Quantico Round Table: Caleb Returns

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 18, Caleb Haas came back into our lives, and everything was right with the world. Now, who's up for some brotherly competition? 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson and Allison Nichols, along with TV Fanatic reader Meaghan Frey weigh in on Sasha's death, Clay's Shelby problem, and more from the episode. Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts in the comments.

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Sasha's dead. React.

Jasmine: I'm not the least bit surprised. She was the reporter who kept digging into things she shouldn't have been digging into, not to mention she was super shady too. Her death was inevitable.

Meaghan: I'd like to say I'm sad about her death but nope. Not one bit. Good riddance.

Our little Russian spy just couldn't let it go. She was so desperate to break a big story that she never really considered the consequences of her actions. If she thought she could poke and prod in such an obvious manner and not tip off the big dogs that she was coming for them, then she was an even bigger idiot than I realized.

You would have thought they would have done it in a more subtle way though. It's not every day that cars of randomly blow up in the street. It's going to draw a lot of attention to the situation.

Allison: I wasn't surprised either. There was no way she was coming out of all of this unscathed. Good point, Meaghan! Her death isn't something that can be swept under the rug. I'm curious to see how the investigation is handled.

What did you think of the reveal that Sebastian's actually a good guy who has been hunting the collaborators as well?

Jasmine: I still can't take Sebastian seriously. Awesome, I guess. Why did he have to be so shifty about it?

I have questions, and I'm genuinely surprised that everyone sort of took him at his word, didn't ask much, and let him go on his merry little way. I was like "that's it?"

Meaghan: That was tied up in such a nice little bow. I swear most days the writers are just winging it with these storylines.

I was disappointed that Sebastian just handed the rest of the collaborators to the task force. I would much rather have seen the task force use their skills and uncover all the collaborators themselves instead of someone just jumping in and feeding them half the answers.

Unfortunately, Quantico would rather spend time on Alex training Owen how to hold his breath longer, rather than focus on the central storyline.

The one upside to the Sebastian reveal? Harry is alive and well!!!

Allison: I still don't know what to make of Sebastian. I'm glad he's not a bad guy, but I wish the task force would have done some more digging into his story rather than automatically believing him.

Like Meaghan, I was also upset that we didn't get to watch the task force uncover the rest of the collaborators on their own. It's a convenient way to speed up the task force's mission, but convenience isn't always a good thing.

Caleb's back! Was his return everything you hoped it would be?

Jasmine: Finally! It did the trick. He did what Caleb does best, he got into people's heads and stirred up things. I liked it. I especially liked the antagonistic relationship he has with Clay (they totally look like they could really be related, by the way).

Meaghan: Such a tease giving us such a tiny taste of baby Haas after so long. Caleb is such an entertaining character. I'm really hoping him and his sombrero stick around for a little while and grace our screens some more, love triangle not included. Please oh please Quantico don't turn this into a love triangle.

Allison: I'm still not over the sombrero. I really loved Caleb's return. I liked that his first scene was with his family, not Shelby. I'm looking forward to having Caleb and his sarcasm back in my life.

The Switch - Quantico Season 2 Episode 18

What are your thoughts on Caleb telling Shelby that she's Clay's problem?

Jasmine: It was so awkward, and he was so harsh when he had one-on-one time with Shelby! I think Caleb knows his brother, and he knows Shelby, so he wasn't wrong. The chemistry between Clay and Shelby has been there since the second they laid eyes on one another.

Caleb is only voicing what many of us have been seeing for a while. What is Shelby's infatuation with the Haas family? Also, what is it about her that lures all the Haas men hook, line, and sinker? Because Clay is fighting it, but he's hooked.

Meaghan: What can I say, Jasmine, the Haas men are leprechauns, and Shelby is apparently hiding a pot of gold under her skirts (or, more accurate these days oversized pants). They just can't stay away.

Caleb has every right to treat Shelby the way he does. He let her in, and she ran when things got tough, into the arms of his father. Now she's got his brother caught in her web.

Caleb is hurt and he's not going to sugar coat the truth for Shelby. I still am hoping deep down Shelby and him will reconcile, but I'm not holding my breath.

Allison: I was glad that Caleb picked up on it because it's something that we have all noticed, since the very first episode that Clay appeared on. This shows that we, as an audience, are not imaging things.

Clay and Shelby have had this connection, and they really shouldn't, especially considering Shelby's history with the Haas family. I'm hoping that Caleb can help get this shut down because I definitely don't want to see Shelby get involved with another Haas.

There's so much more potential for her, so let's explore those storylines and not this one.

Preventing a Riot - Quantico Season 2 Episode 18

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Jasmine: Can I say the combined efforts of Claire and Clay? I loved when she gave a great speech (that Clay wrote) to the people while ruining Roarke's plans all at the same time.

Meaghan: Caleb. The moment he walked back onto my screen with a sombrero and a drug filled piñata I was hooked again. Maybe he and Harry can get their own show for underutilized Quantico cast members.

Allison: Oh. My. God. I need to see Caleb and Harry in the same room. I NEED IT!

As for MVP, I'm going to agree with Jasmine and say Claire and Clay. I really wanted to applaud at the end of Claire's speech. It was absolutely genius.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Clay: There is a point in a chess match where the game is lost, and the loser doesn't know it. We are there. We are going to lose this game.
Shelby: This isn't a game.
Clay: Everything is a game to someone.

Alex: If you were a Navy Seal, I'd be shooting rubber bullets at you.
Owen: What does that teach you?
Alex: How to duck.