Shades of Blue Round Table: Choose the Most Shocking Twist!

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Wozniak turned himself in to Stahl to save his team, while Harlee figured out how to dispose of Miguel’s dead body on the Shades of Blue Season 2 premiere.

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Jasmine Bleu and Christine Orlando debate the show’s most shocking twist, if Woz and Harlee can repair their relationship and whether they will ever get out from under Agent Stahl after Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 1

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Looking back at Shades of Blue Season 1, what was the most shocking twist?

Stacy: Woz forgiving Harlee and turning himself in was pretty surprising. He forgave her faster than I would have expected, though that was before he knew she wore a wire. I wasn't expecting him to turn himself in. 

Jasmine: Yeah, the forgiveness didn't get me, but turning himself in did. He values family and loyalty. Harlee is like his daughter, so even when he pretty much hates her, he forgives her and can't quite let her go. Turning himself in, though, was a shock.

Christine: Woz shoving Saperstein off of the building to his death. I knew Sap’s life was on the line, but I never expected Woz to kill him like that. It left me yelling at thy screen, and I love it when a show can make me do that. 

Where There's Smoke - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 1

Will someone eventually find Miguel, and if so, will they be able to identify him?

Stacy: Well it looks like Cristina is going to get involved and try to track him down, which can't be good. If all Harlee did was chisel out his teeth and bury him, that certainly wouldn't make him unrecognizable. Burning his body would have made more sense. 

Jasmine: Of course they will. None of the bodies stay buried. I think between Cristina and Miguel's mother, enough noise will be made about his sudden disappearance. Then Stahl will get involved because it's something he can use against Harlee.

I agree with Stacy. I cringed at the teeth chiseling, in part because it just won't be enough. She should have burned it. Or used that acid combination to essentially dissolve it, but time was pressing. Poor Saperstein, even in death he can't be in peace.

Christine: Unfortunately, Cristina and Miguel’s mother will want to find him. I can’t imagine why anyone would dig up Sap’s grave, but unless he’s been buried for a while, Miguel's face may still be recognizable.

Considering her relationship with Miguel, and where his body is buried, Harlee will be the main suspect. 

Woz and Harlee Face Off - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 1

Is there any way that Wozniak and Harlee can get out from under Agent Stahl?

Stacy: I'm guessing eventually they'll find a way, but it's not going to be anytime soon. They're patient; they'll figure something out. 

Jasmine: They could because Stahl is pretty darn shady himself. He also doesn't play well with his own colleagues and bosses. You kind of get the sense that his own people would be willing to throw him to the wolves if it suits them. Woz and Harlee just have to bide their time and work together.

Christine: Well, they couldn’t do it in all of Shades of Blue season 1; as a matter of fact, they are in deeper than they’ve ever been.

If they can finally work together against Stahl, I think they can figure it out, but first, they have to trust one another again, and that won’t be easy. 

Do you think Woz will ever forgive Harlee or trust her again?

Stacy: Right now it doesn't seem like it, but yes, I think he will. She'll do something big to prove herself again and regain his trust. That, or something will come up where he'll need her help and have no choice but to trust her. 

Jasmine: I think he will quicker than he'll let on. I think he loves her too much to cut her off, but he'll let her believe she hasn't won him over yet. He'll keep making her do things to prove herself, and it'll be more so out of punishment than lack of trust.

Christine: I think he will, but not completely. I predict there will come a time when he believes he trusts Harlee, but he’ll second guess her at the worst possible moment. 

Wozniak Looks Hurt - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 1

Who is the most fascinating character on this show?

Stacy: Woz, definitely. He's full of surprises, and his unpredictable nature makes him compelling to watch. I never know whether he's about to hug somebody or kill them. 

Jasmine: I agree, Woz, for sure. Ray Liotta kills it in this role. He's captivating every time he's on screen. Woz is such an enigma. Every time you think you're close to figuring him out, he switches up on you. I'm definitely drawn to his character the most because he's such a complex one.

Christine: It’s unanimous. I love Harlee and Stahl is both creepy and compelling, but watching Ray Liotta as Matt Wozniak is fascinating. Even when you think you hate him or he’s gone too far, he finds a way to bring you back to his way of thinking. Whenever he’s on the screen, I can’t look away. 

Yeah, That Kind of Close. - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 1

What was your favorite quote or scene from Shade of Blue Season 2 Episode 1?

Stacy: My favorite scene was probably Woz questioning Harlee if she knew about Julia, and where she wore the wire on the pier. That was pretty intense. 

As for my favorite quote, I definitely laughed when Harlee confronted Stahl about giving Woz the recording, and he said, "it's not yet available on iTunes."

Jasmine: I know it's such a simple moment, but I loved when Harlee tried to get back into the car and Woz just pulled off. He's very pissed at her, and it was such a petty moment, but it made me laugh. 

Christine: Since Stacy already picked Woz and Harlee talking about the wire and Sap’s death, I’ll go with Woz and Stahl facing off. They are both so twisted, in their own ways, that it’s fun to watch them go head to head. Plus, Woz gave one of my favorite Shades of Blue quotes

Are you going to dress up prostitutes to look like me too? You might have a hard time; I have a very specific look.


Check back next Sunday for our review of Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 2 and if you want more, you can watch Shades of Blue online here at TV Fanatic. 

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