Suits Season Finale Round Table: Jessica Saves Mike!

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Jessica returned very briefly, and it was worth the wait. 

On Suits Season 6 Episode 16 Jessica managed to save Mike and allow him to become a legal lawyer. 

TV Fanatics, Stacy Glanzman, Christine Hinton and Jasmine Blu, discuss the big return, Julius helping Mike and Louis losing the love of his life. 

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Jessica returned! React.

Stacy: OMG! I seriously did not expect that, and I LOVED it! I was so happy to see her walk in the door and go to bat for Mike. Plus, if Mike had turned in Harvey, and we had to spend all of next season watching them figure out how to get him back in the bar, I might have lost my mind.

Christine: I’d almost forgotten how much I missed her! It was so good to see Jessica back and I loved that she hopped on a plane and came out to help her boys. They certainly needed it!

Jasmine: YAY!!!! Unfortunately, I did not nearly forget just how much I missed Jessica. I have missed her every single episode since she left. Of course Mama Pearson came in the clutch, dressed like a goddess, and eloquently spoke on Mike's behalf. Easily my favorite part of the episode.

His Biggest Obstacle - Suits

What did you think of Mike turning to Julius?

Stacy: Loved that too. They had a real, honest conversation and then Julius was amazing in the hearing. He would probably make a good lawyer. Watching him go toe to toe with Gibbs was easily my favorite part of the episode.

Christine: It was perfect. I love Julius. I wish we could see more of him and he did an outstanding job of going toe to toe with Anita Gibbs. HIs testimony had some of my favorite quotes from the hour.

Jasmine: I LOVED it! I, too, wish we could see more of Julius. I truly adore Malcolm Jamal Warner in the role, and I enjoy the fact that he is so honest with Mike. I agree, his testimony was one of the highlights of the night, and he had the best quotes.

Are you glad Mike got his happy ending?

Stacy: Yeah I am. For all of his faults, he really does have good intentions, and he will do a lot of good as a real, barred lawyer. I know this is a drama, and it has to have conflict, but I would really like to see them happy for a little while and focusing on some really interesting cases.

Christine: I am, but it does seem as though Mike always gets what he wants. He’s got the job he’s always wanted, even being able to work at both Pearson, Spector, Litt as well as legal aid, and he’s got Rachel.

The one upside is that I hope we’re done with all of the weekly angst for a while in Suits season 7.

Jasmine: Haha, thanks Christine. I hate that I always come across as the naysayer when it comes to Mike. Sure, for the sake of the show, it's great that things worked out. It's still irksome that Mike ALWAYS gets whatever it is he wants though.

At least it means that this whole ordeal is finally put the bed, and we can move on to other storylines now. I'd like to see a lighter tone.

Louis and Tara - Suits

Discuss Tara ditching Louis.

Stacy: That was sad. I definitely felt for him when he was listening to that phone message. She really should have told him in person, but that's besides the point. Hopefully he will find some happiness next season.

Christine: Ugh. Can’t Louis Litt ever be happy? I think Tara leaving him was inevitable, because I think she’s a flake. Louis has grown a lot and, as Gretchen pointed out, he deserves to be loved. I don’t know how much more of a miserable, heartbroken Louis I can take.

Jasmine: On one hand, you have Mike, who always has everything work out for him in the end, and then you have Louis, who can never be happy. I didn't like Tara, but I liked seeing Louis happy. Why must he always suffer?

He has grown a lot. He is a decent person whom deserves to be loved. It frustrates me that he's the only character who never gets a moment of peace or contentment. It seems like after all the years, and despite his character growth, he's still the butt of the joke.

The Donna May Never Happen - Suits

Is Donna ready to move on from PSL?

Stacy: I hope not! After losing Jessica, I wouldn't be able to handle losing Donna too. I really did not like the whole "The Donna" story line, but she's always been a great character with so much heart, and the firm (and the show) need her. Maybe what she really "needs" has nothing to do with her career.

Christine: Goodness no! But I think she needs more than just being Harvey, or anyone’s assistant, and she’s not even sure what that is yet. I think exploring what “more” means to her is where we’re headed next season.

Jasmine: It would be awful if she left. The worst part about her arc is that, I would miss her because she's Donna, but she hasn't actually had very much to contribute or do for a long time now.

I have been disappointed in the writing (or lack thereof) for her character over the past season. She needs more to do. Hopefully that will be rectified, as she explores "more."

Grade Suits Season 6.

Stacy: B-. It wasn't my favorite. Some of the story lines dragged on too long, but it had some good stuff too. I liked the beginning of the season more than this last batch of episodes, and I miss Jessica. I'm hoping with Mike back at PSL it can get back to what made it great next season.

Christine: I agree. B-. I loved how everyone came together to fight for one of their own and the emotions that that brought up, but the prison storyline dragged on, and I would have preferred a little more time with Julius diagnosing Mike’s issues. Plus, losing Jessica was hard!

Jasmine: B-. The prison storyline dragged on too long. I, too, wish Mike had more time with Julius working through his issues, because it didn't feel like prison changed him at all. If that was the case, then what was the point?

Losing Jessica was a blow, but her goodbye episode was great. Harvey and Louis actually working together and being true partners was awesome. I wish Donna had something more go do. "The Donna" arc made me cringe most of the time.

Over to you, Suits fanatics! Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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Suits Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

You shared something horrible with me, gave me no time to process it, and while I was taking it in you not only attacked my integrity, you made me feel ashamed of myself.


Mike: Can a guy just buy you flowers because he loves you?
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