The 100 Round Table: Peace Is Overrated

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Can things get any worse for our crew on The 100? The 100 Season 4 Episode 6 proved once again that these guys can't catch a break.

Below, TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk and Allison Nichols are joined by Samantha Coley from Tell-Tale TV to discuss everything that went down during “We Will Rise.“

Check out their thoughts, and chime in with your own by leaving us a comment below. (Be sure to tune in for The 100 Season 4 Episode 7 on Wednesday, March 22nd at 9/8c on The CW.)

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the Clarke/Bellamy/Roan world-saving team-up?

Yana: Listen, I'm extremely weak when it comes to this threesome because of how much goes on there. Bellamy/Clarke obviously have a wonderful partner relationship. Then you have Roan and Clarke that sometimes give off serious big brother/little sister vibes when they try to plan things together.

And Roan/Bellamy just sit around and sass one another. In general, I just love that whole dynamic because so much goes on with each character, then you put them together and it's even more interesting.

Allison: I absolutely loved it. There's so much history between these three, and I always love seeing grounders and Skaikru team up. Roan and Bellamy's sass was amazing.

Fighting to Save Humanity – The 100 Season 4 Episode 6

I love how open Clarke is with Roan (and obviously, Bellamy, duh). I also love that Clarke can read both Roan and Bellamy and figure out what's really bothering them. This road trip was just a gift.

Samantha: I enjoyed it, but that storyline didn't really pick up for me until the car chase at the end. Why didn't they all go together to find a way across the river? Clarke and the hydrazine truck would have had to follow them eventually anyway; they only stayed behind to create a hostage situation.

And all of the stuff with Trikru just seemed like a predictable diversion. The three of them using their individual skills in the final car chase was really exciting and fun to watch, though.

Octavia hit rock bottom on this "We Will Rise." Do you still care about her journey?

Yana: No. No. No. No. I don't care at all about Octavia, but the last straw for me was that first conversation she had with Bellamy, where she told him he's only alive because he's her brother. I zoned out completely after that because I knew she would then go after Ilian, because why not?

I'm really just completely over wherever they are taking Octavia's plot, because there's still too much that makes me feel sick to my stomach when I watch her with Bellamy. Like the line where he told Clarke he was going back because even though she attacks him with her words, he still goes back for more.

I can't even get started with how much that upsets me. I started to dislike her in The 100 Season 2, but now I'm just done caring at all.

Talking Octavia Down – The 100 Season 4 Episode 6

Allison: Yes, if she is on her way to figuring her shit out. Her breakdown and the flashbacks to Lincoln's death were ridiculously painful. I can't do dark, vengeful Octavia anymore.

I am still interested in watching her go back to who she was or close to it, since you are never really the same after such a devastating loss.

Samantha: Absolutely, yes. I think Octavia is as fascinating as she is devastating. I had hoped for a better reunion for her and Bellamy, especially given the way they held each other at the end of The 100 Season 4 Episode 5, but I understand her still being in such a dark place. I think that she had to reach this low point in order to get better and really process her grief.

She's just been reveling in it and dwelling on that pain, and I think, or I hope, that coming face to face with it in such a direct way and having Kane talk her through that will help her make it through the other side and see that she doesn't have to keep up this cycle of devastation and hurt.

Another unexpected combo worked on the nightblood solution in Becca's lab. What did you think of the Raven/Murphy/Luna scenes?

Yana: Give me all the Raven and Luna scenes. Even them just sitting there while Luna recites ocean poems to Raven is everything I'd want to see.

Allison: SEA MECHANIC!! I need more of them. I loved Murphy's scenes with Raven and Luna as well. They have such a fun dynamic.

The 100 Raven/Luna GIF Season 4 Episode 6

Samantha: The Science Island plot continues to be my favorite storyline this season no matter who they pair up each week. Seeing these three together works in such a delightful and unexpected way.

I love how differently each of them thinks and how each of them see the world, but they've all been through so much darkness and that allows them to understand each other and work together in ways that are really beneficial for everyone.

Who was the MVP of "We Will Rise," and, on the flip side, which character are you over completely (if any)?

Yana: I think, not so surprisingly, I was very into Ilian. I support (or maybe just understand) his decision-making process with burning down the dropship. And this week, we saw him at a real low point because of the people in Arkadia, but his scenes still won me over.

Ilian is very different from most of the characters we've seen because he's crafted to be like a villain or at least a bad guy to Arkadia. But then we see that he's genuinely not looking to hurt any people, and he had no idea what he put at risk with his decision.

So watching him take on that blame and basically waiting for Octavia to kill him was making me really wish someone was in his corner. At least Kane and Jaha were looking out for him. And I'm obviously completely over Octavia.

Allison: I'm the opposite because I'm over Ilian. Right now, I just don't care about him. I don't hate him or anything, but I wasn't enjoying watching Skaikru try to murder him.

Punishing Ilian – The 100 Season 4 Episode 6

As far as MVP goes, I'm going to give it to Luna. Without her, Raven and Murphy would not have been able to work together, and Raven would not have figured out how to land the rocket.

Samantha: I'm going to echo Allison because I am so over Ilian at this point. Sure, he's pretty, and he's been through hell and back, but he's also incredibly selfish.

Maybe I'm just really bitter about the destruction of Arkadia, but for me, his "I don't want to hurt people" attitude doesn't match up with a man who deliberately destroyed the home of over 500 people. You can irreparably hurt someone without ever laying a hand on them.

And Luna is my episode MVP as well. She's just such an even and balanced presence. The way she's able to go between Murphy and Raven, who are practically polar opposites, and see right to the heart of each of them is really satisfying to watch.

Also, oh man, Sea Mechanic (Raven/Luna) just has so much potential. Luna's ability to calm Raven down and know exactly what she needs is really beautiful.

What was your favorite scene, moment, or quote?

Yana: Don't judge me! But my favorite moment was the end of Niylah and Clarke's scene. Clarke was asking Niylah to stay in Arkadia. She even offered her her room only to then add... until I get back.

And Niylah kind of wasn't feeling it at first, making it clear that she wasn't thinking this would be a relationship. I just loved how these two take these steps forward only to then take major steps back. Maybe I just find the weirdest moments funny, though.

Allison: I loved the realization that Skaikru did not listen to Kane's truth, but they fell for Jaha's manipulation. Someone pointed that out on Twitter, and it just blew me away. I also really loved Bellamy and Clarke on the road trip.

Samantha: As the group's resident Kane and Abby stan, my favorite moment is obviously when Kane and Clarke discuss why he cannot come to the island with her. He's so desperate to get back to Abby you can practically see it radiating off of him.

And we get to see Clarke both acknowledge and approve of his love for her mother. Now I'm just going to sit over here and hope for a similar scene between Clarke and Abby, and someday a reunion between Abby and Kane.

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