Good Girls Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Remix

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Guys, I was not prepared for that ending. At all.

Even though the weeks leading up to Good Girls Season 1 Episode 10 told me that our main trio would not make it out of this season completely unscathed, I was still taken aback by the final minutes.

And all I can say is Good Girls better come back for a second season because there were a lot of loose ends left dangling out there and never knowing what happened would be agonizing.

No Money For a Kidney - Good Girls

The plan to bring down Rio ended up tied to Ruby getting the money needed for Sara's surgery. And the plan involved another heist at everyone's favorite grocery store, the Fine and Frugal.

One of the things that worked best during this finale is how many things came full circle. We began this journey with three suburban mothers doing what they needed to do to protect their families. And we ended this journey with them back where it all started.

Except for this time, it was about more than just getting money for medications and lawyers. Sure, the cash grab was for Ruby, but the other piece of the puzzle involved leaving some information out there so the FBI could get a peek.

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Of all the schemes this season -- and boy have there been a lot -- this one seemed thrown together the most haphazardly. And it was, given they came up with the plan and executed it all within a day or so.

There is no reason why they should have pulled it off. And even fewer reasons -- why with cameras and eyewitnesses -- no one would place Beth and Ruby as the assailants, who mysteriously showed up as hostages once the police arrived. Between that and Tyler's questionable moral compass, the whole scene was a bit of a mess.

A Plan- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 10

But somehow the ladies got through it. Ruby got her money, and the FBI got their man. All's well, right?

Of course not! What followed next was a cavalcade of heartbreaks, as Stan learned the truth and Beth found herself face to face with the one aspect of the criminal lifestyle she's never fully taken seriously.

Stan [to Ruby]- You asked what it would take for me to walk out the door. You knew the answer and you did it anyway.

I've made no secrets about my love for Ruby and Stan, but this day was bound to come. Stan may be a bit preoccupied these days, but he's not dumb. And after one too many coincidences, Stan put all the pieces together.

And broke all of our hearts in the process.

Stan has every right to be hurt and confused and upset. Unlike the other ladies, Ruby's lies could have a major effect on Stan's career. Will anyone believe that he knew absolutely nothing about Ruby's part in the robberies?

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I feel terribly for Ruby and Stan, but I am keeping the faith. I refuse to believe that these two lovebirds can't navigate their way around this. I know a massive boulder has been placed between them, but I truly believe they will find their way back to one another.

Beth- I don't want to see any eyes! If I see any eyes, I swear to God, I will put a bullet between them.

On the other side of the spectrum, Beth unexpectedly learned the truth about Dean.

Side note, I can never figure out whether this show wants me to feel sympathetic towards Dean or if they want me to hate his guts. Because every time I feel anything resembling hope for Dean and his relationship with Beth, I am always very quickly reminded that Dean is an immature brat with a chip on his shoulder.

Dean was pleading for a date with his wife and then almost getting himself killed because he couldn't stop himself from staring at a woman jogging down the street.

Boomer & Mary Pat- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 10

And then the next time we saw him, he's being held captive by Rio, who had done quite a number on his face. Or was it the accident? That part was not exactly clear.

Anyway, in keeping with the full circle story, Beth was once again in her dining room face to face with Rio. While some of us may have thought once upon a time that they had chemistry and gravitational pull, that seems to have wholly evaporated now.

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It's interesting to see Rio taking matters into his own hands and telling Beth all about herself. She has wanted to be her own version of Rio ever since she met him. She's been the leader of the ladies and the one most willing to get them wrapped up in scheme after scheme and maximize their compensation.

But the one thing she hasn't had to do is any of the dirty work. And by that, I mean the violent side of illegal activities. Unfortunately, the two go hand in hand in many ways, and Rio decides to give her a choice.

Annie Has a Plan- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 10

If you want to be the new guy in town, you have to make sure the old guy is gone for good. We'll be waiting a while longer to see what path she decides to take.

Alright guys, I want to know all your thoughts about "Remix," as well as your thoughts on the season as a whole. I didn't touch on Boomer and Mary Pat much, as some bigger issues overshadowed their storyline, but I want to hear your thoughts on that!

Thanks for reading and commenting all season. It was a very fun ride, and I'm hopeful we'll be talking again in season two!

Remember to watch Good Girls online right now, so you're all caught up on the hilariously real first season.

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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Ruby- Hello, old friend.

Dean [to Beth]- Is it our anniversary? Or is it just another day?