Black Lightning Round Table: Could Khalil Walk Again?

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Tobias and Tori make for the most villainous siblings on all of TV. 

Tori made her debut on Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 4, and she started scheming from the get-go. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Andy Behbakht, and Paul Dailly discuss the possibility that Tobias lied to Khalil, that awkward dinner date and Gambi's real motives. 

Black Lightning Round Table

Is there a possibility that Tobias has paid/threatened the doctor into saying Khalil's spinal cord has been snapped?

Jasmine: You know, I wouldn't put it past him. I actually hope that's the case because the alternative is too devastating to think about. I like Khalil, and I want nothing but good things for him. 

Andy: I agree with Jasmine, someone like Tobias could be capable of that. Anything is possible in Freeland I suppose.

Paul: Yeah, I think there's going to be light at the end of the tunnel for Khalil, but it's going to come after Tobias makes his life hell for a bit. 

Familiar Faces - Black Lightning

What are your thoughts on Tori?

Jasmine: I don't have any strong feelings one way or another just yet. I get the impression that she may be more ruthless than Tobias, which could be very interesting down the road.

Andy: I will admit that I had even forgotten that Tobias was getting a sister on the show since the casting was so many months ago. I think it will be fun to see an evil sister-brother duo, but right now I don't have a clear impression of her, but I am excited to see what Tori will do.

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Paul: She's wicked. Just look at how she planted the idea to mess with Khalil. She's going to be bad news for everyone else in town. 

Lady Eve Is Mad - Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 4

How did you feel about Anissa clashing with Henderson and Lynn at dinner?

Jasmine: I loved it! I also loved Jefferson's reaction to it. It was one of my favorite scenes of the night. I love how passionate Anissa is, and she comes across as a stereotypical millennial, but in the best possible way.

Andy: I hate that the scene ended because I could have watched that for an eternity! Anissa is someone I really connect with on the show, and so far, with moments like this, she is continuing to be one of my ultimate faves (don't worry, I love the whole Pierce family).  

Paul: I agree. It was electric. Anissa has been coming into her own of late, and because of her powers, she sees things in a whole new perspective. I also liked how Jefferson smiled at the end of it. 

Get Results, Boy! - Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 4

Why did Gambi send Jefferson home?

Jasmine: Gambi is one of the most interesting characters and one of my favorite characters of the series so far. I can never quite figure him out. I think Gambi suspects one of the girls has powers. Why is it that he seems to know more about all of this than Jefferson though?

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Andy: Oh Gambi. He is hiding something, and it has me terrified. I don't want him to have too dark of a secret because I don't want his relationship with Jefferson to be ruined. 

Paul: Yeah, I'm digging Gambi, but I'm not digging him keeping things from the others. Whatever happened to teams staying loyal and not keeping secrets?

Is it a good time for Anissa to come clean about her powers?

Jasmine: I believe so. She can't keep it hidden much longer at the rate she's going. She has to talk to someone about it; it may as well be her parents, preferably Jefferson.

Andy: My answer is yes too, but purely for the reason that Black Lightning Season 1 has a short episode order. Given that it will span 13 episodes, Anissa coming out about her powers to someone sooner rather than later would make sense. 

Paul: Yes. Anissa is holding this big secret inside, and it's probably because of the fear that her parents are going to look at her differently. In reality, her father would probably rest easy knowing she can defend herself. 

What did you think of the episode?

Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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