Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 19 Review: Payback

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Is it just me or is Chicago PD becoming more and more predictable?

It used to be groundbreaking and filled with unexpected twists, but mostly everything on Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 19 was foreseeable. 

Let's start with the identity of the dirty cop. There were really only two options: Rojas or Denza. And it ended up being both of them, so hey, I guess we all figured it out. 

Denza  - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 19

Before we knew the stash houses were being fed information by a dirty cop, I figured that Denza was playing Ruzek and Atwater. Even Atwater sensed that something wasn't right with this dude. He was too overconfident and way too money hungry. 

Ruzek kept giving him the benefit of the doubt because of his guilt. It's always more compelling when our characters have a personal connection to the storyline -- we saw how well it worked on Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 18 when it involved Upton. 

Not only do we get to learn more about the character's past, but we also get to see them make decisions they otherwise wouldn't make because of their bias. 

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In this case, Denza aka "Ray" blamed Ruzek for being "wrongfully terminated." Apparently, Ruzek didn't stick up for him way back when even though he knew he was just in his shooting and let him get fired. 

Now, this is all fine and dandy, but I'm just trying to figure out when these two had a chance to work the streets together. 

If I remember correctly, Ruzek was scooped up from the Academy when Intelligence needed an undercover and remained in the role since. So, when did this all go down?

Is This Guy For Real? - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 19

Did they get on-street training while in the Academy?

This storyline just felt like the writers were trying too hard to toughen Ruzek up and get him some street cred. Look, not everyone has to be as "decorated" in their past achievements as Olinsky and Voight.

Although, I truly enjoyed him roughing that one guy up in the cell after he questioned why a white cop would care about a Latino child.

Guy inside is down. He's not getting back up. Not ever


Plus, if Ruzek didn't really witness what went down, how could he vouch for Denza? 

And what a relief that he didn't take Denza's bait when they were out by the China-town dock. Imagine the hell he'd have to go through if he, a white cop, shot a black man and former partner who wasn't even armed. It would have probably been in Denza's best interest since being a cop in prison is a considerable punishment.

Remember when I mentioned that storylines were predictable? It was apparent Atwater was going to intervene and take down Dezna so that Ruzek didn't have to take the shot. So much for building up the suspect, right? 

Put 'Em Up - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 19

When it was revealed that a dirty cop was responsible, the only other person that came to mind was Rojas. When we met her briefly at the stash house, she had an edge about her which loosely translated too "I'm guilty."

And while I'm glad she wasn't completely undermining her crew, she did allow herself to get played by a corrupt CI, so she was inadvertently responsible for the young boy's death.

Ray: Like I said, I'ma start doing some sniffing soon.
Kevin: Well, I'ma need you to have a more powerful nose then. For real, dog, like one of them damn truffle pigs cause me and my partner already $500 in the hole.

Continuing down the road of predictability was the whole narrative with Ruben.

The minute they mentioned he was a witness that put Olinsky at the scene of the crime, you knew his ending was grim. 

However, I'm surprised that Alvin stooped so low to save his own ass. I get that he doesn't want to go to prison but to set-up a man who was finally sober and just got his family back? That's a new low. 

It's something I would have expected from Voight but never Al. Honestly, when Voight reconsidered ruining this man's credibility because he was on the come-up, it felt like they pulled a "Freaky Friday."

Although, it does serve as a reminder as to why Voight and Olinsky are such good friends; they've both done questionable things for their own benefit. 

It's also hilarious when you realize that dirty cops are taking down dirty cops and calling it justice. Potatoe, potato.

Confronting a Witness - Chicago PD

I do think Voight needs to offer up another alternative other than just promising that they'll "find a different way out."

It's understandable that Voight doesn't want to come clean because even if he does, it doesn't help Olinsky in any way; Olinsky's still an accessory to murder as he buried the body and knew of Voight's actions. Having them both go down for the crime is unnecessary. 

It's not easy to outrun your demons.


They need to think of something quickly because I don't expect Denny Woods to give up so easily. He'll sniff out Voight and Al's meddling in a heartbeat and continue to look for any little hook to bring them both down. 

Do you think Voight and Olinsky will come out from under this? 

As always, get caught up with your favorite Intelligence team and watch Chicago PD online right here at TV Fanatic. And share your thoughts below! 

Payback Review

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Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Ray: Like I said, I'ma start doing some sniffing soon.
Kevin: Well, I'ma need you to have a more powerful nose then. For real, dog, like one of them damn truffle pigs cause me and my partner already $500 in the hole.

Guy inside is down. He's not getting back up. Not ever