Dead of Summer Round Table: Run Away From Your Problems

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Drew experienced the flashbacks of Camp Stillwater on Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 4, while the affects of Amy being struck by lightning slowly began to show themselves, and Jessie actually became a character.

Below, TV Fanatics Yana Grebeyuk, Carissa Pavlica, Allison Nichols, and Caralynn Lippo discuss Jessie's redeeming moment and the direction of Drew and Blair's relationship.

Dead of Summer Round Table

Do the writers just want us to hate Jessie?

Yana: That's what I thought at first but now I think they were just paving the way for Jessie's story. Next week is about Joel, but they need to keep Jessie in the loop. She's not connected to any other character that had a flashback episode, so attaching her to Drew makes sense in terms of storytelling. But the way they made it work really didn't sit well with me. Jessie calling Drew ''Andrea'' and threatening to show everyone a video of him in the shower was in no way okay.

Jessie: Are you threatening me, Andrea?
Drew: Just making it clear we both have a secret. You keep mine, I'll keep yours... And it's Drew.

Carissa: Regardless of their intention, I have disliked Jessie from the get-go, so whatever they were doing worked.

Allison: I definitely don't like Jesse. There haven't been moments that allow you to feel for her, even a little bit. Right now it's shocking whenever she does something nice.

Caralynn: Jessie has been almost entirely despicable, but she did show a flash of humanity towards the end when she comforted Drew. Her flashback episode is clearly being saved for later, so I'm assuming it will do a lot to redeem her.

Did her final moments with Drew redeem her character at all for you?

Yana: I need to see more of her to know. If she continues to be there for Drew and the others then yes. If this somehow becomes about winning Garrett back after he shifted more towards Amy this week then no.

Carissa: It was only a hug. It was one kindness. We know she's capable of being more than a self-involved brat, so my guess is her back story will somehow explain all of this, and like all the others, force her to own up to her own behavior in the present.

Allison: It's a step in the right direction, but like Carissa said, it was just one act of kindness. I don't dislike her as much as I did before that hug, but she isn't all of a sudden likable to me. There's a lot more work to be done.

Caralynn: I agree that it was a step in the right direction, but not nearly enough. Her sudden vendetta against Drew was really weird and didn't make sense. At least her vendetta against Amy has a rational (ish) reason – she wants to keep Amy away from Deputy Garrett.

What did you think of Drew's home life, especially that final scene?

Yana: His mom gave me bad vibes from the very beginning. When she went to the party I thought she would make a scene. When she accepted Drew, I was waiting for it all to be some daydream. So his mother packing up their entire house and running off was definitely the buildup I was expecting. Drew struggled so much and it's clear that it isn't over yet. It breaks my heart how much he just wants to be accepted and there is always that hope that's ripped away.

Carissa: I can't put myself in either character's shoes. I'll never know what it's like to be them. I'd like to think if I had a child I'd love them through anything, but not having had said child, I don't know what kind of parent I'd be. Maybe that's why I don't have children. My own uncle left his three sons on my grandmother's porch in the middle of the night, and their sister (who I never got to know) on her grandmother's porch at the same time. People have issues. Thrusting out children doesn't mean they should raise them.

Allison: This was probably my favorite flashback to date. I loved it. I really just need to know if his mom left her kid any money. I mean Drew's dad is dead, so did Drew's mom just abandon him, leaving him to fend for himself? We see that she does accept Drew, and so I'm hoping that even though she moved out, the house is paid for and she is going to send Drew money for groceries and stuff or something. How is Drew going to afford college?

Caralynn: The flashback was devastating. I knew that Drew's coming out was going to go poorly as soon as I saw who was playing the mom. That actress plays the bitchy/terrible mom in everything.

Yikes! The lake demon's hand almost held Amy's? Is she going to be toast?

Yana: Isn't she already toast? She got hit by that lightening and now she is attracted to that demon? It looks like she is possessed and in danger because of that spirit choosing her during the ritual.

What if something in the lake is making us see these things?


Carissa: I totally missed that. Is that when she wandered into the water again? Hey, if she's flirting with disaster, nobody can help her.

Allison: It not looking great for Amy, that's for sure. There was some creepy romantic undertones in that scene. Does the lake monster want everyone to get it on? Joel and Deb are hooking up. Amy immediately kisses Garrett, which is a little sudden. Then, there's Drew and Blair making out.

Caralynn: Gosh that was creepy. The demon is definitely controlling her/possessing her to some degree (though it doesn't seem to have fully taken her over--she has only flashes of possession, seems like). I love Allison's idea that the demon is influencing people to hook up. I had a weird feeling that the Joel/Deb hook-up was somehow part of the ritual, given that I'm still really suspicious of Deb's motives. And why take Joel to the middle of the woods to hook up, where they could easily get caught?!

Blair ran off after Drew revealed himself as transgender. Does this change your perception of his character at all?

Yana: Umm ... yes. Blair, I trusted you and you let us all down. He talks about how he would accept Drew no matter what and then just runs off. Why? Because the little girl that gave him that mixtape never really existed? Build a bridge and get over it, Blair. Drew is finally opening up to him and his response was disappointing. Blair dropped to dead last on my list of favorite characters from this show, right underneath Jessie.

Carissa: It's not as easy as calling someone ignorant. Tolerance isn't a one way proposition. Blair thought he was attracted to a stranger, a cute guy he's never met. He's confused. Initially, he gets to run off. It's what he does when he comes back that will make the difference. He may not be into Drew romantically any longer. Blair is gay, and he may want the whole package. It's his choice whether or not he wants to continue perusing Drew in that way, but my hope is, at the very least, they'll reconnect and become the friends they once were when a child gave a similarly confused Blair a David Bowie tape hoping to help him out.

Allison: I mean we all wished that Blair would just immediately understand and accept Drew, but I'm not surprised Blair ran off. Blair thought he knew who Drew was, and even though, as Drew said, he has always been this person regardless of his name or dress, it's a lot for Blair to take in. He has to reconcile that the girl who was kind to him back at camp is the guy he likes now. I'm interested to see how Blair reacts the next day. To me, that moment, after he has had time to process everything, will reveal a lot about Blair's character.

Caralynn: I was disappointed for sure but I also don't think I'm ready to write off his character. He was taken aback, understandably, and handled it VERY poorly. Unfortunately, it was a realistic reaction. I do think Blair will come around eventually. This will likely be a big part of his character arc this season.

What do you think of Joel and Deb's relationship?

Yana: No No No. We deserve nice things, and that relationship just isn't it. It's gross and creepy and I wish Garrett had caught them. They set this up so that next week when Joel's story airs, they still have that momentum. But how do either of them think this is okay? How is any of that okay? Not only is she probably his mother's age, she's also probably possessed. I'm waiting for us to find out Joel's story because something tells me that his relationship with his mother is nonexistent, which takes care of that age difference weirdness that we are feeling.

Carissa: The truth of the matter is they're both adults at this point, so technically, it's up to them. There's obviously a reason Joel is feeling pulled toward Deb, and we're going to find out what that is. I'm not a fan of the adult woman young boy scenario, but adult men young girls are done to death, and Joel sure looks the part of a grown man. He also has very little interest in the antics of the other counselors. Meh. Whatever floats their boat.

Allison: I'm not really feeling it. Honestly, it's just too weird for me. I've never really felt their chemistry, and I can't point to a moment that made me like or ship them. It's felt more like Joel awkwardly filming Deb, and then Deb being shady and somehow okay with it.

Caralynn: NOPE. Big nope. I mean, they're both super ridiculously attractive and the age difference doesn't really bother me – it's the employer/employee thing that weirds me out. There's obviously a power imbalance. I also feel certain that she's using him for some nefarious purpose, which is contributing to the general ookiness.

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Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jessie: Are you threatening me, Andrea?
Drew: Just making it clear we both have a secret. You keep mine, I'll keep yours... And it's Drew.

Crap like this doesn't actually happen in the real world.