The Royals Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Foul Deeds Will Rise

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Liam's dark army was assembled on The Royals Season 4 Episode 9.

Everyone's alliances are becoming more evident as we're nearing the end of the season.

And while I'm not ready to take a break, I'm loving how everything is shaping up! 

Liam's Army - The Royals Season 4 Episode 9

Taking down King Robert is a full family initiative -- practically -- because they've all seen right through his facade. 

Seeing the full-picture of Cyrus and Liam's plan to get into Robert's good graces, complete with every smirk and wink, was necessary to show that everything is happening right under his nose! 

As expected, Liam found a way to loop in Jasper which is logical considering how transparent his hatred for King Robert is. 

The most surprising reveal? Queen Helena. Unlike the others, she's never really shown her cards up until this point, which is what made her such an exceptional poker player.

Liam may have been doubting himself, but what he said to the Queen about Robert being dangerous in prior episodes resonated with her and since then, she's more than convinced that his motives do not align with what's expected of a great monarch. 

Once it’s safe, I’ll find you. Until then, I’ll miss you. I already do. He’s not wrong, you do look amazing. Now, let’s go convince my brother you still have feelings for him.


While Cyrus has the gusto to see this plan through, I didn't fully believe in it until Helena took charge. With her on board, the coup feels real; it feels possible. You can feel the energy building up as everyone, including Robert's "men in waiting," rally behind Liam. 

Cyrus has always told Liam that his "weak heart" will be his demise, but I think it's what's gotten them this far. Everyone is willing to stand behind the idea of Liam taking the throne because they know he won't lead selfishly; his conscience will always put the people's needs first, much like his father. 

Second Thoughts - The Royals

However, they are playing a dangerous game because as Cyrus pointed out, Robert isn't an idiot. He'll sniff out the truth eventually if he hasn't already. Liam's army is operating under the "keep your enemies closer" idea, and Robert could be implementing the same tactic by asking Liam to be his best man. 

Usually, that makes for a joyous occasion, but with Robert, he dragged it out and questioned whether or not Liam could be trusted. It's as if he were hinting that the "best man" title isn't a reward, it's another test. 

When Jasper decided it was time to bring Len into the fold, I was nervous because she's always had a blind spot for Robbie.

And sure enough, when he told her, she was ready to burn the plan to the ground. It's great that she puts family first but come on, if everyone is siding against him, maybe they have a point! 

It's uncertain what changed her mind, but whatever it was, I'm glad it did. 

King Robert: I’m going to be King and you're going to be my Queen.
Willow: I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

Before making a rash decision, Len turned to Willow to gauge if she thought he was a good man and when Willow repeated the lovely words Robert said to her, Eleanor recognized them. 

I don't remember precisely what Eleanor and Jasper's letters to each other said (if you do, please comment below), but I'm willing to bet that he took their musings and regurgitated them to Willow to convince her to marry him. 

Despicable, even for you Robert! 

Need a Hit? - The Royals Season 4 Episode 9

"You can't marry Robert," she said to Willow, but will she heed and hear Eleanor's warning?

Part of me was patiently waiting for Willow to meet up with Liam in those underground tunnels and think of the next move in their plan, and I was slightly disappointed when that didn't happen.

I guess she was in it for love/blinded by it. Robert's done some terrible things to everyone, but this has to be the worst. 

When he established himself as the all-powerful King and shrugged her off as just his Queen, he showed his true colors; he's power driven and doesn't even want his wife to have a voice. 

As Jasper put it, "he's a tyrant in the making."

Stay strong. Stay silent. And more than anything else, trust no one.

Queen Helena

For a split second, I thought he was going to break-up with her. 

And maybe he should have because Willow is not the type of girl who will succumb and step to the side when she knows what he's doing is wrong. She's a firecracker that will not be silenced! 

She stood up to Robert when he failed to mention his decision to disband the monarchy, so hopefully, she'll stand up to him after seeing all the evidence piled up against him.

Robin No Hood  - The Royals Season 4 Episode 9

Cyrus' storyline has been ubiquitous, but the writers are finally redeeming themselves by delivering his strongest season yet. 

All of his scenes with Liam, especially the one where he admitted that his jealousy still has a hold of him, are so compelling. 

He's the anti-hero and a damn good one! You know it's serious when even the jaded are teaming up with the good guys to right the wrongs. If they succeed and Liam does become King, he'll have a good sidekick in his uncle. 

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Sebastian disappointed by being just another worthless toy that Queen Helena bedded and King Robert's puppet. You have to give her credit for being able to sniff out traitors from a mile away. 

When she tells Liam not to trust anyone, she must be taken seriously because she of all people knows just how two-faced everyone is. 

Liam: What’s wrong?
Cyrus: I was the King of England. Now I live in a broom closet, you might want to start there.

Eleanor will no longer be doing good deeds while looking sexy as her alter-ego Robin Hood because her identity was outed to the world but her "do good" movement inspired a whole city of Robin Hoods. I seriously love that -- it just goes to show how one good deed can change the world.

Who Outed Me? - The Royals Season 4 Episode 9

When Helena denied being the one who ratted her out,  I was convinced Jasper did it to stop Eleanor from "putting herself in danger" repeatedly, and that would have caused another unnecessary break-up.

Thankfully, I was wrong, and it was Sebastian who we'll hopefully never see again unless he remains Robert's only ally in the end. 

Queen Helena: He uses my secret door.
Eleanor: I don’t need to know what he does to you, mother.

Do you think Team Liam will be victorious? Is King Robert onto them? Will he banish them all to the Venezuelan embassy?

Will Willow heed Eleanor's warnings or will she empower Robert now that she knows everyone is trying to undermine him?

Catch up on all your royally delicious drama and watch The Royals online! Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

Foul Deeds Will Rise Review

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The Royals Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Queen Helena: He uses my secret door.
Eleanor: I don’t need to know what he does to you, mother.

Once it’s safe, I’ll find you. Until then, I’ll miss you. I already do. He’s not wrong, you do look amazing. Now, let’s go convince my brother you still have feelings for him.