The Fosters Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Trust

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Good grief, the Fosters can't ever seem to catch a break! 

To be fair, if their lives were all sunshine and rainbows, there wouldn't be anything worth watching. The Fosters Season 4 Episode 3 was not nearly as intense as the previous two episodes, but it was far from sunshine and rainbows. 

If there was a competition on which Foster was suffering the most, it would definitely be between Marianna and Lena. The show is doing a fantastic job with the aftermath of  the Nick situation. 

My heart aches for Lena. She's trying so desperately to keep it together, but she's genuinely afraid. She's throwing everything she has into making sure their home and the school are safe. She's traumatized!

Lena obsessively checking in on the kids at home was devastating. She's insistent that they install a security system in the home and agitated that Stef isn't getting it done quickly. Lena is struggling, yes, but it's not an out there request.

Callie: It's like Juvie.
Lena: From now on, make sure you all give yourselves extra time to get through security. We don't want you late for first period.

The new safety protocols at school are terrible. It's terrible that kids have to go through a process akin to that of airport security just to feel safe in their own school. Next to home, school should be the safest place for a kid. 

Poor Marianna! It's not entirely surprising that the other students would find a way to blame her for "setting Nick off," but it's still frustrating. She is just as much a victim, arguably more so, than the others. The bullying she had to deal with was despicable.

It's easy for you to say. It's never the boy who gets called the slut.


Jesus sticking up for his sister was a highlight. He seems more in tune with his family, even if he does still make dumb decisions. Although getting tested for S.T.I.s was one of the most responsible decisions he's made in a long time.

Brandon is currently taking Jesus' place when it comes to making sucky decisions. The ridiculous war he waged on his mom was the very antithesis of "mature adult." Kudos to Stef for taking his car; it was easily one of the most satisfying moments.

It's great that he and Stef eventually had a heart to heart, and he thanked her for being a great and supportive mom. With all the things that family has gone through, she probably needed to hear that. Brandon and Stef moments are always sweet.

He made a turn around in the episode. Things were finally looking up for him, and he was tolerable again. Then he went and marked his territory in front of Eddie (his girlfriend's ex), and nothing good can come from that. Oh Brandon.

The show doesn't shy away from exploring faith and religion. I was leery when Taylor asked Jude to go to church with her, because it easily could have gone in an unpleasant direction. Instead, they introduced Noah and an environment that might serve Jude well. 

Do you want to go to church with me after school?


Jude has always come across like the kid seeking a place to belong. He found his family, but now it's like he needs a place and people outside of home. Taylor is gradually becoming a supportive and constant friend. The youth group might be good for him.

Callie is the epitome of a "problematic fave." Her urge to punch the kid for making that asinine comment was understandable, but obviously wrong. Lena was already at her wits' end and suspending Callie didn't make things any better. 

The opening sequence of Callie sitting down with Stef and Lena, with them telling her that they were reversing her adoption felt redundant. It's obvious to everyone but Callie that they would never in a million years give her up. Her abandonment issues won't just fade away, but they can't dwell on them so much either. 

The new guy made me cringe. There was nothing wrong with him per se. He's smart, charming, compassionate, and he drives a motorcycle. He's kind of perfect. It's just that Callie doesn't need to be involved with anyone at the moment. 

She's already juggling this inexplicable thing she has with Brandon, and of course, her relationship with AJ. It doesn't look like we've seen the last of the new guy. I just really don't want to see more relationship drama.

The dream she had about her birth mother was interesting, and she later went to her old house. The relationship drama is something that doesn't need to happen, but there can never be too much of exploring Callie's background. 

What did you think of the episode? Are you as uninterested in Callie's romantic entanglements as I am? Does anyone else have the urge to hug Lena and never let go? Is anyone shipping Jude and Noah yet? What did you think about Nick calling Marianna at the end? 

Don't forget, if you're behind and need to catch up you can watch The Fosters online!  

Trust Review

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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Callie: It's like Juvie.
Lena: From now on, make sure you all give yourselves extra time to get through security. We don't want you late for first period.

I'll be back home by...uh, back here by 5.