Black Lightning Round Table: Will Freeland Ever Be Safe?

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Will Freeland be able to move on from all of the crime?

That was the big question on Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 3 as the city reacted to another death. 

Below, TV Fanatics Andy Behbakht, Jasmine Blu, and Paul Dailly discuss all of the drama, Khalil's prognosis and so much more.

Black Lightning Round Table

How did you feel about the community looking to Black Lightning and faith as opposed to the law to keep Freeland safe?

Andy: I think we are looking at a community who have turned to the law for the sake of Freeland's protection so many times without luck, that Black Lightning seems like someone who can be the key to solving their issues, in their minds. I am not sure what else it could be if not that.

Jasmine: I agree, Andy. Evidently, Freeland has been let down so often by law enforcement that Black Lightning is where all their faith lies. They also feel like dirty cops and politicians have their hands in all the violence and situations with the 100. I can understand why they would turn to him the way that they do.

Paul: It made sense. We've witnessed the racial bias from the law enforcement already, and the people of Freeland are struggling to cope because the drama is slowing no sign of slowing down. 

Superpowers, Baby! - Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 3

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Khalil not being able to walk again?

Andy: I really like that dude, especially how sweet he is with Jennifer, that it makes me sad for him that he may not be able to walk again.

Jasmine: This is so upsetting! I was crushed when I saw him go down like that. My heart hurts for him because all he wants is to get out of there and now all of his dreams may have been shot to hell.

Paul: My heart broke for him, but something was always going to happen. He has a tough road ahead of him now, and it's going to be painful to watch. 

Stronger - Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 3

Is Lynn now at peace with Jefferson being Black Lightning?

Andy: I hope not because that would make that story element solved way too fast. I think it is going to be that honestly pains her for quite some time because I don't think she will ever be fully at peace that the man she loves is doing the thing that made them split in the first place.

Jasmine: I didn't think about it that way, Andy, but you're right. It's such an integral part of the show already, so she can't come around too soon. That would be too easy. I think she may try to convince herself that she accepts it, but her resentment will grow.

Paul: She's getting there, but it is still a long way off. There are pros and cons to Jefferson being Black Lightning. After recent events, it seems like she thinks there are more pros than cons. 

The March - Black Lightning

Why did Gambi delete the image of Tobias in the car as the gun was shot?

Andy: I have one theory that I can't really share because it is based on a big thing about Gambi in the comics, that I wouldn't be surprised makes into the show itself. So, therefore, I don't want to spoil non-comic book viewers. But all I will say is that this move by Gambi puts him in an incredibly interesting light!

Jasmine: And now my interest is piqued, and I need to hit the internet. LOL! I don't know. I thought maybe it was some twisted way of incentivizing Jefferson, so he doesn't lose Black Lightning again? No clue!

Paul: I have no idea, but I am intrigued. 

Is it fair to assume that Henderson and Black Lightning will be at odds from here on out?

Andy: I think they will have a frenemy relationship as the season, and series in general, progresses. Which would make this dynamic stand out from other working relationships in the DC-verse like Alfred and Bruce.

Jasmine: I don't think they will be at odds, per se. It's like they're on the same side but just have fundamentally different viewpoints. They'll have to rely on one another for the greater good. It'll be an interesting dynamic for sure.

Paul: I don't see them agreeing on how to tackle the crime in the city, but I also don't see them fighting about it. 

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