Arrow Round Table: Best Flashbacks Yet?

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Renee is becoming one of the best characters on the show. 

That was pretty much confirmed on Arrow Season 5 Episode 13 when we got some insight into his back story. 

TV Fanatics, Steve Ford, Jim Garner and Paul Dailly discuss all things, Renee, Oliver's new tactic and Felicity's opinion on guns. 

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What did you think of the flashbacks?

Steve: Let me just say that I am really digging the flashbacks this season. They are definitely the best the series has offered since Arrow season 2. Not only that, but the flashbacks in this episode focused on the increasingly likable Renee, and it was nice to switch gears from the normally Oliver-centric flashbacks.

It was obvious before we were given glimpses into Renee's past that the guy had issues, but to actually witness the catalyst of what pushed him into vigilantism, made for one of the best episodes of Arrow in my opinion.

Jim: It was really cool to see someone else at the center of the flashbacks for a change. It really made me like Renee that much more. I hope they do that with some of the other characters as well.  

Paul: I liked them. Renee was such a polarizing character when he first appeared on the show, and the events of the flashbacks were part of that reason. Also, it was good to get a break from Oliver's origins story. 

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How did you feel about Oliver trying to fix things as Mayor?

Steve: Honestly, I still don't believe he's cut out for being Mayor. Don't quit your night job, Ollie.

Jim: It was cool to see him trying something different. But, as it showed when he went rushing out, Green Arrow seems to get things done faster.  

Paul: It was certainly different, but I do agree with Steve. He's not the best person for the job. 

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Discuss Renee being Quentin's assistant?

Steve: Their initial rapport felt a bit forced I'll admit, but to me, it seems these two bring out the best in each other and it's starting to become fun to watch.

Jim: Agreed Steve, I wasn't sure how they would gel, but seeing them together now, I can see that they are both getting something they need from the other. I'm happy to ride along and see where it goes.  

Paul: I like that the pair have a great dynamic, but I can't get on board with the assistant plot. It came out of nowhere and seemed forced. 

Why did Felicity not bother about the guns?

Steve: I do know a few people personally who are indifferent on this same topic. I've never pushed the subject to find out why they have no stance, so I just respect their opinion on not having an opinion, so I suppose I feel the same way toward Felicity.

Jim: I was glad at least one person wasn't acting like this was an after school special... The constant back and forth beating us over the head with "guns are bad" followed by "but we've got rights to guns" was driving me bonkers. I was expecting Blossom to show up at anymore to give us a moral wrap up.  

Paul: I just found it odd because she has been shot in the past. She never really addressed that or even acknowledged that it happened to her. 

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Are Dinah and Diggle getting a little too close?

Steve: I didn't really get that impression, it seems to be more of close friendship development rather than anything potentially romantic. Diggle always tries to do right by his family and has high morals, so I do not foresee him developing those kinds of feelings for Dinah.

If anything, I could see Dinah developing feelings for Diggle and him rejecting her due to his commitment to his family. As it stands right now, though, I do not think we have anything to worry about between these two.

Jim: I agree with Steve, they have similar backgrounds, Diggle is happily married. Now that Dinah is back working we will see how things go.  

Paul: I like their dynamic, but I think it could stray from being platonic and I would not be on board with that. This is a superhero series, and I don't watch for relationship drama. 

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Over to you, Arrow fanatics. What did you think of all the drama?

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Thea: What were you doing with a gun in here?
Rene: Judging by how I attacked the guy, saving people's lives.

Rene's Wife: You searched our bedroom?
Rene: Yeah, because it looks like my wife is a freaking junkie.