Quantico Round Table: Where Do We Go From Here?

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 22, the task force came together and took down Roarke. They did have to sacrifice some of their own in the process, though. Alex faked her death, and Miranda is doing time for "killing" her. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson and Allison Nichols, along with TV Fanatic reader Meaghan Frey discuss Roarke's takedown, the future of Quantico, and more. 

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What did you think of the task force's final stand against Roarke?

Meaghan: I feel like it could have been done weeks ago when they found out who all the Collaborators were.

I was kind of confused on why they would have Alex be the one to do it. She is easily the most recognizable member of the task force. As it was said in the news report, people keep supposedly spotting her. Wouldn't it have made more sense to have someone who could truly disappear do it?

Jasmine: Bwahaha! C'mon, Meaghan. You KNOW Alex has to be at the center of everything. Of course, she was going to be the one to do it even though she's not only the most recognizable member of the team but stands out because she looks like a Victoria's Secret Model.

Yeah, after seeing how it eventually played out, it did feel like something that could've ended weeks ago.

Allison: It was definitely a bit of a letdown. There wasn't any suspense or thrill building up to it. I agree that it could have ended a while ago. I really do wonder why Alex had to be the one to do it.

It would have been interesting to see that conversation; it could have been in a flashback after the reveal that the real plan was to fake Alex's death. Because, like Meaghan and Jasmine said, Alex is super recognizable. I don't know if she can really do "low profile."

Are you happy with how everyone ended the season?

Meaghan: I am. I actually had to resist the urge to squeal when Ryan showed up on the plane. I may be in the minority, but I loved them together. It was nice to finally see them happy. Too bad that season 3 will most likely have them torn apart again.

Jasmine: LOL! That would be me, Meaghan. I rolled my eyes when Ryan got on the plane, but at least they aren't in this weird in between stage of their relationship where they're acting like they aren't an item, but they clearly are.

I loved the development with Owen and also that both the twins are back and working together. I would have been happier about Clay and Maxine if it didn't feel like Shelby had to push him back to Maxine. That wasn't and isn't fair to Maxine at all and that rubbed me the wrong way.

Allison: I complete agree, Jasmine! I hated that Shelby got Clay back together with Maxine. Ugh, in season three, this Clay/Shelby thing better be completely dunzo. I did enjoy where everyone ended up. Everyone was happy, which is rare on Quantico. I am not a Ryan and Alex shipper, but I did smile at the parallel to their first meeting. 

Does the finale make you want to tune into season three, or did it feel more like a series finale aka a good place to stop watching?

Meaghan: That was everything a series finale needed to be. I am actually slightly disappointed it was renewed. However, I still will keep watching it regardless. As much as the show annoys me, I've got a soft spot for it.

Jasmine: I completely agree, Meaghan. It did feel like a series finale, and I was shocked when it got renewed. For the most part, I stick to shows until the end. Quantico is one of those shows that I'll still watch, so I'll keep watching and giving snarky commentary the whole time. LOL!

Allison: I agree that it felt like the end. As much as Quantico drives me crazy, I'll still tune in next season. I'm hoping that the show will benefit from a shorter season.

Let's Be Bad Guys - Quantico Season 2 Episode 22

Any theories as to what season three will be about?

Meaghan: I don't really see where the show can go from here unless they are going to completely reboot it with a new cast of recruits at Quantico with Shelby teaching them. More than likely though, some catastrophic event will happen that makes Owen call the task force back together and bring Alex and Ryan out of hiding to help.

Jasmine: I don't even know. What could be next? Alex Parrish takes on the NSA? What if she gets involved with Interpol and reunites with our beloved Harry? Too much? Fine.

They will have to reboot, though. There is no getting around that at all, but I can see Owen calling Alex and Ryan back to help with a new threat. I don't know if it will require the entire task force as we know it because they do like to switch things up and bring in fresh faces, so someone like Clay wouldn't be as prominent.

Allison: I need Harry and Alex to reunite! My theory is Alex somehow stumbles upon a conspiracy theory or finds her way to the middle of a terrorist attack while in hiding. She will be the one to reach out to her old team for help.

I'd totally be up for a lot of new faces if they actually stick around. I mean we never saw Dayana again, which is super annoying.

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Meaghan: I gotta give it to Ryan. The man just gave up his life as he knows it to live a life in hiding with the woman he loves. Swoon.

Jasmine: It wasn't Dayana, that's for sure. Where did she even go? Why have they never mentioned her absence?

I have to go with Will and Iris. They work so well together. Their near undercover menage incident reminded me of the other time they worked together and ended up stripping down in an airport. They have such a fun relationship and play off of each other quite well.

I also laughed at how unperturbed Will was about potentially having to go through with it.

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