Black Lightning Round Table: Will Anissa Take Over From Her Father?!

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Will Anissa take over as the superhero of Freeland?

That was one of the bigger questions after Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 2, and one that our Black Lightning Fanatics discuss. 

Below, Andy Behbahkt, Jasmine Blu, and Paul Dailly chat about the deaths so far, whether Lynn or Gambi was right and so much more. 

Black Lightning Round Table

How do you feel about both Will and Lala being killed off so soon?

Andy: For some reason, it didn't surprise me that much? I feel that Tobias Whale is someone, in the case of Lala, take second chances very seriously, and if you mess up big time, then you are screwed. 

Jasmine: I agree with Andy. I wasn't surprised at either death. At first, I thought Will was dead when he fell on the car, so his death didn't mean very much to me. But yeah, once Lala ended up in jail, I figured it was a wrap.

Paul: I expected them to die, but not so soon. I'm not opposed to it, but I hope the show does not burn through the storyline too quickly because it will stall at some point. 

What Would You Do? - Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 2

What will Jefferson have to do to prove to Lynn that he can be Black Lightning, a father, and a boyfriend?

Andy: That is one of the intriguing parts of this journey because we haven't seen that in most comic book shows out there. He is an older hero so it puts him in a different position than someone like Barry Allen or Oliver Queen. I do want the show to take its time in showing us how he can succeed in being both a superhero, dad, and boyfriend.

Jasmine: I think he'll have to start by focusing on being a superhero, father, and principal. Unfortunately,  I think the boyfriend part will have to be put on hold. Lynn flat out doesn't want him doing it. Period. There's nothing Jefferson can do to prove he can balance it all to Lynn. She's scared, protective, and concerned and nothing will change her mind on the issue. 

Paul: I agree with Jasmine. There's no way Lynn is going to get on board with him being a superhero. We've barely scratched the surface with what happened in the past before Jefferson gave up his crime-fighting ways. 

Bonding - Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 2

What will happen now that Anissa has shown her strength to someone else?

Andy: I think this is where she begins to look into the idea of creating a secret identity for herself.

Jasmine: I wonder if it will go public somehow? Will the cashier say something? Will the robber? Was it caught on tape somehow? I think she'll slowly start to realize what's happening to her, and she's going to embrace it while keeping it hidden from her family. 

Paul: I agree with Jasmine. She was hardly subtle when she threw the crook across the pharmacy. That's going to go viral, and I think she might step up to the challenge when Black Lightning disappears. 

I Surrender! - Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 2

Lynn and Gambi debated about Jefferson suiting up. Who did you agree with?

Andy: I agree with both. I get where Lynn is coming from, even though I am with Jefferson that it's not exactly an addiction that he has. I think wanting to use your powers to protect a city, or the world is always good and noble. But I get how she looks at it from a "this is all he thinks about" perspective. But at the same time, I'm very much on Gambi's side too.

Jasmine: I loved that scene so much. It was one of my favorite moments in the episode. Yeah, I'm with them both, but I do lean more toward's Gambi. It should be Jefferson's decision. He does have a gift though, and to not utilize it when all hell is breaking loose around you is pretty messed up.

It's almost like Lynn went a long time believing that because the violence didn't directly affect them,  as long as they reside on a nicer street or hide behind a fancy school or whatever, then she could turn a blind eye to everything else going on. But the recent events have shown that no one is safe. The bubble has been burst. 

Paul: I agree with Gambi, but that's not to say I think Lynn was wrong. Gambi has the best interests of the city at heart, while Lynn is more about keeping the father of her children safe. It was a powerful scene, and these two will be at odds for the duration. 

Henderson Has a Lead - Black Lightning

What will Tobias Whale do next?

Andy: He will be hunting for Black Lightning, that's for sure! I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to find out the hero's identity before trying to finish him off once and for all. 

Jasmine: I have no idea. Maybe he won't start coming for Black Lightning just yet because he feels like he has the upper hand right now. But he will at some point, and it's going to be good! 

Paul: I'm clueless about this, but I'm interested in seeing where we go from here. The show is such a hoot!

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