The Young and the Restless Recap: Chloe is BACK (In a Really Bad Wig)!!!

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This week was fairly well rounded when it comes to utilization of characters, and it was really appreciated.

We're weren't stuck in any one location for too long, and we even had an unlikely foursome scoring some drinks. I guess it shouldn't be unlikely that Dylan and Stitch would go out for drinks with their wives given their history, but that they married Abby and Sharon presents the oddity.

And finally...FINALLY, Chloe revealed her face, and her totally awesome disguise. I hope she really doesn't think that's a disguise, because I recognized her straight away.

Chloe in a Bad Wig - The Young and the Restless

So let's start with Victor and Chloe. A lot of other stories splinter off of Victor anyway.

We all pretty much knew it was going to be Chloe. Was she "disguising" herself to look like Natalie to throw the scent her way? She certainly doesn't wear it well. They put it on her head purposefully so we would know it was a wig.

Just so Natalie could find it. Weird. It doesn't really help, because under her brown wig is...dun dun dun, pretty much the same hair. Really odd.

From the cryptic chats Chloe and Victor had, they were working together to frame Adam. Then Victor changed his mind. Hell, he probably never really wanted it to go all the way, thinking he was all powerful and could command Chloe to do what he wanted. He'll never learn.

Instead of getting Adam's life back for him, now it's in Chloe's hands. She has the real journal pages and still (because she's boring), wants Adam to die because of the horrific Cordelia accident. This is a soap. He's already suffered and paid far more for an accident than most soap characters do for cold blooded murder.

Victor thought it would be easy to turn the tables. Just appeal to Chloe's sensibilities. After all, he's been taking care of her kid since she was in the looney bin. WHAT?!

How on earth did Victor get involved with that?! I really hope we get that backstory, because it's an unexpected one. Chloe's daughter is real and named Bella. Who's the daddy? My guess is Billy, because I cannot think of any reason for Victor to get involved with Kevin's child.

I can  think of a million reasons Victor would want to be involved with Billy's daughter. The family feud would be louder and more violent than ever.

Jack's Regret - The Young and the Restless

Jack cried when he realized he didn't have Phyllis' back when they learned the Newman trying to get Victor out of prison. And even though I know the whole scenario is wrong, with Phyllis cheating on Jack but still wanting him to have her back when it comes to Victor, it's pretty realistic.

It's hard to figure out what's going on in your own head, even more when you're actively trying to make a decision about something and you find yourself examining every move the other person makes. 

And I hate to be gauche, but when you're going to get busy at the office, you don't get your lover naked, Jack. You lift her skirt up in the event someone walks in. Good God. He was easing her dress off of her shoulders. Was that necessary? That's not the way office woo hoo goes.

Of course, Nikki has fallen deeply in love with Victor again. I can't remember why. She looked into his eyes for a second, and they hypnotized her? 

Then again, he even shed a tear when they were really close. I have no idea what it means. Ultimately, Victor cares for nobody but Victor. Everything he does is to save and cover his own ass. To get people to love him, follow him, to think he's fantastic. What a horrible way to live, never knowing if anybody truly cares for you.

Nonetheless, Nikki has dragged the kids on board, except Adam who is too busy fighting his legal battles to be worrying about his dad getting out of prison before he's stuffed into a cell beside him just because Victor wants company.

It messed things up a bit between Travis and Vicki, making me like him even more. He's a really good guy. He isn't falling for the trance of the Newmans. Hopefully, that keeps up when he returns from his extended sailing trip. Yes, he'll be back.

It's refreshing to have someone willing to stand up to what they believe is the honorable thing to do and share those feelings with the person who may be making a misstep. The new boss knows Travis is a keeper. Thank God for Mal Young!

Baby Billy - The Young and the Restless

Then we have poor Billy. Of COURSE Jill has a "kick Billy out of the house clause" in the contract she used to sign over the house to him.

Jill is a really great character, but this obsessive meddling in Billy's life (not just by mom Jill, but by everyone) has to stop. As does the never ending shrine to Katherine Chandler. She's gone. She was here a long time, had a fantastic life, but in no way would she want people to be stuck in her world exactly as she left it.

Jill knows that. Otherwise she'd still be in the house. Duh.

Then Cane said he wouldn't talk to Jill about stopping the painting because it wasn't his place. Um...was it his place to come into the house with a painter? No. Pick your battles, Cane.

On the plus side, the more people pick on Billy, the more I like him. I'm a real fan of the underdog, and whether it's his poor taste in paint colors or inability to bring Brash and Sassy into the black, at least he's trying to move on with his life and not wallow the past.

Elsewhere about town this week, Cane and Lily made love. Just because we haven 't seen them in a while. That's nice and all, but maybe they could have gone skydiving or something. If someone doesn't show up in a while, I don't need to be thrust into sexy times with them.

Especially because, as luck would have it, Sharon and Dylan were getting down at the same time. And seeing Sharon doing anything right now that puts her into that kind of light makes me nauseous. I need her storyline moved along, get her a lobotomy or what have you and make her trustworthy.

I used to love Sharon, and now I dread every minute she's on screen. She looks so tense and unhappy it gives me a headache.

We didn't have to suffer through much of Summer and Luca, but if I recall, we saw Summer hanging half out of her bra on Monday just before we learned Luca was getting a little too careless with his phone calls. He's in on the oil spill thing for sure, so if all goes well, dude will be on his way out of town soon enough.

And finally, we have the Neville drama. While they're trying to drum up a storyline to push his rear end out of town, he's on his way to becoming public enemy number one. How far close to death will Hilary have to pretend to come before he's hightailing it out of there? 

Here's the thing, though. Hilary always has on so much makeup and her hair is so perfectly done, that I can't understand why anyone buys her illness. She looks just as good lying in the bed, supposedly drained of energy, as she does in a dress, trying to finangle her way to the top of GC society. 

She's probably spending a lot of money paying off lab techs, so why doesn't she pay someone to get some good, deathly makeup ? Let's get her looking as terrible as possible so I can at least let my guard down and not know she's a lying manipulator. 

Or is she really sick? The bottom line is she's not sick enough. She's cried wolf too many times for this viewer to think anything of her but bad thoughts.

How about you guys? Do any of these storylines hit nerves like they do me? What did you think of Chloe's wig? Are you ready to give Sharon a lobotomy? Do you want Hilary to look a little more sickly? Should Victor lose everyone and stop getting away with his scheming? 

Let's discuss!!!

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