The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12 Review: Say Yes

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Talk about Rick and Michonne hitting the scavenging jackpot on The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12.

Though, is anyone else surprised that all the food, supplies and guns the two found hadn’t already been discovered by anyone else in all this time?

It certainly felt rather convenient regarding their specific needs of the moment.

Scavenging - The Walking Dead

Funny enough, with all that luck granted upon the leader of Alexandria and the sword master, their efforts couldn’t even get the trash people to agree to help fight Negan yet.

Turns out, aside from still speaking like a bunch of weirdos not living in the same universe as the other characters on this show, they need more guns. Then they will help fight.

Does Jadis know that there’s still three episodes until The Walking Dead Season 7 finale? Is that why she’s delaying things?

Jadis - The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10

Seriously, though, with all those guns just handed over, why would the trash people not just use them to take out Rick and company and then not even fight Negan?

This was a disappointing and ultimately boring hour of The Walking Dead.

Rick and Michonne are certainly two great characters on the show, so to get some time to focus on them seemed like a positive.

And while it was interesting seeing Rick trying to delay returning home, just enjoying his time with Michonne — a nice vacation from the Negan hell he and his people have been living in — there wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before.

Sure, Michonne got sad about losing Rick, and Rick was super positive about living life and then the two were happy again at the end, so they ultimately wound back up to where they’ve been.

Truly, you could skip most of the episode save for a few moments, but Rick’s meetup with the trash people and Rosita’s plea to Sasha could easily be explained in a few sentences or minutes in the next episode.

Unfortunately, watching Rick and Michonne hack and slash at the non-threatening walkers for most of the time just wasn’t that exciting.

Rick takes a walk - The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 12

The effects work was, as always, amazing, and there was something fresh about the location being that (sort of) amusement park, but there were never any real stakes or threat involved.

And The Walking Dead pulled another obnoxious fake out by pretending that it was Rick who was getting eaten by walkers when it was so obvious that it was the deer.

There was no shock or sadness at his “death” because it was so obviously fake, so Michonne’s breakdown moment didn’t have any dramatic effect or impact.

Plus, c’mon, it was Rick, not some minor character that would at least be more likely to have been killed off. The Walking Dead needs to cut it out with those ridiculous fake outs.

Another not surprising moment was Tara’s decision to tell Rick about Oceanside.

Again, ever since she visited that community on The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6, it seemed pretty clear that would come back into play, especially with all the talk of guns.

It also was too bad that Tara’s “chat” with Judith felt so explanatory as to her moral dilemma about telling Rick. She didn’t need to spell it out for the audience.

A New Society - The Walking Dead

And then there was Rosita.

Is it me or has she gotten more annoying recently?

Her whole attitude has become grating and running to Sasha with the gun to take out Negan on their own screamed of a bad decision that will wind up getting them or more people killed.

Rosita takes a swing - The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10

It felt like she was taking a page from the book of Carl and running in stupidly only because she’s desperate to kill Negan.

Remember how that turned out for Carl?

Yeah, this isn’t going to go any better either.

This was a lackluster hour that ultimately felt like a waste of time.

Again, the effects were great, but that doesn’t make up for the story or the episode as a whole.

I have no doubt that the season finale is going to be insane, but it would be nice if what led up to it felt like something was building to that moment, not just treading water until then.

Did you enjoy Rick and Michonne's adventure? What did you think of Rosita going to see Sasha? Are you ready for things to start ramping up? Sound off below, and be sure to watch The Walking Dead online at TV Fanatic.

NOTE: The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 13 airs March 12 at 9 p.m.

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