Arrow Round Table: Prometheus Is Revealed!

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Adrian is Prometheus!

That was the reveal we got on Arrow Season 5 Episode 15, and it was pretty surprising. 

TV Fanatics, Jim Garner, Robin Harry, Kathleen Wiedel and Steve Ford, react to that shock reveal and discuss Oliver's next move. 

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Adrian is Prometheus. React!

Jim: Pretty much called that in last week's review. Only change was he didn't take the fall, Oliver threw himself (as Green Arrow) under the bus. I'm hoping he did that as he suspects Adrian is Prometheus. 

Robin: Dammit, I hate being wrong! I was so sure he was Vigilante. To be fair (to myself), Adrian Chase IS Vigilante in the comics, so I take comfort in that. I was surprised, and I liked how they did the reveal in the middle of the episode, changing the perspective of the viewer halfway through.

Kathleen: Did not see that one coming. Of course, that still leaves open the secret identity of Vigilante, doesn't it? I read in an interview that we probably won't get to find out that one this season. As for Adrian as Prometheus... well, Jim pretty much spelled out how I feel about it! (Nice call, by the way!)

Steve: I'm not surprised since I too was leading in direction. I would have been surprised if it was anyone other than Adrian. I wish the reveal would have been done a little better; it felt a little dull in my opinion.

His Biggest Challenge - Arrow

What did you think of Oliver revealing Green Arrow is a villain?

Jim: Meh... such a worn trope. It had more impact when he didn't have the Mayor's Office and Police backing him up. Honestly, I don't see it lasting long. He will be exonerated in short order. 

Robin: I think it was a dumb move. Green Arrow has operated freely in the city without Oliver as Mayor for a few years now, so it's not like GA needs Oliver's credibility to maintain his work. Also, Green Arrow was as much a beacon for the city as Oliver was; he just operates in the shadows. So Oliver discrediting GA not only makes Oliver look like an idiot (with less cred), but it forces GA to work under the scrutiny of angry cops and a distrustful city. Not to mention it gives Prometheus exactly what he wants. 

Kathleen: The real problem is that Oliver originally emerged as Green Arrow under the auspices that the Green Arrow was, quite specifically, going to be the heroic figure that the Hood/Arrow never was. Mayor Queen undercutting that by calling Green Arrow villain will, as Robin said, only make Oliver look like a schmuck if/when Green Arrow is exonerated. In the short term, it will certainly not help Oliver's ability to operate as Green Arrow in Star City.

Steve: He could have figured out another way, but it's not going to last long. Green Arrow will be seen as a hero again by the season's end.

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What will Prometheus do to Susan?

Jim: Use her as bait. He wants Oliver, and now that he knows how much he cares for Susan, he's using it against him. 

Robin: I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that ending was a misdirect. It's a bit early for someone else to die and for him to reveal more of his game plan, so I don't think he's going to do anything to Susan at all. But hey, I've been wrong before!

Kathleen:  I'd love for that ending to be a misdirect, but I wouldn't put it past them to do a double-triple-backwards-cross just to mess with us. For all I know, Susan's a superhero herself and is more than capable of taking on Prometheus herself!

Steve: Either like Jim said, use Susan as bait or end up trying to force Oliver to kill in a way similar to Malone. 

Did you care about Curtis being served with divorce papers?

Jim: I felt bad a tiny bit.. BUT he was _so_ confident that they were getting back together I pretty much knew it was going to be paperwork time. That being said, what kind of dick invites his estranged husband to a fancy dinner to serve him divorce papers? Not cool man, not cool at all. 

Robin: I do feel bad that his vigilantism caused him to lose the love of his life. That said, maybe I'm just cynical, but I thought it was pretty naive of Curtis to think that this was going to be a simple reconciliation. So his enthusiasm, especially when he kept interrupting Oliver, irked me a bit. 

Kathleen: Both of you make excellent points. It's hardly surprising that playing vigilante also plays havoc with one's personal life. Take a look at our heroes: how many of them have *any* sort of stable life at home? It's pretty much just Diggle... and his wife is the Director of ARGUS! I don't blame Curtis's husband for his feelings, but I agree with Jim that serving him papers that way is just harsh.

Steve: It's unfortunate, but like I have said before, Curtis chose this life. I do feel for him slightly, but it is just one of those situations where you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Was Thea right to make an exit from the office?

Jim: I have no idea. It seems like since she left Team Arrow shes mostly been floating around in the background. Unless they are going to give her a new storyline, seems like stepping out is the best thing for the whole team. 

Robin: Didn't Thea just come back from an I-need-to-fix-my-brokenness sabbatical? I thought that was a cop-out, to be frank.

Kathleen: I'm with Robin. I just wish that they could come up with something for her to do.

Steve: Thea was much better utilized as Speedy. She's just been floating in limbo lately, and the writers can't seem to find anything for her to do. Having Thea leave is for the best, at least until the creative team can come up with something interesting for her to do again.

Over to you, Arrow fanatics. Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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Note: Arrow returns March 15 on The CW!

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