Quantico Round Table: Anyone Seen Dayana?

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 19, the task force tried to turn the collaborators against Roarke, and they failed, spectacularly. Not only did no one turn, the collaborators played the task force, played Ryan, and now the task force is no more.

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson and Allison Nichols, along with TV Fanatic reader Meaghan Frey discuss what's to come now that the task force is out in the open, President Haas might be impeached, and Alex is going undercover. Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts in the comments.

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The task force has been made public, and President Haas might be impeached. Are you surprised by this turn of events?

Jasmine: I'm actually not because I figured with a reporter investigating them, it was only a matter of time before it would get out. It was still interesting to watch though, especially when they put so many of their names and faces out there.

Meaghan: Not surprised at all. For a group of trained FBI and CIA agents, they are kind of terrible at accomplishing anything covertly. They have been going out doing all the missions as a group and barely ever using aliases. They made things quite easy for the collaborators.

Allison: I honestly figured that Sasha would be the one to out the task force, so I was surprised at how the task force was made public. This definitely makes things a lot more exciting, and I can't wait to see how everyone makes it through this. 

Owen's plan is to send Alex undercover with the collaborators. Is this a good move?

Jasmine: Of course Alex is going undercover. She's the most recognizable face in the Quantico universe, but she's always going undercover. When I stopped rolling my eyes, I could see why this was a solid move. They did try to recruit her anyway, so why not take advantage of that. They're running out of options.

Meaghan: The Alex Parrish hero complex strikes again. Can someone please explain to me why The Collaborators trust her? She straight up said she didn't want to join them, then they just accept it when she changes her mind?

These people are 100 steps ahead of the task force at all times. You would think they would know she is playing them, especially when she got out of Owen's van right before the meeting.

Allison: Once again, Alex Parrish will save the day. I was not surprised at all when Owen suggested sending Alex undercover. Still, I'm excited to watch Alex infiltrate the collaborators. Hopefully, it will raise the stakes and make things a little more exciting. 

The Couple that Spies Together - Quantico Season 2 Episode 19

What are your thoughts on the Clay, Shelby, and Caleb drama?

Jasmine: At this point, Shelby makes me think of that time Tom from Scandal called Olivia "Helen of Troy" aka the face that sunk a thousand ships. Does Shelby have a magical hoo-ha anointed by unicorn tears or something? I need to know what it is about her. Has Claire slept with her or fallen for her too?

Caleb was an ass about it, but his concerns were valid. Clay finally admitted it. I just wonder if her pretend hookup with Caleb even worked (what is this high school?). Clay told her to do something to break his heart. He knew she'd make an attempt. Did he really buy that she slept with Caleb because it was too convenient?

Meaghan: Ah yes Jasmine. Shelby joins the ranks of Olivia Pope and Emily Fields. All the Haas men just want a sip of her unicorn frappuccino. I'm over this storyline.

I like Clay's fiancé and don't want him to give into his Shelby lust and screw things up with her. The only good thing this storyline has done is bring Caleb back into our lives.

Allison: I'm so over this storyline. I hope Clay wasn't expecting a round of applause when he recognized that Shelby was calling him, luring him to the rocks, because all I wanted to do was punch him. Clay, you don't need Shelby to be the strong one. You just need to have some self-control.

I really do wish that this storyline had never happened, but like Meaghan said, the best thing about it was that it brought Caleb back to us.

Where's Dayana?

Jasmine: I was literally whispering this throughout the entire episode. They don't even mention her. No one seems concerned. They are damn near being hunted, bodies are piling up, but no one thinks to track down Dayana? Is she working with the collaborators?

Meaghan: I'm all for dropping Dayana, never have been a huge fan of hers. However, the least the writers could do is address her absence.

The task force is at DEFCON 5, and they have no concerns about her whereabouts? Maybe she is working with the collaborators. That's why her hair seemed to get bigger as the show went on, was filling up with that secret.

Allison: I agree that if she's gone, that's fine, but we needed more than just, "she's working on a case" like three episodes ago. Especially after Raina confirmed Leon's theory that Farm recruits were being killed, someone should have called to check on Dayana.

It could have been as simple as seeing Alex hanging up the phone and giving everyone a Dayana update. The fact that we haven't heard anything from or about Dayana is annoying.

Owen and Alex - Quantico Season 2 Episode 19

Who's your pick for MVP of the episode?

Jasmine: Not Ryan, that's for sure. Hmmm...Clay's fiancé. I loved her dig at both Shelby and Caleb when they talked about only Clay being someone she loved. I also liked how she got so into planning the party.

Meaghan: Caleb. I don't care how much of a jerk he was to anyone. He had me dying with laughter each time he was on the screen. He was better than ever in this episode. Why did he have to go back to school?

Allison: Maxine earns my vote as well. Watching her get into planning the engagement party was a lot of fun. She's a catch, and Clay better not let her slip away.

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