Outlander Season 3 Episode 8 Review: First Wife

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Home sweet home?

Lallybroch isn't quite as Claire remembered on Outlander Season 3 Episode 8. It's not just the twenty years of privation that have changed the place or the gaggle of new babies running around. No, Lallybroch just isn't all that welcoming when Jenny Murray is out for your blood. 

Jamie's Past - Outlander

Yes, Jenny's back and still braw as ever. Even when she's acting like a child and lashing out at those that hurt her, I love Jenny. 

I mean, it's not like her hurt isn't relatable. Of course, she's angry at Claire, and at Jamie. You have to wonder if Jamie hadn't screwed things up so badly with Young Ian if things would have been easier for his wife. 

I do think that summoning Laoghaire in such a sneaky way was out of line, especially when you consider Marsali and Joan being put in the middle like that. Wasn't very kind of Auntie Jenny to do such a thing

Motherly Devotion - Outlander Season 3 Episode 8

I really wish that Jamie hadn't stopped Claire from telling Jenny the truth about her...*ahem*...travels, but I understand that there's just not enough time for that to be covered. It's just that you'd think these two would have learned something about how keeping secrets can hurt people. 

I was also disappointed that Jenny wasn't around for Jamie's surgery or aftercare. I would think that she wouldn't leave his side. Of course, I was also disappointed that the injury turned out to be so trifling, but that's a symptom of adaptation-itis. 

I'm trying to forgive small changes because there's just so much ground to cover (literally) in the remaining five episodes of the season. 

You're the only being foolish. If there's a pot of shite on to boil, ye stir like it's God's work.

Ian [to Jenny]

You know what does need to be covered though? Claire. Seriously, has anybody not seen her in just her shift at this point? I know to our mind it's a nightgown, but it's more like underwear to her eighteenth-century in-laws. Besides, it's Scotland, isn't she cold?

Maybe Terry Dresbach is just still worn out from all the Outlander Season 2 costumes

Of course, the makeup team seems to have exhausted their talents on aging Laura Donnelly and Steven Cree, so maybe the budget is tight across the board. 

Shock - Outlander Season 3 Episode 8

Lack of costumes and aging makeup weren't my only issues though. I keep going back to timing. 

Thirteen episodes simply weren't enough to cover everything that needed to be covered this season. I mean, it's the end of episode eight, and we're only just now getting to the significant plot advancement? 

Young Ian's kidnapping is really the crux of the third book season. Obviously it was important to get Claire and Jamie back together, but things like the escape at Ardsmuir, the liquor smuggling, even the fact that Young Ian had run away from home...they were all leading to that moment on the island.

When has it ever been easy? But I apologized for it. I've done all I can to make it right. Ye belong wi' me. We're mated for life, Sassenach.


So as much as I enjoyed the front half of the season, we're paying for it now. I hate Laoghaire -- Ron Moore can try and make her sympathetic til the cows come home, she's still a crazed bitch -- but I wish we'd seen more of her.

And explain to me why she is so desperately obsessed with Jamie if his touch disgusts her so much. She either needed to a lot more crazy or a touch more sane. 

One Laoghaire related scene I did love: the flashback to Hogmanay. It made it slightly understandable how Jamie could end up with her.

Left you? Left *you*? You forced me to go back! I would have died gladly at Culloden with you. And now you want to blame me for that?


It's amazing that Ned Gowan was able to wrap things up so quick and tidy for Jamie. I am curious how (or if) they'll resolve his debt to his second wife now that the jewels and coins have been stolen. Young Ian is obviously more important to retrieve, but Laoghaire is a monkey the couple really needs to get off their back. 

For those of you who have read ahead, it's become obvious that some major things have changed from "Voyager." I'm trying to think of this as positive: it's it completely different, it's not really being messed up, just reinterpreted. 

Jamie and Claire are obviously going to go after their nephew. I mean, he's just a kid and it's their fault he was taken. I'm crossing my fingers that they stay clear headed enough to stop and plan instead of just rushing in without a thought.

If you won't stay with me, I'd rather die and be done with it if that's all the same with you.


Because they're probably going to need some help on this one. I mean, Jamie's not much use at sea, and it looks like Claire might be taken as well.

She really shouldn't advertise her skills so freely. She may be a woman, but a doctor is still a doctor. It looks the the British Navy doesn't have scruples about conscripting a lady when there's disease afoot. 

I'm not so worried about her contracting diseases -- she's spent plenty of time around the sick, and she's got those handy twentieth century vaccinations. But she tends to get into even bigger trouble than usual when Jamie's not around.

Stop it! The both of ye! Fightin' and ruttin' like wild beasts, and no carin' if the whole house hears ye!


What did you think of "First Wife?" Too much introspection, or not enough? Were you shocked that Jamie had married Laoghaire? Or that Claire was thinking of leaving Jamie after all they've been through?

We want to know your thoughts, so join the discussion in our comments section. 

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First Wife Review

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Outlander Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

If I don't tell her the truth, then..there will always be this wall between us. Jenny casts a very warm light on those that she trusts and a very cold shadow on those she doesn't.


Claire: Perhaps we should tell her the truth.
Jamie: [scoffs] We say you traveled from another time, ye may as well convince her ye're a mermaid.