SIX Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Seesaw

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The story is unfolding not only with our SEAL team but with the enemy as well.

On SIX Season 2 Episode 4, we took a peek into the lives of some of the SEAL team members but also got a good look into the depth of Michael's power.

That guy is a sly fox -- with a vision.

The Prince Has a Vision - SIX

All the information he gave to Gina was calculated. He's giving her just enough to spare him from going somewhere where he might get killed.

Or maybe he's truly trying to help, but I doubt it.

Michael has an end game. He wants to be the guy in charge, and he should be the guy in charge because he's the one with the ideas. I'm going to guess that part of Michael's game is that he wants Gina to find the Prince and kill him.

If the Prince is dead, it opens up the door for Michael to take over and push his vision even further.

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I like the game being played by Gina and Michael. Michael was right when he figured out that she had no intention of sending him to Egypt. Gina just wanted to push him enough to get him to talk.

Michael should have realized it before he spoke up, but he wasn't too keen on the idea of going to Egypt. He must have severed some ties with the Prince and his people for the Prince to keep doling out information he didn't want to give up.

Michael was working on forming his own network outside of the Prince. That's where Marissa comes in. It's not clear if she's the only one in the American cell he was putting together, but it's unlikely.

His group is staying quiet because they're not sure what's going on with him. The Prince might also be digging around to see what Michael was doing behind his back.

Michael is Threatened - SIX Season 2 Episode 4

I'm conflicted about Michael. It didn't seem like he wanted to kill that boy, but he knew he had to do it to prove himself to the Prince. 

I felt bad for him at several points which is surprising considering how much I've harped about wanting him to pay for what he did to Rip.

Michael is an extremely complex character, and Dominic Adams is doing a hell of a job portraying this mastermind.

I keep thinking that Michael's only end-game might be to avenge the death of his brother.

The flashbacks weren't clear on whether he met the Prince before or after his brother's death.

It's possible that Michael didn't even think about joining a terrorist group until after his run-in with the SEALs, but I'm not sure about that.

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There's something deeper going on there. Michael wants to punish someone for something, and the only thing I can piece together is that it has to do with his brother.

But if that was the case, why were he and his brother in a country they shouldn't have been when they came across the SEALs? 

It's interesting to think about why people join terrorist networks. Is it just a base hatred against Americans or some other group? How do they get to the point they do?

I don't understand the thinking.

I get why the Prince is angry. His family got brutally murdered, so it would make sense that Michael found his hatred because of what happened to his brother.

The story needs to unfold further to truly understand what's happening with Michael and why.

We need a new vision. We need to step into the future. Take it to the next level on social media. Make it about unity, family. On the military front let's learn from the Americans. Let's build our own special ops teams like the ones they use to target us. Undermine their heroes and build up our own.

Michael [to the Prince]

I still think he's playing Gina, but she's pretty darn good herself. 

And she's cold as ice which makes her all the more interesting. She's still going to lead the SEALs down a dangerous path. I haven't changed my thinking on that. 

Gina's only goal is to avenge Vince's death. She doesn't care how she does it as long as it gets done, SEAL team and everyone else be damned.

Caulder's in the Hospital - SIX Season 2 Episode 4

We got a refreshing peek inside the private lives of Fishbait and Chase. I must've missed it because I didn't understand why Chase stopped telling his story when Jennifer came out of the bathroom.

It has to be hard for him and Fishbait because while everyone else talks about their lives, those two (and any of the SEALs for that matter) have to refrain from going into too much detail.

What I got out of Chase's and Fishbait's storylines were that no matter how much they try to fit into a normal life, they are anything but normal. That's why the SEAL family is so important. The guys are the only ones who understand the real dangers of what they do to keep us safe.

Lena didn't understand at all when Bear told her the story about the Aquarium. She gets it, but she doesn't, and it's understandable. You can't know what it's like no matter how many stories you hear because you don't experience it yourself.

It's a different life that we'll never fully appreciate.

Bear made a mistake when he told her about the boy he killed and his belief that Sarah's death was his punishment for his actions.

She had to process his feelings about it, and he should have been more understanding of what it was like for her to find their daughter dead in her crib.

Sure, he deals with life-and-death situations on a regular basis, but he needed to step into Lena's shoes and try to understand what it was like for her that morning.

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But Bear deserves credit because he's trying to work through the situation with Lena, and Lena isn't giving him much room. I love the two of them together, but I seriously thought he was going to tell her it was over before he stormed off.

There's a lot of healing that still needs to be done if their relationship is going to survive.

Caulder is in horrible shape, but I loved that Dharma was there by his side. They've grown very much since she came back into his life. I feel sorry for Caulder, and he's not going to do well if he's out of action for three months while in rehab.

But it's going to be a great opportunity for him to build-up his relationship with Dharma. She's going to be the rock he needs to get through the tough times. 

It's a good thing Jackie is going to the shooting range because that gun is going to come in handy sooner rather than later.  

Bear and Lena Together Again

Marissa is out of her mind, and I'm not entirely why sure she is going after Annabelle instead of Buddha. I thought she planned to kill all the guys on the SEAL team. 

But, hey, hit 'em where it hurts. Even attempting to kill Annabelle is going to send a shockwave through the SEAL family.

There are several scenarios on how it might pan out. Marissa might use Jackie's gun against her. Annabelle might die. Jackie might die trying to save her daughter. Maybe both Annabelle and Jackie could be killed.

Marissa isn't going anywhere even if Jackie shoots her. I'd be shocked if she did.

And it's all going to go down when Buddha is on his next mission. That's how it's going to play out, right?

Whatever happens, it's going to be intense.

Over to you.

What did you think of "Seesaw"? 

How will things play out with Marissa and Jackie? 

Is Michael playing games? Is Gina? Are they both?

What do you think will happen next?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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SIX Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

If the Prince finds you dead, so what. He wants a lot of people dead.

Gina [to Michael]

Bear: Talk to me. I want to know what's going on in your head.
Lena: Now you know how I feel.