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I'll probably never look at the word warm lemon vinaigrette the same way ever again.

Things took an interesting turn for Plum in Dietland Season 1 Episode 3, but we also got a very realistic look at what happens when someone blindly goes off their meds without thinking about the side effects. 

I appreciated what Verena was saying to Plum about her needing to get back on the anti-depressants because the side effects are brutal. I was so angry when Plum ignored the advice and decided to go with what she had planned to do – tough it out on her own. 

New Assignment - Dietland

I realize she felt she was doing the right thing, and being a strong person, but she could have quickly done some simple research before pulling the trigger. She had been on Y for such a long time there was no way she wasn't going to feel the side effects – we have to remember these are potent drugs. 

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Steven was the voice of reason. It was refreshing when he asked Plum if she had even vetted Verena to see if she was legit; though we all knew she didn't do anything too in depth. Plum really should have taken Steven's advice when it came to Verena – people aren't always what they're cracked up to be. 

What the hell is a brain zap?


It was incredibly sweet when Steven came running over to Plum's apartment when he couldn't get ahold of her, but I couldn't stop laughing when they were talking about Ben.

The poor guy really is a moron, but he's a sweet moron. That said, I'm entirely on board with Plum having a little fun with Ben. 

Strike A Pose - Dietland Season 1 Episode 3

Who else was cracking up over Plum having the withdrawals and seeing the talking tiger?

I know we have to take this withdrawal seriously, but it was downright hilarious seeing her answering the questions to the editor while also having a full on conversation with the faux tiger in her apartment.

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Hearing Plum mention, yet again, she won't feel like Alicia until she is thin broke my heart. It's difficult seeing a woman such as Plum have such low self-esteem, but it's a reminder of how many people who fight weight issues see themselves. 

We can harp on each other all day long about embracing our bodies, but our minds are a whole different story. To Plum, she only sees herself as Plum. She doesn't feel as though she is worthy of the name Alicia because she views the name as a completely different identity. 

Being Brave - Dietland Season 1 Episode 3

I thoroughly enjoyed the mini fashion show going on in Plum's head, but I wish she would have called Steven instead of Dominic.

I do like Dominic, but he's a detective first. There was no way he wasn't going to go snooping around Plum's apartment. He needs proof to back up his claim of Plum not being part of the hacking. 

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Speaking of Dominic, we all knew he was married, right? I didn't understand why Marissa was so angry with him when she saw the ring around his neck – he could easily brush off any questions by saying his wife passed away and he keeps a part of her with him.

Can we all take a moment to appreciate every single thing Plum said to Steven and her mom? It was equal parts beautiful and tragic.

Who else has had to apologize to people on a plane because they felt they were a burden because of their weight? I kept agreeing with everything Plum was saying. 

Kitty - Dietland Season 1 Episode 3

What really got me was when Plum told Steven after he tried to say he understood, he didn't understand. The reason Steven, and her mother weren't understanding what Plum was talking about has to do with the love they have for her. Being off the pills have just made those feelings come back. 

Plum: I don't want to be a glamazon. I just want to get on an airplane and not have to apologize to the person I sit next to. I want to go to a bar and get hit on by some bald guy, and I want us to argue whether said bald guy is actually into me or whether he just wants to get laid.
Steven: I know.
Plum: You don't, Steven! You can't! Going off Y, I got my feelings back, and it made me remember why I wanted 'em gone.

As crazy as it sounds had Plum not taken herself off of the Y she would never have been able to express herself so well. 

These people who love her unconditionally want to help Plum, but they need to understand precisely from where she is coming. Here's hoping she lets them in because they both mean well. 

Who else wanted to wring Kitty's neck when she was talking about Malleck? It was sickening to hear her discuss Malleck as a family member being they reason they protected him. The sad thing about all of this is it happens all the time. It was an incredibly realistic conversation. 

Malleck - Dietland Season 1 Episode 3

Cheryl looked like she was unsure about the why behind Kitty's decision on keeping quiet. It's being made clear Kitty cannot be trusted.

Case in point: Kitty is convinced Plum is the person behind the hacking based on her viewing Plum as being a jealous overweight woman. At least Dominic didn't see Plum as being the one behind the hacking. 

How did Kitty not see Julia was only fishing for information? When she was asking about Stanley is was clear she was trying to get dirt on him; though we got a better understanding of the company for which both of these women both work. It made sense why Stanley wanted to protect Malleck – he's just like him. 

The best moment came when they showed the video of the dirty dozen. It's twisted poetic justice, but I honestly say I had no sympathy for any of the men. I am still impatiently waiting for more information on Jennifer and the entire vigilante group. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think.

Do you think Dominic is going to slip up? What do you think of a Ben and Plum pairing? Do you think Kitty will finally get her do?

Let me know in the comments below. 

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