Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Will Meredith and Nathan Make It Official?

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On Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 15 civil war was brewing and the fighting and bickering intensified. 

The latest batch of people to be at odds, were Jackson and Catherine, and Nathan and Alex. Riggs and Alex were fighting over the best way to handle a young patient, but the Averys' spat went far deeper than Eliza Minnick.

Elsewhere, while Owen and Amelia's face-to-face was far from confrontational or productive, Riggs confronted Meredith about his feelings for her. 

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Ashley Bissette Sumerel, Amanda Steinmetz, and Tiffany Stanton discuss "Civil War." 

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Nathan laid his feelings out there for Meredith and is waiting for her response. Are you happy that they're moving forward; do you think they're moving forward?

Stacy: I actually don't really care one way or another about this relationship. They haven't spent enough time on it for me to get invested, and I really did not like the "love triangle" they tried to throw at us.

I certainly don't have a problem with Meredith moving on or being in a relationship with Nathan, but I'm perfectly fine with them dropping this, too.

Ashley: I like the idea of Meredith and Nathan together. I agree with Stacy that I didn't care for the whole love triangle thing, but I think Nathan could be a good match for Meredith.

Amanda: I'm not invested either way. If the writers want to put them together, then fine. But they need to just do it already then. Frankly, Meredith has acted childish regarding the whole Nathan situation from the beginning so whatever is going to make her act like an adult is good in my book.

Tiffany: Not happy and still don't think they're truly moving forward. I think they're just setting up something that can be blown apart when Owen's sister shows up. I'm glad they seem to be going away from the Maggie/Riggs/Meredith triangle but I still don't care about Meredith & Riggs.

Amelia finally came face to face with Owen after avoiding him. Unfortunately, they have still put off talking because she's afraid of a fight. Discuss.

Stacy: Amelia is just annoying. Avoiding her husband is immature. It's time for them to talk, fight, break up, make up, whatever, I don't care, just do something! At least she finally came face to face with him, so I guess that's progress? I just feel bad for Owen. He doesn't deserve this.

Ashley: Well, I adore Amelia, but I'm also annoyed with her. I really wish they would find a way to show more of her story from Private Practice. Surely they could do flashbacks? But mostly I'm frustrated for Owen. It's definitely time for them to resolve this and move forward or split.

Amanda: My sentiments exactly, Ashley! Amelia was such an amazing character to watch on Private Practice. She's really not flourishing on Grey's the way she should. And I feel so bad for Owen. He deserves to get some answers. Either have them make up or break up. The time has come and gone for our sympathies.

Tiffany: I was happy she chose to stay rather than walk away again. They'll obviously talk eventually but I don't get how Amelia went from dying to have babies to not wanting any, ever, period.

It's not fair to Owen because when they got married they were on the same page about kids and it especially sucks because the guy's already been through this with Christina.

Was Alex being immature during his dispute with Nathan, or was Nathan really being a jerk?

Stacy: Being that I'm not a doctor, I have no idea who was right in this scenario, but neither of them handled it particularly well.

Initially, I didn't understand why Alex wouldn't want to put him on the transplant list, at least while the parents were deciding. I didn't see the harm in that until he said a heart was on its way that could have been directed to another baby. Then I at least understood his position, but the baby lived so that's the important thing.

Maybe he would have with Alex's way too, and then another baby would have gotten the heart, but it's impossible to say. I could see both sides and I could understand why each fought for their way, even though they could have both behaved better.

Ashley: I think Alex was being immature and I couldn't understand why the two of them couldn't compromise. It felt strange to me.

Amanda: This whole storyline felt forced. I was sided more with Nathan, and I felt like Alex was acting really immature.

Tiffany: I think they both had the kid's best interests at heart, but they're surgeons, so their egos got in the way. I wanna side with Alex because I like him more than Riggs, but I truly didn't feel like either side was more right. Just glad the kid survived, I guess.

The tension between Jackson and Catherine was at an all time high. Was Jackson overstepping, or did you agree with him? What do you think is going on with him?

Stacy: I'm on Team Jackson. He's fighting for what he believes is best for the hospital, and if anything, Catherine is the one overstepping. She doesn't even work there full time and should probably stay out of it. I loved Jackson's speech about learning from Sloan.

Ashley: I am also Team Jackson. I don't understand why Catherine is doing this, and I'm tired of the entire storyline.

Amanda: I think Jackson's issues go a lot deeper than this storyline. Catherine doesn't handle things with the most gentle hand, but she was right about everything regarding the Avery name.

Also, I'm getting really sick and tired of how Jackson speaks to April. He shows her such little respect that I am unsure how I feel now about a Japril reconciliation.

Tiffany: I 100% agreed with Jackson. Catherine is the queen of overstepping. She'll manipulate anyone, or any situation, to get her way because she thinks she knows what's best for everyone. I can't imagine it was easy growing up with a mother like that. It's no wonder Jackson is tired of it.

As for what's wrong with him, I have no idea. That kinda came out of left field for me. Although, I'm glad the show is giving him his own storyline aside from simply just dealing with the annoying women in his life.

Do you like April's new relationship with Catherine? Do you think she'll consider relocating for a higher position? Is she coming across like an opportunist?

Stacy: Remember when Catherine tried to steal April's baby? Apparently, April doesn't.

No, I do not like this new relationship at all, but if it means April takes a new position elsewhere and she leaves the show, I would be totally fine with it. She's a good doctor and if that's the job she wants, she should go look for it.

People leave for promotions all the time when it's clear they're not going to move up in their current job. Meredith's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Ashley: I don't care for it, but I also think it could do some interesting things for her character if handled well. I doubt we'll see April relocate, but I could see her making a change within the hospital somehow.

Amanda: I'd rather have April getting along with Catherine than have them be warring. I don't know if the show would have April relocate. I don't think she's an opportunist, but I think she knows when she should go for something that could benefit her future and validate all the hard work she's done.

Tiffany: I don't like it. I think Catherine is trying to mold April into the person she wants her to be because she never really liked her before. It may also be a power thing since she isn't able to control Jackson.

While he's a great son, he's clearly his own person and she may be transferring her frustrations with that over to April, her ex-daughter in law. I don't think April is an opportunist, but I also don't think she's a very strong person. I think she's very susceptible to other people's impact on her and her life.

Are there any storylines you're tired of and would like to see burn in an inferno?

Stacy: Definitely the whole Owen/Amelia mess. I'm over that. I'm ready for a resolution to the whole Minnick situation too, but I don't see that happening before the season finale. I'm ready to see peace in the hospital again.

Ashley: Everything that's happening right now? I'm especially tired of the hospital drama.

Amanda: The hospital drama, especially everything with Richard, Eliza, Catherine, and Jackson.

Tiffany: The forcing together of Meredith/Riggs – who's actually buying this? We all know Owen's sister will show up eventually. The struggles of Owen/Amelia – either get them together or break them up, I'm tired of the limbo.

Who was the MVP of "Civil War?"

Stacy: I'm giving it to Jackson for his Sloan speech. I respect that he's not backing down, even as his allies are dwindling and the fight is getting harder. Jackson is one of my favorite characters, so it's not hard for me to root for him.

Ashley: I really loved Ben in this episode. He's been this voice of reason and rockstar doctor in the middle of all the irritating drama, and it's been nice to watch.

Amanda: Can I say no one?

Tiffany: Maggie. She got Amelia to return to what she loves, respected her decision to not talk to Owen but encouraged her to do so at the same time, then comforter her when things didn't go so well.

She also told Alex and Riggs to put their egos aside and figure out how to save the kid. She is the best sister and a damn good doctor. More Maggie, please!

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