Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Nurse Olivia's Obnoxious Return!

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Grey's Anatomy has been taking on many current issues this season.

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 21 was no exception with its topical take on the #MeToo movement.

A familiar face also dropped in to stir up some trouble, and Meredith and Jackson came together to help Catherine resolve the scandal.

Join TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Stacy Glanzman, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour.

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What would you grade the execution and resolution of the #MeToo storyline?

Paul: I think it was a timely storyline that was executed very well. I would grade it A. If any show was going to tackle #MeToo, it was going to be Grey's Anatomy.

Stacy: I would give it a B, only because they wrapped it up too early. I was expecting it to have longer lasting ramifications, at least through the end of the season. It was a good resolution, but it felt too easy.

Jasmine: I would give it a B. I'm guessing it will still sort of linger until the season's end. It did feel easy, though. Overall, I liked it.

A Honorable Solution

Should Catherine have been punished for her role in covering up the truth for so long?

Paul: I'm on the fence, but leaning more towards her being punished. I get that she was keeping it all hush because of the Harper Avery name, but she silenced all of these women ... only for her to have the new one named after her.

Stacy: Yeah, I agree. She stayed silent for too long, and while I don't know if she should necessarily be punished per se, she definitely shouldn't have the new award named after her. The fact that she even kept it from Jackson makes it even worse.

Jasmine: I hate that she kept it from Jackson. That irritated the heck out of me. I understood her reasoning for keeping quiet decades ago. I guess after so many years, she felt her hands were tied, and she couldn't tell the truth. It was an unusual position that she was in, and it's difficult to not feel a certain way about her involvement.

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The same goes for Ellis who likely knew why Maria couldn't be listed on their research and opted to remove her name instead. It's complicated, and I don't know if I could have done what Catherine did, but I don't know if she deserves to be punished.

Do you feel Amelia is ready to be a sponsor to Betty? What are your thoughts about both of them moving in with Owen?

Paul: I loved this storyline. Amelia has been so much more interesting as of late, and I think it all started with her having the tumor removed. Them moving in with Owen was the icing on the cake. I'm all for messy dysfunctional families.

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Stacy: I was upset when Netflix canceled "Everything Sucks," but I was happy to see one of its stars, Peyton Kennedy appear on Grey's. I liked her, and I think Amelia as her sponsor could make for an interesting story. I don't really love the idea of them moving in with Owen, but as long as things stay platonic between Amelia and him, it might be okay.

Jasmine: Yeah, Amelia's tumor removal was like a well-needed personality transplant. I love this storyline, and I love Betty. There is so much potential here. I don't mind them moving in with Owen, but I would prefer it if it remains platonic.

Amelia the Sponsor - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 21

Did you enjoy Nurse Olivia's return? Was she too hard on Alex?

Paul: It's great that we got to check in with someone who was part of the show's earlier days, but I do think she was too hard on Alex. It was evident she was not the same woman she was all of those years ago, so it was a bit much for her to call out Alex every scene.

Stacy: I did not enjoy it all. Not only was she too hard on Alex, she had this whole "holier than thou" attitude about it.

As Paul said, she's not the same person she was back then, why would she expect him to be? Besides that, while Alex did give her syphilis, let's not forget she then went and gave it to George, so it's not like she was being any more careful than he was.

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Jasmine: I didn't enjoy it either. Olivia was obnoxious, and ironically on an episode about sexual harassment and all of that, she proceeded to do just that with Alex by flaunting their sexual history around and telling anyone who listened that he gave her syphilis. It was ignorant, petty, and juvenile.

Nurse Olivia is Back

Are you surprised that Roy is going after the hospital for wrongful termination?

Paul: Nope. He disappeared way too easily after being fired. He was always going to come back for some revenge.

Stacy: I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed by it. It's another contrived story like the whole "fight" between Maggie and Jackson. I am not all looking forward to watching this. It's just dumb. He knew he was under the influence and chose to lie about it and put others at risk when none of the other doctors in the same situation did. Hopefully, it's over with quickly and he can be on his way.

Jasmine: I'm with Stacy. It is contrived, and I hope it doesn't take long to resolve. At best, he and the hospital are found negligent because they accidentally drugged him, but he lied about it and risked patients.

On the other hand, he could argue his judgment was impaired because of the drugs. This could go in so many directions, but I'm wondering if his sexual relationship with April will come up. He was the jackass intern from the interviews, so I guess I should have expected this.

The Legacy Kids

What was your favorite part of the hour? What was your least favorite?

Paul: Amelia taking Betty for some food to get all the details from her was a highlight, while Vik's return was just annoying.

Stacy: I agree. I enjoyed see Amelia as a mentor and taking Betty under her wing. I'm also looking forward to seeing what happened to Alex's mom.

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Jasmine: Jackson and Meredith are one of my favorite underrated Grey's friendships of all time, so I loved that they were paired up for the entire episode. I also loved Amelia and Betty bonding.

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