Quantico Round Table: Does Anyone Know What's Going On?

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No, seriously, is anyone following some of these storylines?

On Quantico Season 2 Episode 11, Ryan and Will had a difference of option when it came to the right way to identify and take care of AIC members. Alex infiltrated the Citizen's Liberation Front and rescued the hostages.

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson and Allison Nichols, along with TV Fanatic reader Meaghan Frey, try to make sense of Quantico's many mysteries, including why Alex trusted Lydia, who exactly the Citizen's Liberation Front is, who the real target is, and more.

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If Alex and company are successful in freeing the hostages (terrorists and AIC members included), what's Alex's next step?

Jasmine: I imagine it's once again trying to figure out who amongst them are the terrorists. The plan hasn't changed, she just hit a wrinkle in it. She still has to figure who is who, so she can bring them to justice. Lady Justice is probably annoyed with all of this. I know I am.

Meaghan: She most likely will go on a suicide mission, like usual, to bring down the person responsible. She will of course do this alone because that's how Alex operates.

Allison: I'm hoping that all of the hostages will be transported to the FBI or some other enclosed space, so Alex's hunt is a bit easier to do. I'm assuming everyone involved will have to be debriefed, and maybe through those conversations, Alex will get some clues.

Follow up question: is the goal to stop/catch the AIC or to stop/catch the terrorists?

Jasmine: I think the goal is to catch the terrorists at this point. She can figure out the AIC situation after she makes sense of who is the terrorists. They seem to be the ones posing a bigger threat right now.

Meaghan: Right now she is trying to stop the terrorists. If the goal was to bring down the AIC right now, she would let the terrorists finish what they are doing because they are obviously doing a great job at bringing down the AIC.

Allison: I agree that the terrorists pose a more immediate threat. The AIC still needs to be dealt with, but after those responsible for executing the First Lady (and others) are caught.

Who are the Citizens Liberation Front if they aren’t AIC?

Jasmine: I'm going to be honest. I'm so utterly lost it's embarrassing. I watched the entire episode and even had to rewind it a few times, and I still wasn't completely sure what was going on. The entire season has felt like this.

I guess they're rogue government agents who have banded together to go after the rogue CIA. Well former government agents. Former agents who wouldn't have a problem beheading the First Lady.

Meaghan: I'm in agreement with Jasmine. Definitely seems like rogue government or former government agents. The FBI was already looking at the AIC, so the government is obviously aware but weren't able to bring them down. So whoever these people are trying to do the job the government couldn't.

Allison: My money is on the intelligence community and law enforcement as well. I can't decide if they are still currently active or former agents. The beheading of the First Lady is still what gets me confused because that is an action that can't really be justified. I don't know. Like Jasmine, I'm confused.

Okay, if Alex knew Lydia was AIC back at the Farm, why did she trust Lydia in the present day (back before Alex knew that the AIC were the hostages, not the terrorists)?

Jasmine: I feel like the kid who did their homework but didn't have the foggiest idea what they were doing while they were doing it, and now they're being called on in class.

Quantico has gotten so messy, and their writing screams "flying by the seat of our pants" that I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if that was just a continuity issue.

But assuming it isn't (Ha), I'm going to guess that something significant happen while she and the others were working towards taking Lydia down. There has to be some sort of twist to Lydia's involvement in the AIC. Otherwise, why is it that months later, they still didn't successfully stop or dismantle the AIC?

Meaghan: There is clearly something we don't know about the AIC yet. In the present day timeline they are definitely starting to appear like the good guys. Whatever Alex learned about the AIC, that we haven't seen yet, has changed her mind about them.

Either that or like Jasmine said, Quantico is that lost and don't know what have already written.

Allison: To say I'm confused would be an understatement. If memory serves, back at the beginning of the season, Alex talked about chasing ghosts, and so maybe before the terrorist attack, the AIC somehow managed to trick Alex into thinking that they don't exist. This could maybe explain why Alex helped Lydia.

What do you think is the show's biggest problem right now?

Jasmine: It's messy. The show is too confusing, and not in a fun, planned sort of way like Lost. There are too many things going on and, none of it is cohesive enough to feel like part of the natural course of the show.

Meaghan: The plot has gotten so convoluted at this point. I am enjoying the time at the Farm. After just finishing up Covert Affairs, I am so interested in the CIA, so I don't mind watching that aspect of it. But, when they switch to the present day timeline it is way too confusing and not enjoyable to watch.

Allison: Like Jasmine said, it's messy. It's impossible to keep track of everything. On top of all the AIC insanity, every character seems to get their own mystery, and all the secrets, mysteries, twists, and turns keep piling up. You can't keep anything straight.

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Jasmine: I'm not a Ryan fan, however I'll begrudgingly give it to him. He kicked ass when he took those guys out and saved Alex and Owen. I'm a sucker for a good fight scene.

Meaghan: Lady Gaga. Two songs in one episode? I'll take it.

Allison: I'm going to give it to Leon. He's the MVP of saving Dayana's ass. I'm not sure why he keep saving her, but he does. He even was willing to die to protect her in the present day storyline.

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