Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will Stefan Tell Chad about Gabigail?

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Hope planned a surprise wedding for Rafe, Stefan learned that Abigail killed Andre, but thought she was Gabi when she did it, and Maggie walked out on Victor this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kpatch and Kathy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if the truth about Rafe and Sami will come out before or after the wedding, should Stefan tell Chad about Gabigail, would Eric and Jennifer survive Nicole’s return, and more after this week’s Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Will Rafe and Hope get married before the truth about him sleeping with Sami comes out?

Kpatch: I think they’ll get married since the justice of the peace is there. I can’t imagine Rafe saying no.

Jack: Good Lord, I hope not. We've suffered enough with the stupidity throughout this storyline and Hope needs to not be legally attached to Rafe when this comes out. Besides, the sooner this travesty is over, the better.

Kathy: I think they will have their private ceremony on Smith Island before the formal wedding with guests. So far, there are only three of them on the island so it looks like they will be married before the secret is out.

Christine: Unless the justice of the peace brought a witness, will the wedding on the island be legal or just symbolic? And please, I beg all that’s holy, don't let Hope get saddled with Rafe!

I love Hope but paired with Rafe she is one half of the most boring, nauseating couple on the show. The only thing I’m looking forward to is her dumping him for good.

Pillow Talk - Days of Our Lives

Would you prefer Stefan helping Abigail hide her secret and mental health issues, or do you hope he tells Chad?

Kpatch: I want Stefan to tell Chad. Chad won’t believe it without proof though. It’s pretty shocking.

Jack: I wish Stefan would tell Chad. That would give me hope that this is going to be a bona fide story about mental health issues and not just using them as a plot point, like JJ's suicide attempt was.

Plus if Stefan knows Abigail is seriously mentally ill and a danger to herself and others and keeps it to himself, that's disturbing on a billion different levels.

Kathy: There will be more drama if he helps hide her secret plus it will allow him to get closer to her. I'm not sure what Chad would do if he found out. He may also help her hide her secret.

Christine: I want him to tell Chad. Abigail needs help and hiding her secret will only insure that things get worse.

Plus, if Stefan shares this with Chad, it could go a long way to redeeming his character, which has waffled between sketchy and unlikable since he arrived in Salem.

And, on a side note, does it feel as though Stefan spends most of his time at home with his shirt off? 

Shirtless Stefan - Days of Our Lives

Should Maggie have left Victor over his treatment of Eve?

Kpatch: Maggie’s dramatic breakups with Victor are a little diva-ish and overused. Victor has done worse and she’s accepted it, so this one feels empty. Besides, they’re 70-80 years old. Time to stop the childishness.

Jack: No. This made absolutely no sense and ignores Maggie and Victor's history. They've already been down this road several years ago, only that time Maggie's problem was that Victor didn't confine his shadiness to hurting non-relatives!

Maggie is not an abused, long-suffering wife who finally got a backbone. She was suddenly rewritten to expect Victor to be squeaky clean to cause "drama."

And considering that Eve ran over Sarah and messed with Jennifer and Daniel constantly (two of Maggie's favorite relatives), she should feel Victor is doing her a favor by getting back at her now.

Kathy: Maggie left because of all Victor's broken promises and desire to control everyone. Eve was just the final straw. I think she was wise to get out of the Kmansion for awhile and rethink their relationship and her place in it.

Christine: I can understand Maggie being upset. I think that despite all the history with Eve, she sees her as a grieving mother who will forever be in pain.

Victor has certainly done worse, and I don’t think walking out is the right move for Maggie here. Personally, I think she should tell both Brady and Victor to either come clean or she’ll do it for them.

A Disappointed Wife - Days of Our Lives

Was John let off the hook too easily for poisoning Steve?

Kpatch: John was definitely forgiven too easily, not only for poisoning Steve but also for scaring the daylights out of Paul and Will. That was beyond cruel, regardless of so-called good intentions.

Jack: Yes! It's ridiculous that he's being treated as a hero who "couldn't help it" because he got the antidote at the last second.

Two years ago, Aiden was imprisoned for months over his eventual decision not to kill Hope even though Andre was threatening his family if he didn't, and is talked about as the most evil scum ever to hit Salem as a result.

John comes much closer to killing Steve, plus his poisoning Steve led to Billie being shot, Will and Paul being held against their will, and Tripp and Ciara being held hostage and nearly killed, yet he's treated as a hero. Talk about hypocritical!

Kathy: Yes -- John is getting off too easy for poisoning Steve. I have lost respect for the character.

Christine: The John Black I grew up with would have found a way to tell Steve and they would have come up with a plan to take down Pamela together.

Heck, he’s a trained assassin, he could have taken a rogue Pamela out and made it look like an accident, and that would have made more sense.

John’s action were extremely disappointing and he is getting off way to easy for almost killing his best friend, no matter what the reason.

Marlena and John Celebrate - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Jennifer and Eric have a future if Nicole ever returns to Salem?

Kpatch: I would hope Eric has learned his lesson. Nicole is nothing but trouble to every man she gets involved with. If Eric wants a happy, stable life, he needs to stick with Jennifer. I like their chemistry.

Jack: I think they do. Eric was never in love with Nicole to begin with. He was in love with an idealized version of her that did not exist.

Everyone has to keep insisting they are in love to interfere with him and Jennifer. If the writers were writing true to character Eric and Nicole would not even be an issue for Eric and Jen.

Kathy: Nicole's return would be a real test of Eric's feelings. I hope they have a future but Eric seems to gravitate towards Nicole.

Christine: I do think Eric will always be in love with Nicole. They were each other’s first loves and if it weren’t for Brady’s interference, they might be together right now.

If Nicole comes back and the whole truth comes out, I worry that Jennifer may take second place in Eric’s heart once again.

A Nasty Run In - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Kpatch: The ISA story was cheesy, and Paul and Will forgiving John so easily was not credible.

There was too much romance between Hope and Rafe who make me slightly ill.

I missed seeing JJ all week, but not his fawning over undeserving Lani.

Jack: Let's start with the horrendous treatment of mental health issues. No, wait, let's put that second because Rafe and Hope went camping in the dead of winter and were shocked there was bad weather.

At least the Abigail storyline is entertaining even if the message that mentally ill people are all violent and that mental health issues should never be taken seriously is gross.

Kathy: I was disappointed by John's actions. He could have used a little imagination to get out of the situation earlier in the game. Steve forgiving so easily was also disappointing.

Christine: Hope and Rafe making goo goo eyes at one another was making me ill.

John’s instant redemption was nonsense.

And JJ and Lani just disappeared for a week, although I’d like Lani to disappear permanently, so maybe I shouldn’t complain.

A Hostage Situation - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Kpatch: Not sure why, but I got a charge out of Claire secretly taping Ciara and Tripp’s conversation. What she does with this knowledge is anybody’s guess.

I also liked the family moments — Tripp and Steve; Lucas and Will; and Kate’s brood in Billie’s hospital room.

Jack: I liked Billie holding her own with Kate, and Lucas pointing out she was probably glad not to be staying in Salem. LOL.

I also really liked Tripp and Steve's reunion after the Pamela Van Damme disaster.

Kathy: As a Maggie/Victor fan I was happy to see them sharing scenes.

Christine: I enjoyed Tripp and Ciara. Their adventures remind me that they are Steve’s son and Bo’s daughter. It’s got me hoping these two have a future.

I also loved the bonding scenes between Steve and Tripp. Their scenes ring so much more true than anything between Steve and Joey ever did.

Tripp Loves His Dad - Days of Our Lives

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