Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 15 Review: Civil War

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And so the saga continues. 

There were some good moments and some "meh" moments on Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 15, but overall I'm just bloody underwhelmed. Or tired, I can't decide which. We'll go with both.

How about you guys? We're in this together, afterall. 

As the song postulates, what is war good for? Absolutely nothing. 

So Done - Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 15

I cannot think of a more fitting picture of Meredith Grey than the one above. Her expression mirrored mine during the entire hour. That expression where you're 100% done, and you can't bring  yourself to even hide it anymore. That one.

Same, Meredith. Same. 

We were able to go a full 24 minutes without an Eliza appearance (Yes, I counted), but we were not spared from the effects that she has on the hospital and the staff. This time, she was literally coming between a family. 

Peak Professionalism - Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 15

You know who is an awesome character who makes me laugh? Ben Warren. Ben Warren is working his way towards being the MVP of the season, with his snarky retorts, and trying to keep everyone in line. 

Whether it's babysitting fellow residents while they go through their own personal crap, or it's playing "adultier adult" with people who are supposed to be his superiors, Ben is a freaking rockstar and has surpassed Stephanie as being my favorite resident in the bunch. 

Not to mention, he's become a bit of a viewer stand-in. He's perpetually exasperated by this foolishness, just like the rest of us. God bless you, Ben. Someone needs to drag that man to Joe's and buy him a drink or three.

Ben: And another bickering family. Fantastic.
Richard: Warren, did you say something?
Ben: Uh, I said I'm going to book an O.R.

The patient's family bickering was heartbreaking. In particular, the patient's daughter lashing out at her brother's boyfriend was terrible. She was so unnecessarily cruel, and had no problem essentially blowing up her brother's relationship. I loathed it.

That didn't come anywhere close to my feelings about Jackson and Richard going against April and Catherine. The infighting is absolutely ludicrous. What pisses me off most, however, is that no matter how they choose to address it, you cannot convince me that this type of fighting was happening before Eliza showed up, because it wasn't.

Mean Girls - Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 15

Doctors had spats here and there, sure, and they'd have conversations about their personal lives, but non-stop bickering and arguing the way that the four of them were doing while operating was not something that happened frequently. 

That's the real issue here. Eliza's very presence has caused incidents like this, and it straight up jeopardizes patients' lives. Constantly. 

It would terrify me, if I were a patient and caught wind of my doctors arguing like schoolchildren while operating on me. I'd say it'll catch up to them at some point, but it already has.

Catherine not seeing just how dangerous this is, is just so freaking asinine. My feelings for her character have always been mixed, but I flat out dislike her now. 

grey's s13 catherine

This is the second or third, Ben has had to take over a whole surgery and damn near do everything himself, because the people who were supposed to be teaching him, were too busy fighting with each other. 

It's hurting the interns and the residents, yes, but it's seriously jeopardizing the patients! Who is thinking about the patients anymore? 

The thing is, they keep trying to make it seem like it's thanks to Eliza's amazing teaching method, that Ben is able to operate like a seasoned surgeon, but it isn't. The show can't try to convince the audience (or even the attendings) that it's Minnick's influence that has made the residents kick ass, by using the only two residents who have always kicked ass regardless.

April: Minnick's method doesn't just get residents up to speed. It gets them there faster.
Jackson: Faster isn't better, unless you're cutting corners or creating some kind of factory.
Catherine: I'm doing no such thing.
Richard: In your opinion.

Ben and Stephanie are the cream of the crop. They have always been the cream of the crop, long before Minnick got there. In fact, Ben got in trouble multiple times because he went rogue and acted as if he were an attending. 

If they want to really convince us that Eliza's presence has had some positive effect on the residents, they'd have to use someone like Jo.

I wanted to stand up and cheer when Jackson delivered that speech of his during the surgery. He summed up everything wrong with Eliza's methods. She's trying to breed robots and not artists. 

You know this stitch that I just did? No one else does it like this, and do you know why? Because Mark Sloan took the time to teach me how to do it. Because I watched him, and I watched him, and I learned from him, much in the same way I assume surgeons learned from Dr. Webber. Learned from his artistry; and you're telling me, what? Those days are over? Dr. Webber makes artists, here. Dr. Minnick makes robots.


That has been proven time and time again. Surgery and medicine should not be like an assembly line, and the goal isn't to have things done quick and in a hurry. 

I mean, has anyone ever dealt with an impersonal doctor or nurse who treated you like a problem, and barely bothered to even learn your name? It sucks. Or better yet, don't you get a bit uneasy when you find out that the person tending to you is a novice?

Jackson expertly pointed that out. He even shouted out his mentor, Mark. R.I.P. Mark, I miss you all the time! Jackson was in peak petty form, and I was so here for it. 

So many snarkies, Jackson. That's why I love you. 

grey's catherine

The relationship between Jackson and his mother has always been a strained one, and it really took a turn for the worse tonight. He feels like Richard is just giving in too much, and he's beyond pissed that April is becoming a Catherine mini-me.

Catherine didn't even like April, so it's funny that now that she sees value in April becoming the Avery she always wanted, they're bosom buddies.

And April claims she's not some sort of puppet, but it's just not convincing. She seems like a puppet. She also is coming across more and more like an opportunist. 

Catherine: Maybe you just like being in charge.
April: You know what? The thing is, I was good at that job. I liked doing that stuff. The admin work, the scheduling...Meredith doesn't even like it.

How can Meredith reclaiming her position as Chief of General feel like a demotion to April? What was it, like two days? April, please. 

She even came across snotty, by implying that she's better for the position because Meredith doesn't even like half of the work. Just, no.

I am in no way saying that April hasn't earned her stripes over the years. She has always been spectacular at administration aspects of the job, and she's not too shabby in the ER. So, I'm not even mad at the idea of her looking at other Avery hospitals elsewhere, because she wants a promotion. 

If it comes down to it, I don't mind saying "good luck and good riddance." That was sincere and not the least bit sarcastic. That time. 

April: Are you jealous? Is that it?
Jackson: Jealous of my mom manipulating you? No.
April: Oh stop. I'm not some puppet. I have my own brain. I have my own opinions. Working with your mom and the foundation is full of opportunities for me. I get that you never wanted that, and that's fine, but she sees something in me.
Jackson: Alright, I'm going to bed.
April: What's going on with you?
Jackson: Nothing is going on with me, just leave it alone.
April: Jackson-
Jackson: It's not your business!

Jackson would be one of the only things holding her back, and after their final words, it wouldn't be much of a setback. I don't agree with most of the psycho-analyzing thrown Jackson's way by Catherine and April, but there is something else going on with him. I'd like to know what.

Then of course there's the other problematic couple on the rocks. 

Amelia finally put on her big girl panties and snuck into the hospital, only to hide from her own husband until her Neurosurgeon conscience ended the most immature game of hide n' seek in existence.

grey's s13 omelia

Maybe Owen and Amelia don't need to argue about a child. It turns out he married one. But at least we got a face to face, and something resembling a conversation. Plus, Owen didn't let her off the hook or swallow his feelings just to appease her.

Good for him. 

And our final immature situation of the night, was the entire debacle with Nathan and Alex. What was that? 

Alex was the one being a jerk. He wasn't trying to hear Nathan out at all, and he wanted to steamroll over the guy and make the decision. Then he really did go and tattle to Meredith.

Making a case - Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 15

Alex, hon, why though? I'm going to chalk it up to him being pissy about his lack of a warm reception when he returned, so he took it out on Nathan.

I thought Nathan's call was a good one. Put the baby on the list, that way if the parents did decide that they wanted to do the transplant, no time would have been wasted.

I also get why he wanted the parents to know that there was an option for one surgery full-stop that would rectify the situation instead of three surgeries that could be hit and miss. 

Will you just tell us what to do. My baby is dying, and I don't know how to help him, you're just confusing us. Just, what do we do?

Patient's mother

Nathan and Alex having a spat was one thing. DeLuca being stuck in the middle is...whatever. Honestly, is that the only role he can play? The guy who is stuck in the middle of screwed up situations?

I need them to give DeLuca something meatier then this. Giacomo Gianniotti deserves so much better, and I am eternally disappointed with how poorly used he is. 

Alex dragging Meredith into the spat was just ridiculous. Then she gave a whole little speech that felt too "mean girl" for my taste and eyes were being rolled.

grey's s13 riggs and mer

It was the perfect way to revisit the ship again. It seems they've picked it up, dusted it off, and are rearing to go with it. 

Nathan laid his feelings out there once and for all and demanded Meredith do something about it. Fair enough. I don't mind the two of them as a couple, I just wish they'd stop teasing it and then abandoning it for long stretches.

Nathan: No banter. No more quips. I'll tell you what I think. I think about you. A lot. I can't stop. I'm telling you, I am in. If you are. I'm in this. So I'm just, I'm just going to ask you outright. What do you think?
Meredith: [starts to talk]
Nathan: Actually, don't answer. Not until you know. And when you do, just give me a call.

I also hope it doesn't lead to them doing this Maggie/Nathan/Meredith thing again. Please, no. Never again. 

Kudos to Nathan for being an adult and actually using his words.

While we're on the topic of ships, it seems we're still getting force-fed Eliza and Arizona. Eliza tries so hard to be cutesy, but it is just not working.

I will say, I smiled for a half of a second when she spoke in Polish, because Marika Dominczyk is a precious Polish princess and I love it. It was only for a half a second though, and it was a Wednesday Addams smile.

wednesday addams

You know who wasn't smiling? Richard, after walking in on the two of them smooching. Arizona, your good friend status has been revoked until further notice.

Oh, yeah, and apparently Andrew still has feelings for Jo. Because that's a ship that will get everyone's juices flowing, am I right? 

So, my friends, I turn it over to you. What did you think of "Civil War?" Personally, I like my Civil War of the Captain America variety. What do you think is going on with Jackson? Are you happy we're heading back into the Mer and Nathan goodness? What say you about this installment?

Comments are like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. They warm my heart. So hit up the comments below. Also, you can watch Grey's Anatomy online right here at TV Fanatic.

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