The Resident Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Total Eclipse of the Heart

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Damn, I love this show. 

The Resident Season 1 Episode 14 was the perfect finale for a fantastic first season. There are absolutely no complaints here, and now that we know the series will be returning in the Fall, it made the hour all the more enjoyable. 

Lane's reign is over and based on that ending, Bell's reign will no longer be a cakewalk

Heated Hawfor - The Resident Season 1 Episode 14

The hour had everything I adored. They gave us Hawkfor scenes. You know how much I love a good Hawkfor scene. They gave us Devon being adorable and badass. I love him to bits, you guys. I love him to bits!

Priya returned and pulled off the story of her career. They freed my girl Nic from jail. They brought in the lady from Glee to play a correctional officer. 

Micah was back, and he and Mina are an adorable couple. Mina got in touch with her feelings. AJ was awesome. I could go on and on. There isn't a single thing I didn't enjoy about this hour. 

Lane: You're protecting me?
Bell: I'm protecting us.

Let's start things off with what many of us had already suspected. Olivia the hypochondriac is the patient who was able to take down Lane once and for all. Maybe if Lane had paid attention to the repeat patients at Chastain like all the other medical staff, she would have known better than to dig her claws into Olivia. 

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It serves her right. She didn't anticipate Olivia making another trip to the ER for kicks and giggles and thus exposing her once and for all. If you're going to give healthy individuals chemotherapy so you can line your pockets, you should never choose a hypochondriac. 

It's a good thing Devon (my beautiful, badass rockstar), was the one to take over when Irving had enough of Olivia. Dearest Irving was in rare form during the hour. I couldn't figure out if I wanted to laugh or cringe at his comment about having sex with Mina and when he yelled at a patient that she was a hypochondriac. 

Irving is fed up

It's OK, Irving. Either way, I still love you, buddy. 

Devon figured out that Lane diagnosed a healthy Olivia with Lymphoma and that she had been on chemotherapy when she didn't need it. He wasted no time telling the other members of the Dream Team what was going on. 

You know what's messed up? I know they were supposed to report it to Bell, but all I could do was grit my teeth during that whole scene because Bell is such a gosh damn wild card. You can never place that man. That's what makes him so fascinating. 

I forgot the cardinal rule of Dr. Randolph Bell: he looks out for himself. It's not just that either. Bell, for his many terrible traits, has this twisted moral compass deep down. He's motivated to do the right thing when he also benefits from it in the end. 

Bell Turns Lane In

He was not a fan of the accusations hurled at Lane, but he had an epiphany when he asked her about Oliva and the files. He saw through her attempt at manipulating him, and he devised a plan of his own. You could see the wheels turning in his head when he sent her to her clinic in search of her files. 

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It was in that moment I knew Lane was going to have her bell rung by Bell. I was practically giddy when she hustled into her clinic in search of her files. How could she be so naive? I guess Lane is used to playing Bell, and she underestimated him or overestimated the hold she had on him. 

Lily finally has justice. It's grotesque when it hits you that Lily didn't have cancer at first. Lane gave her cancer when she started treating her with chemotherapy. It's like she killed that young woman twice. That's why Lane was terrified of Lily's files getting out. 

This is absurd! You're trying to tell me Dr. Hunter gave Lily Kendall cancer, and then killed her to cover it up?


At what point do you stop or take a break? Was Lane so arrogant that she couldn't take a brief hiatus between killing Lily and diagnosing Olivia? What a cocky witch! 

Lane was doing her best to bury Nic, wasn't she? She sent a lawyer out there to convince a judge that Nic was a flight risk. The astronomical price for her bail was absurd. Did anyone notice that brief hesitation Nic had when Conrad mentioned something about it being her first offense? 

I wonder if we'll get more information on Nic's past in the second season. Nic did better than expected in the detention facility, and I'm curious about those hints Jessie was dropping to Conrad. 

Conrad Visits Nic in jail

I'm grateful Nic got her job back at Chastain because I can't imagine what the hospital would be like without her, nor can I imagine what the series would be like if Conrad can't pull her into an on-call room for a make-out session. 

They made progress this season as a couple, but they're still in this undefined relationship. The only difference is it seems like they're both OK with that right now. It works for me, but I'm not as CoNic obsessed as the lot of you. So, what do you diehard CoNic shippers think?

To save the love of his life, Conrad had to make a deal with the devil. In this case, I love this development. They say it's better the devil you know, and if this means Marshall and Bell will be going toe-to-toe, then I'm all for it. 

Money makes problems disappear in our legal system. It's not a level playing field. It's just like medicine.


Of all the things I look forward to seeing in the second season, Marshall serving as a foil to both Conrad and Bell is high up on the list. There may have been squealing. Don't judge me. 

Then there is my darling Mina who brought the sexy and the heart to this hour. First off, I'm so happy she and Micah pursued a relationship. He was so head over heels for her, and she needed his softness and sweetness. 

It's too bad she nearly killed him with all of that hot sex they were having. I loved that everyone saw through her and knew she had genuine feelings for Micah. 

Board member [to Bell]: I want to introduce you to your new boss, Marshall Winthrop. I think you know each other.
Marshall: We crossed paths.

Conrad pulled her aside and attempted to get her to step back from the case, but he only did so halfheartedly because he knew he wouldn't have listened either. Devon was practically gushing about them like a 'shipper. Devon is totally that friend, I can tell already. He's a romantic at heart. 

Mina's best moments, however, aside from her sweet moments with Micah were the ones with AJ. Yes, I still adore AJ with every fiber of my being. 

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He's a jackass, but he's my kind of a jackass, so it's OK. 

He was ready and willing to help Mina out with Micah, and he didn't bother waiting on her to "eat crow" because the case interested him, and despite his bluster, he likes saving people. He has a way of caring for his patients in his own way. He's invested in them as humans. 

Mina: God, I hate you.
AJ: That's the first time you called me by my name. Admit it. You have feelings. You care. You can have passion; you can love somebody, it does not make you less of a doctor. In fact, it makes you a better one. You can help fix Micah if you can harness that passion to elevate your art because hear me out, there is no great art without passion. Now, chop, chop. Loverboy does not have all day.

AJ seems like the type of guy who would have been a life coach in another life. His approach is unorthodox, but it's also effective.

AJ broke through Mina's barriers, and it was lovely. A couple of you discussed the interesting nature of their relationship and how he's good for her. I think it was you, V. Anyway, this hour was evidence of that. 

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The scene in the OR when he told her that feeling things made her a better doctor was powerful and poignant. As someone who often jokes about emotional repression and all of that, I adored that scene and how Mina was taking it all in. The majority of the time, it's not that someone like Mina doesn't feel anything. It's that she feels everything. 

We saw the depth of her feelings all throughout the hour. We watched as they seeped out like a slow leak. She was trying to keep a lid on them, and she was unsuccessful. By the end, she couldn't hold it back any longer. She broke down, and it was beautiful. 

Mina Breaks down

It's official. Mina and AJ are my favorite mentor/mentee relationship. They are so much better than Mina and Bell, and they may even surpass Devon and Conrad. 

It's a fun-filled season, and it has been my pleasure reviewing the series and chatting with all of you Resident Fanatics. I cannot wait for season two! 

Are you happy Lane got her comeuppance? What did you think about the Marshall twist? Will Mina be getting in tune with her feelings from this point forward? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

If you want to catch up on the season or check it out all over again, you can watch The Resident online here via TV Fanatic! 

Total Eclipse of the Heart Review

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