3

Meanwhile, J managed to pull the remaining Cody boys together with the aim of keeping the business flourishing. 

Also, Nicky got in trouble when she attempted to impress an old friend, but who turned on her?

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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Craig: What the hell happened to your hair?
Deran: Just wanted a change.
Craig: A change to what? Looking like the produce manager at some Safeway?

Crossing Guard: Is there a problem, sir?
Pope: [shakes head no]
Crossing Guard: Okay, then you need to move along.
Pope: My niece goes to this school, and this is her first day her and I promised her I'd be right here when she got out.
Crossing Guard: I appreciate that, sir, but you need to go now and come back after school's done.
Pope: Why?
Crossing Guard: Because a grown man sitting outside an elementary school is creepy.