Grimm Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Trust Me Knot

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It's almost too bad that this is Grimm's final season. Grimm Season 6 Episode 2 continued the tension of the season premiere while leavening it some fantastic humorous moments.

While it didn't exactly work out so well for Team Grimm, it was definitely enjoyable to see Renard's day soured even temporarily.

Stopping Renard - Grimm

I laughed out loud when Wu and Hank blew right into the middle of the tense standoff outside Bud's repair shop to drag Renard away in handcuffs. The sheer audacity of the move was outstanding, as was Hank's no-sell reaction to Renard woging out in the interrogation.

Renard: You really think this is going to go anywhere?
Hank: *We* take *our* jobs seriously, Captain.

In fact, Renard's situation was just full of funny. Adalind, not normally a source of comic relief on Grimm, was on fire, and it was her exchange with Renard that served as my favorite scene from this episode.

Adalind: Never thought I’d see this.
Renard [resigned]: Well, enjoy it while you can.
Adalind: What do you want from me?
Renard: A little help.
Adalind: And what kind of help would that be?
Renard: Well, ironically, I don’t have an alibi for the night Rachel was killed.
Adalind: Where were you?
Renard: I was killing Bonaparte.
Adalind: Oh, well, that *is* awkward.

This, again, had me in full guffaw mode.

The episode featured some key plot developments regarding the Magic Stick; namely, that it's clearly The One Ring.

For those of you who aren't Lord of the Rings fans, I mean that it is an object of immense power... that is addictive and ultimately corrupts the bearer to disastrous ends.

The parallel was fairly obvious, especially given the way Nick behaved when he tried to put it away the first time. Maybe those Crusaders of old should have just tossed the stick into Mount Vesuvius, rather than bury the thing.

The Trust Me Knot was a clever plan, but it was pretty obvious that it wasn't going to work out so nicely for Team Grimm. Though it does set up for some potentially interesting shenanigans in the next episode, to judge from the previews.

Bound - Grimm Season 6 Episode 2

Trubel being called away by HW felt like a contrived way to remove one of Nick's allies at a critical juncture, when I think a smarter course of action would be to regroup and strike at the remaining Black Claw forces in Portland rather than just give up the city entirely.

Why so many Wesen in Portland seem to be throwing in with Black Claw so readily perplexed me from the start, and here it played a huge role in Renard's plan to get away with it and consolidate his power.

I do have to ask, as well, what the Portland Police as a whole are doing at the moment. They should be in utter chaos and disruption, having lost an entire precinct, a manhunt on one of their own, and a prominent police captain arrested for murder.

Piercing - Grimm Season 6 Episode 2

Poor Sgt. Franco did a good job of embodying a small part of that, but no one else seems to be stopping to even think about what's happening. (I fondly remember Robert Blanche as Detective Bonanno from Leverage.)

I do want to say that it was pleasing to have Diana do something that was actually helpful for the heroes while not being, well, murderous. Her gag about Kelly not saying very much was pretty funny, too.

Too often, Diana has served as little more than a MacGuffin or a plot device, rather than an actual character. It's a bit unfortunate that they're only really getting to this now, as the series winds to its end.

While ultimately I still remain disappointed in the way Renard has devolved into stereotypical villainous threats (hilariously ignored by both Wu and Hank), the first two episodes of this season remain overall strong entries into the Grimm canon.

Hopefully, there will be something in the remaining episodes of this season to redeem Renard and the disaster that was the Black Claw storyline.

A few final notes before I turn the discussion over to you, fellow Grimmsters:

  • There was a lot of concern over Bud and his family at the start of the episode... and then they just told him to go home?
  • Unanswered question: Why can Diana see the mystery writing on the Magic Stick's cloth?
  • Renard was once again tormented by a hallucination, this time of a gun and bullet casing, and made the connection to his shooting of Meisner.
  • I wonder how much stock Renard would have with Black Claw if they knew he killed Bonaparte.
  • Be sure to check out our Grimm quotes page for some of the great lines from this episode!

If you missed this episode, fear not. You can watch watch Grimm online to catch up! And be sure to turn in for Grimm Season 6 Episode 3, "Oh Captain, My Captain," on Friday, January 20, 2017.

What did you think of "Trust Me Knot"? Were you frustrated or pleased that Renard got away with everything? How will Team Grimm counter his nefariousness? Let us know in the comments section below!

Trust Me Knot Review

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Grimm Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Renard: You really think this is going to go anywhere?
Hank: *We* take *our* jobs seriously, Captain.

Trubel [they're surrounded by SWAT]: Let’s take ‘em on.
Monroe: Rosalee’s pregnant!
Rosalee: Monroe!
Monroe: Sorry.
Trubel: Whoah, you’re pregnant?
Bud: Right now?! Oh, my God, that’s wonderful!