Days of Our Lives Round Table: Kayla's Deal With the Devil

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Kayla made a deal with the devil to help Steve, Theresa and Brady continued their feud, Ben returned to Salem, and Ciara finally confided in Tripp this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Silvananoir1 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Kayla working with Stefan, if Theresa and Brady belong together, and Ciara and Tripp’s future on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you blame Kayla for working with Stefan and going behind Steve’s back to get his sight back?

Silvananoir1: No. Kayla is desperate to help Steve. She's not really thinking about the consequences. I think part of her blames herself for not curing him. Also I think she's ashamed.

She knows the problem about going to Stefan (1. a Dimera 2. What he did to Abigail). Steve would forgive her but I think the thought of restoring his sight is ironically blinding her.

Jack: I'm so conflicted about this. I love Kayla being willing to do ANYTHING to help Steve, but I hate that she's doing it behind his back.

This is the one couple in Salem that still exemplifies true love and I want to see them fighting together for Steve, not fighting with each other because Kayla secretly went against Steve's wishes. And I can't stand Stefan, so there's that.

Christine: I despise Stefan, he’s just slimy, but I understand where Kayla’s coming from. She sees this as the only option to get Steve’s sight back, and she knows he will adamantly try to stop her once she tells him.

It’s a clear case of it being easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. I know there will be consequences, but if her husband can see, she’ll live with them.

Brady and Theresa Have it Out - Days of Our Lives

Are you rooting for Theresa and Brady to get back together?

Silvananoir1: Not really. I enjoy Brady and Eve. I never really liked Thrady too much. I can even forgive Theresa her actions in Mexico. I think what Brady is really mad at is her endangering John and Paul.

Brady was right, time moved on. He moved on. He loves her but he's no longer in love with her. Putting them back together just rings false. The initially chemistry has, for me at least, disappeared.

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Jack: Not the way Theresa is being written now. She appears to have turned back into the selfish, manipulative woman that should have been sent back to LA to live with her parents a long time ago. 

Christine: I was never a huge fan of Theresa or Brady’s. She’s too needy, and he’s too dumb. They worked mostly because of Tate. I never expected to enjoy Brady and Eve, but I do think they’re good together.

Eve offers Brady a more mature relationship which I think he needs. But in the end, I’m not really that invested in either couple, so I’m not sure I care who ends up with whom.

Hope Encourages JJ - Days of Our Lives

Hope encouraged JJ to give Lani a second chance. Which would you prefer, Lani and JJ to reunite or Sami being pregnant with Rafe’s child?

Silvananoir1: Can we not give Sami another kid. I don't think I could take it. JJ and Lani would be fine with me. I don't love them but it's better than another baby daddy drama with Sami.

Jack: I don't like either of those ideas, but JJ needs a restraining order against Lani and her constant attempts to force him into a relationship he doesn't want so I guess I'll go with Sami being pregnant even though it would be an awful story. At least that would keep the horrible Hope/Rafe couple apart.

Christine: I wanted to scream when Hope tried to encourage JJ to give Lani another chance. Rafe lying to Hope was horrible, but it doesn’t quite compare to Lani making JJ believe her unborn child was his!

I hate the idea of Sami having yet another kid, but if it meant JJ never having to deal with Lani again, and Hope and Rafe broken up permanently, then that’s enough up side for me to go with it.

Trying to Make Amends - Days of Our Lives

Is Ben truly reformed? Does he pose a danger to anyone is Salem?

Silvananoir1: There's no way to tell. The problem with Ben is that it's going to take time. However, we've forgiven other characters for much worse actions.

Sami may not have killed anyone but we can't forget her demons. And we have forgiven EJ a lot. In the short term people in Salem are going to be very hostile. But if the character sticks around I can see it being fine in a year or two.

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Jack: I don't think he is. I think he's manipulative and in addition, Chad going off on him will be a good excuse to return to violent behavior. I'm worried about Ciara falling into his clutches so easily.

Christine: Anything is possible in Salem. I can’t imagine a former serial killer being suddenly cured and allowed to walk around free, but didn’t Andre commit horrible acts and get to come back to Salem? Only time will tell what’s really going on with Ben.

A Confusing Breakup - Days of Our Lives

Ciara finally told Tripp about her sexual assault. Do you think these two have a future as a romantic couple?

Silvananoir1: Right now, no. It's not the sleeping with Claire that's the issue, it's the fact that he did it right after they broke up. That's the issue that Ciara and I frankly both have a problem with.

Confiding in Tripp is the right thing to do and would have been better before they tried intimacy. Right now the betrayal is way to fresh. But he was a good influence on her. I'd like to see them revisited later on.

Jack: I hope so, but Ciara flying off the handle so easily and using Claire as an excuse for continuing to insist Tripp doesn't want her because of the rape isn't a good sign.

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Christine: Tripp didn’t actually sleep with Claire, as he put the brakes on things before it went that far. I love the idea of Bo and Hope’s daughter and Steve’s son being a sort of legacy couple, but they’ve got a long road to go before they get there. I really hope that the show takes the time to build this couple up in a responsible, realistic way.

Couples tend to jump into bed so fast that there’s no anticipation for the viewer. It would be nice to see the opposite of that for Tripp and Ciara.

Making a Deal With the Devil - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Silvananoir1: I truly hated the fact that Gabi is in trouble again. I hate this story line and I want it over. Free Gabi already.

Jack: Ben's lightning fast release while Gabi is still in jail for crimes she didn't commit. Hope encouraging JJ to give rapist Lani a second chance, besides the fact that that's a terrible idea, did Hope like it when everyone in town pushed her to forgive Rafe? No. So why is she doing the same thing to JJ?

JJ's random excitement over seeing Theresa. And Maggie's over-the-top reaction to learning about Victor's involvement in covering up Chloe's plight.

Christine: Why the heck is Gabi still in jail? That story is ridiculous.

Brady and Theresa both lacking the emotional maturity to put their son above their own needs and petty anger. 

Hope pushing JJ to give Lani another chance because she gave Rafe another chance. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

Finally, Sonny and Justin's ineptitude in dealing with this sexual harassment lawsuit was almost unwatchable. 

A Frivolous Lawsuit - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Silvananoir1: I enjoyed them finally dealing with Ciara's rape. They glossed over a lot of issues when they changed actresses. It's completely logical that she would have major problems with intimacy. And the fallout, the guilt that she had with Tripp really helped me connect with her. I hope RC keeps moving forward and gets to helping her start to heal.

Jack: I loved Kayla counseling Ciara and her scene with Hope. Finally we got the reference to her past deafness that should have been part of this story all along! I also enjoyed Steve's scenes with Tripp.

Christine: Steve’s scenes with Tripp were some of the best of the week. These two actors have wonderful chemistry. Also, Kayla counseling Ciara and talking about her own past. This is what soap storylines should be!

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