The Bold Type Season Premiere Review: Back To Where It All Started

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We're finally home again with our favorite best friends; everything is finally the way it should be.

The Bold Type continues to be the show that we are very lucky to have back in our lives again. It returns with a bang, highlighting exactly why it is already so beloved and outlining the journey it is about to take us on.

It is safe to say that things are about to get even more epic, even more honest, and even more powerful. 

The first two episodes are just an endless stream of "I can't believe they went there" moments. 

Jane and Sutton Await Kat  - The Bold Type

During The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 1 and The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 2, Kat faces the intimacy issue in her relationship with Adena and the conversation about racial identity.

Sutton struggles to balance her professional life, or precisely how her personal life could change the narrative of it. And Jane starts working for Incite, but her first article doesn't go the way she may have planned.

All in all, The Bold Type returned as if it never left our lives. It touches our heart, and it makes us laugh, all while reminding us that it is the best summer show on air right now.

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So that happened.

Just as quickly as Jane gained her job, she lost it.

With the news of a new showrunner for The Bold Type Season 2, it was on my mind that this might have been the creative difference. 

As mentioned during The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10, Jane was Scarlet in our eyes, or at least she was the one that introduced us to this place and with her leaving it felt like a significant shift.

Trying to have Jane branch out made sense, it was something she needed since she felt like her writing was being limited, and yet Incite became the same story for her. 

Kat: Alright, I gotta go find Adena.
Sutton: Or at least her vagina.

It was evident that the piece she chose to write at the end was the one she would have written at Scarlet. Just because Jane wanted to be more political didn't mean she was going to step away from the feminist approach that touched all her writing. 

Sadly though, she can't seem to find a place that is looking for both. Scarlet focused on the feminism but wasn't going always to let Jane do political pieces. Meanwhile, Incite was politics, but it isn't afraid to send a message with it. Feelings aren't as important and the way that Jane was dismissed really set a tone for her story going forward. 

And yet, I do think in an attempt to undo the first season's decision to have Jane off writing somewhere else; this felt almost too quick. I knew it was coming, but it still was sudden and almost too simple. 

It may not seem that way for Jane, but as the audience, we are very clearly rearranged to want Jane back where she belongs.

The thing is, to me it feels like we may have to wait on that.

Jane Killing It - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 1

There is no position waiting for Jane back at Scarlet, in fact, I see her being too proud just to go back and ask to be a writer again. She chose to leave to pursue other places, and it might be exactly what she will do now. 

Maybe Jane will try to write for other websites; maybe she won't have much luck. But the big Jane and Scarlet reunion wouldn't feel genuine if they didn't have a bit more breathing room before reconnecting. 

If I can wish for something though, I would wish for Jacqueline and Jane to find a way to have a real talk again. They had a brief discussion when Jane was still trying to get Jacqueline's approval at the party, and now it is the perfect time for them to meet again.

This time though, Jane should be honest and try not to view Jacqueline as her boss, old or current. Instead, she might benefit from being honest and not being afraid to talk about what she is now going through.

Something tells me that Jacqueline will understand in a way that we haven't gotten to see it yet.


Kat juggled a lot if you consider that this was only the beginning of the season.

In two episodes Kat had to explore her sexuality and her view of relationships, as well as her racial identity.

Now I know that there were conversations last season about Kat's identity as a woman of color wasn't always realistic, specifically when she was arrested and didn't understand why Adena didn't stay.

Touching on how realistic this arc was isn't my place, but it does feel like there is a genuine attempt to explore and highlight more of that. 

Specifically, the scenes that Kat shared with Alex felt like they introduced conversations that brought up essential topics, much like this entire show continues to do.

Wow. Oh my god, things are happening here that are very. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.


From there Kat and her parents had such emotionally charged discussions, which didn't fix some big issue but they allowed more perspectives into the narrative.

These are conversations that television can only benefit from having more of and The Bold Type continues to go there again and again. 

That leads me to the Adena side of things or the queer representation that their relationship offers.

The honesty that comes with their issues and the attention that it gets is stunning.

If you think about it, ABC Family would never have given us these conversations about oral sex or a sex scene that was entirely about the love that Kat and Adena have for one another.

Kat and Adena Dinner Goals - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 2

There is no male gaze to this relationship because it isn't written for them.

This season is already proving that queer girls are the ones that matter. Their stories are finally told with care, and a lot of thought applied to every scene.

It is beautiful to know that there is a genuine awareness and attempt to tell real stories, and to give queer fans everything they have been waiting to see.

Kat and Adena don't need to have constant drama to offer an example of a healthy, happy, and inspiring couple. They take about their issues, some of which includes intimacy and their own problems outside of their relationship.

They matter just as much as any other couple on The Bold Type, and that is a freaking leap in the right direction.

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I didn't know I was that invested in Richard and Sutton staying together until it was clear that they wouldn't be. 

This doesn't feel like the door is closed off forever, but the place in which Sutton is now doesn't leave room for them to be able to make it work.

While I'm not a fan of them not being together, as a viewer I'm really glad this isn't something that will string us along for the whole season. It is obvious that right now isn't in the cards for them, so going into this season with that knowledge allows for the journey to be more interesting.

We are now in the dark about where Sutton's personal life could be heading, which I don't mind considering how hectic her professional life is.

I'll be honest; I wasn't sure at first how I felt about Sutton dealing with these rumors. Maybe I grew too comfortable with how nice things were before, but that doesn't mean this isn't realistic. 

Kat: I can't believe you've been coming here alone for the past two weeks.
Sutton: I know, it sucks. I've mostly been talking to shoes and stuff.

In a perfect world, everyone would be as kind as our leading ladies are, but this isn't it. 

Some people are harsh, jealous, and very cruel.

Sutton learned that the hard way and yet this wasn't something she let control her for long.

The scene she shared with Jacqueline about this was honestly the best way to put Sutton back on the right path. At first, I was waiting for this to be something Sutton and Oliver discussed, but Jacqueline made so much more sense.

Sutton Looking Serious - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 1

They discussed something similar last season when Sutton let someone take credit away from what she accomplished, so it only seemed fitting that as things moved around, they returned to it.

Going forward, Sutton deserves to see how talented and amazing she is. Even Oliver is told by clients that Sutton is going places, and him assigning her more work is indicative of that.

Gossip will always be present, but at least it will be going on all while Sutton keeps climbing that fashion ladder. Sutton's professional journey continues to be explored wonderfully; this season premiere proved that this story is only getting started.

No matter what happens in Sutton's personal life, the important thing is that she is kicking ass where she needs to right now. And if she finds someone to date that doesn't make things stressful in her work life, I will be here cheering her on. 

Just give Sutton all the constant happiness, please. 

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Another change in the air is more Jacqueline in the scoop of her own person and not simply a mentor for the core three. 

I will be honest; I am very much here for more looks into who Jacqueline is and where she is a professional.

Seeing girls trying to make it in Season 1 could be a great way to let other stories in as well, specifically about powerful women who are where Jane or Sutton may want to be, but what now?

Jacqueline's arc has already started to form around that question. Now there is a chance for her to help change things from even higher up, and yet the things that she would leave behind feel like they hold too much weight.

Jacqueline and Jane Meet Again - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 1

This new lifestyle brand member that has appeared though, she may be the push that Jacqueline will need to question her career and what makes sense for her right now.

Maybe Jacqueline will realize that she needs to give up being the Editor for the sake of the magazine as a whole, especially when discussing the print version of it. Or maybe, Jacqueline is exactly where she wants to be, and a shift in power won't have to happen for her to stand up and say something when Cleo's ideas go against what is right for the magazine.

Still, seeing Jacqueline be the boss we know while inviting Cleo for a welcoming cup of coffee was important. 

No matter what happened in terms of her role at the company, Jacqueline is looking out for other women and isn't trying to make it a competition. 

Jane and Sutton Waiting - The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 1

This was the tone that the show continued that made it so popular in the first place. The lessons that we get to foster from it continue to empower and enlighten us. 

Whatever feelings Jacqueline may have about this position, she knows what it is like to be a woman surrounded by men in the workplace, so for her to make the first step to support other women working alongside her said a lot about who our favorite character continues to be. 

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Stray Thoughts

  • I'm going to repeat this, Alex is a character who really stands out on the show, and I wouldn't mind some more insight into him this season. Pun Intended.
  • Richard and Jacqueline having a Poker Night is the purest thing these episodes gave us. But also, more Richard details outside of his relationship with Sutton, please.
  • It will be hard to adjust to the fact that not all girls are looking out for each other anymore, but I am looking to see where this goes. 
  • Emma probably isn't coming back, but I was bothered by the way that she used Jane's honest apology against her. But also I would like to take this time out to thank my editors for never going in and rewriting my entire articles. Thank you!
  • I'm not sure if I ship Jane with the good-looking doctor yet. Ryan has to be coming back at some point, but I don't miss them together so maybe this new guy it is. 
  • And again for the people who maybe need the reminder, the music on this show is remarkable. All the kudos to the music supervisor and nothing made me happier than that sequence of Sutton taking measurements while Boys played in the background. 

What did you think of the season premiere? Whose story do you love the most right now? Who do you hope to see more often? What do you think of Jane losing her job at Incite?

Do you agree with Sutton about her choice to not be with Richard? Did you like seeing more of Kat's family and relationship with Adena? Let us know what you think below!

And don't forget that you can watch The Bold Type online, right here on TV Fanatic.

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The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Kat: Alright, I gotta go find Adena.
Sutton: Or at least her vagina.

Kat: I can't believe you've been coming here alone for the past two weeks.
Sutton: I know, it sucks. I've mostly been talking to shoes and stuff.