Quantico Round Table: AIC by Marriage?

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 16, Clay takes his Maxine out on a mission. She doesn't know it's a mission, of course, but she quickly finds out. Clay still has a lot to learn about being an operative.

Below TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson and Allison Nichols, along with TV Fanatic reader Meaghan Frey, discuss their growing love of Clay, their hope that Raina and Leon's attacks are connected, and more. Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts in the comments.

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Sebastian is the sniper. React.

Jasmine: What in bloody hell? I don't even know what to think right now. Sebastian has always been just shy of being an utterly useless character but also one that I can't quite take seriously. Sebastian isn't the badass that snipes folks or holds our beloved, badass, British assassin hostage. You know?

So he was part of the AIC with his wife? What the fudge is going on? How? Harry, bud, I'm going to need you to like kiss him and distract him long enough to get away or something. I don't like this at all.

Meaghan: Did he sign on for a full season, and now they have to find a way to use him so they their money's worth? I mean really, come on. Unless Sebastian's affair with Harry and being shot by his wife really pushed him over the edge, then I don't really see him capable of this.

My god though Quantico, if you let anything happen to our Harry you are going to have one angry roundtable.

Allison: I can't remember if Sebastian was AIC with his wife or not, but it certainly looks like he is now. I agree with Jasmine that Sebastian doesn't seem like the type to take people out with a sniper rifle.

The twist was definitely shocking because Sebastian is the last person I expected to be the sniper. I have a lot more questions now.

But, if Sebastian hurts Harry, this roundtable will be out for blood.

Did you enjoy Clay's first mission as an operative (of sorts)?

Jasmine: I actually did. He is slowly growing on me, and this helped a bit. I liked seeing him with his fiancee. I liked seeing him struggle with the work/life balance and what Shelby said about him was interesting.

He's the only one with a close tie, and the others will try to protect that and him because of that. He has to work on his sleuthing though. He hauled ass to get into that computer, and not only had his fiancee risking things by chasing after him initially, but he got caught.

Meaghan: I like Clay more and more every week. It's great that he finally got his feet wet. Him working alongside the group in missions occasionally is definitely going to help him gain their respect as a leader.

As Jasmine said, he definitely has room for improvement, but I think he will continue to learn from the group, and they will begin to learn from him.

Seeing his fiancé gave me Smash flashbacks. It took everything in me not to break out in song when she came on screen.

Allison: I definitely like Clay a lot more now. His scenes with Max were too cute, and I like how protective the team was of Clay and his normal life. It was a great reminder that he has something no one else on the team has - a real, meaningful connection outside of work.

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What are your thoughts on that Harry and Alex scene?

Jasmine: Which one? Their hug was absolutely precious. Their final phone call was gut-wrenching. Their exchange when he showed up in the surveillance van was heart-warming. The one where he lashed out and wanted to leave, and she told him about himself was heartbreaking.

I love them so much. All the feels when it comes to those two.

Meaghan: Harry and Alex are wonderful together. They have such great chemistry, chemistry that I don't think Alex has really had with any of the test of the cast since Simon. Their friendship doesn't feel forced like her and Shelby's does occasionally. Let's get more of this pairing please. Or, you know, just more Harry in general!

Allison: The fact that Alex brought up the fact that she got the relationship vibe from Harry, and he didn't exactly deny it, had me freaking out. I really love their dynamic, and the second half of the season has only made me fall in love with them more.

Any theories as to what's going on with the people who attacked Raina and staged her apartment to look like she's a terrorist? Is it connected to Leon's conspiracy theory?

Jasmine: I'm slightly annoyed that they leave us with these cliffhangers and then don't revisit them. I'm still wondering if Leon is actually dead or not. I already suspect we won't know anything else about Sebastian and Harry in the next episode.

Now, we have Raina being set up and kidnapped. It's all connected, for sure. I wonder if Raina is being used to get to Nimah though. She hasn't had much of a role in a lot of this, not like Nimah, so was she mistaken for Nimah or being used against Nimah?

I honestly don't know where this is going, but I also wondered if the theme of connections has something to do with what's going on with Leon, Raina, and even Harry. They're all connected to someone in our current task force.

Meaghan: Her kidnapping, Leon, and Harry all seem to be connected. If they aren't then Quantico really needs to calm down with the mysteries.

If they truly were after Raina then it would appear that I has something to do with the Farm mission, which supports what we said last week about it being an ex CIA recruit. Maybe even someone that was part of the same class that we weren't privy to meeting. They did occasionally show other people in the room during their lessons who never spoke.

Allison: Raina's attack better be connected to Leon's. I can't do thirty million side mysteries again, Quantico, I just can't.

Like Jasmine said, it's annoying that these shocking scenes happen, and then there's no immediate follow through. It's hard to be invested or concerned about Leon, when the next episode picks up like nothing has happened. Aside from Shelby calling Leon expressing her concern about him, it's business as usual.

I'm hoping that since Nimah was going to visit Raina, she will stumble on Raina's trashed apartment, and this will kickstart an investigation into Leon's theory (thus getting the rest of the team to start to be concerned that he's dead/missing). We can't go too much longer without some sort of explanation or investigation starting.

Connections - Quantico Season 2 Episode 16

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Jasmine: No one really stood out for me. Maybe Shelby. God bless her, she handles the potshots about her being the lover of both father and son with such grace. It in no way deterred her from speaking up for Clay to his fiancé and trying to ensure that he has a happy, healthy relationship.

She came across so genuine and sweet. Maybe it's her way of proving she won't embark on another torrid affair with another Haas because she's so invested in Clay having this relationship while also being really invested in Clay as a person.

Meaghan: I'm with Jasmine. This was a weaker episode so no one really shined. I'll go with Sebastian. Even though he has a gun pointed at my beloved Harry, at least he finally grew a pair, I guess?

Allison: Part of me wants to say Clay for taking an active role in the mission, but he did such a terrible job at keeping it a secret from Max.

I'm going to have to say Nimah for actually offering advice and showing concern for the guy who was a jerk to her. She really rose above and gave Clay some solid advice. I don't know if I would have been so nice.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Clay: You want to use me as bait?
Harry: Okay, now I'm on board.

Shelby: It looks like I'm the welcome committee.
Owen: Oh yeah? I thought there'd be a big banner or some home cooked lasagna at least, I mean isn't that what you people do?
Shelby: You mean FBI agents or clandestine task forces? You know, no one welcomed me here, but Alex said it was mandatory that you feel at home.
Owen: I already lived here, so.
Shelby: So my work here is done.
Owen: I'm welcomed.