Quantico Round Table: You Lose People, You Add People

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 21, Alex recruited Miranda, Will, and Matthew Keyes to the task force for help stopping Roarke's latest attack. It was an all hands on deck situation. The task force managed to stop the attack, but they still played right into President Roarke's hand.

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson and Allison Nichols, along with TV Fanatic reader Meaghan Frey discuss Raina's decision to turn herself in, ponder Dayana's whereabouts, and much more from the episode. Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts in a comment below.

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Did you enjoy Will, Miranda, and Matthew Keyes joining the task force?

Meaghan: I didn't think it was necessary so close to the finale. We've spent the whole back half of the season focused on the task force. Throwing back in more characters with such little time left just takes away the focus from the characters we care about more.

Also, is Dayana still MIA without an explanation? Did they give an explanation at some point, and I just missed it? Maybe instead of bringing in Will, Miranda, and Keyes they could give us an update on her. If you can't keep track of the characters you have, don't bring more back in.

Jasmine: I actually did. Miranda and Owen have a nice chemistry that actually held my interest, and my little awkward love bug, Will, kept making me smile. I loved Matthew, too. Honestly, the team would have been infinitely more interesting if they were on it earlier on.

Allison: I enjoyed having them enter the mix, especially Will. He just makes me happy. I do agree that it was a little late in the game for this. It would have been better if it happened earlier. Also, where is Dayana? She's still working on that case? Maybe she'll pop up in the finale...

What did you think of Owen and Miranda teaming up?

Meaghan: As useless as I think it is to bring Miranda back right now, I do like the idea of these two teaming up. They are very similar. They both are willing to blur the lines between right and wrong in order to do the job and protect that country.

They both have had children who have made very questionable decisions regarding terrorist organizations. They have plenty to bond over. I definitely started shipping them a little, especially if it will keep him away from Alex.

Jasmine: I got shipper vibes, big time. I would take that over that weird sexual tension Alex and Owen have, that's for sure. I liked the two of them working together. They played off of each other quite nicely.

Allison: I didn't mind them pairing up, but I don't ship them. I definitely picked up all the shipper vibes that they were putting out there, but I'm still not shipping it. I would take Owen and Miranda over Owen and Alex any day.

Are you surprised that Raina turned herself in?

Meaghan: No. Despite the differences that Raina and Nimah have, they love each other and are willing to do anything for each other. Nimah basically sacrificed herself for Raina, and Raina needed to make sure she was okay, regardless of the consequences.

Was it a smart move? Absolutely not. She would be better served on the outside working to clear her name.

Jasmine: No. I have never understood why the writers have such a difficult time writing for Raina but not for Nimah. I used to find Raina so endearing and refreshing because you barely ever see a main or recurring hijabi character.

They don't know how to let Raina stand out on her own though. She didn't have much to do or offer, and what she did offer, no one accepted because for some reason she's always like the nerdy kid trying to find a spot at the cool kids' table and ending up having to pull up a chair. Ugh.

Allison: I don't think it was surprising that Raina sacrificed herself for her sister. Like Meaghan said, it's what Nimah and Raina do. 

Still, I do agree with Jasmine. The initial switch didn't make sense in the first place because it's not like Raina had something to offer the task force that Nimah didn't. Raina was barely utilized by the task force, making the switch feel like a waste.

In Hiding - Quantico Season 2 Episode 21

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Meaghan: Clay. Him sitting in a motel smoking weed and playing The Sims was by far the best part of this episode.

Jasmine: I want to give it to high Clay because he reminded me so much of his brother that I was beyond amused every time he was onscreen. I think I have to give it to Shelby for getting him back on track so that he was actually useful. So, begrudgingly, Shelby.

Allison: I can't get over Clay in that motel. However, I'm going to give it to Will for actually figuring things out. I was so upset when Alex and Owen shut Will down the first time. Y'all asked for help, so let the new people look things over with fresh eyes and HELP!

What are your theories and/or hopes for the finale?

Meaghan: Seeing as it is most likely the series finale, my guess is that next week the whole collaborator storyline will be resolved. I kind of hope that Alex getting shot isn't just a red herring, and she actually does get shot and even potentially dies. Dying a hero almost seems like the only real ending for her character.

However, this is Alex Parrish and the Quantico writers we are talking about. I'm sure she is probably wearing an invisible bulletproof suit and her hair is a bullet proof helmet. Ryan and her, of course, will get back together after she scares him with the possibility of her death.

because obviously, she will tell no one about this invisible bullet proof suit and her hair's magic powers, so everyone will think she is dead. If we can have one thing in this finale, please bring back our dear Harry just one more time.

Jasmine: Alex Parrish's hair will be impossibly perfect even after she gets shot. Alex will be wearing a bulletproof vest as part of the plan she and Owen worked out. Alex and Ryan will officially be on again. The collaborators will come tumbling down. We'll never find out what happened to Dayana, Sebastian, or Harry.

I'd love Harry to come save the day, Clay to not immediately jump into a whatever with Shelby or his conveniently and abruptly ambitious only for the purpose of throwing more Haas in Shelby's direction fiancé to show back up, and for Alex to retire from law enforcement for good.

Allison: Alex's hair is definitely bulletproof. She doesn't die. I think it would be shocking and devastating if she actually did die, but Alex Parrish will get shot and then return at the final moment to vanquish the collaborators for once and for all.

My dream is for Harry to return, but I doubt he will. Ryan and Alex will, once again, get back together. Raina and Nimah will be released. All will end well.

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