DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: Legion of Doom is Looming, Plus More Justice Society Members!

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There was big news out of San Diego Comic Con today with regard to DC's Legends of Tomorrow!!

Not only will more members of the Justice Society of America be introduced, but Matt Letscher aka the Reverse-Flash will be joining the show as a series regular!!

Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman are both expected to be integral, recurring characters to the second season, as well.

That Way! - The Flash Season 2 Episode 11

Another recurring character? Neal McDonough, none other than Arrow's Damien Dahrk.

We've seen Dahrk in the past on Legends, but never the present.

What the heck is going on, you ask? Good question.

This will become the first-ever Legion of Doom on television.

"For season two of Legends, we decided that the perfect antagonist for TV's first-ever team of Super Heroes would be TV's first-ever team of Super-Villains, recruited from the ranks of Arrow and The Flash's deadliest adversaries," Legends boss Marc Guggenheim said. "Being huge fans of the Challenge of the Superfriends, we've come to call this group our ‘Legion of Doom.'"

That is both exciting and somewhat unsettling (for those of us who had so held out hope for our beloved Wentworth Miller). But, we'll take what we can get.

To be honest, it's when these characters pick a side that they are at their very best. Waffling can be aggravating.

Doom it is.

And let's just step back a second. These are some of the best actors in the business to deliver that one special line of dialog that can tear you apart with laughter.

This could be the start of something very special.

We'll also be seeing more of Jonah Hex, who will drop by on Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 6.

The writing team isn't leaving us high and dry without more heroes to balance things out, either.

Justice Society of American members Obsidian, Stargirl and Dr. Mid-Nite will be debuting this season.

“Even the heroes have heroes,” EP Legends Phil Klemmer said of the Legends getting an assist from the Justice Society. “For us, the JSA is like that golden age of superheroes. For our team, it’s like modern people meeting that greatest generation.”

Keep an eye on TV Fanatic for casting decisions for those roles.

And, yes, we're hoping Rex Tyler (Patrick J. Adams) will be back.

What do you think guys??? Is the season shaping up nicely now?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

You can watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow online right here to catch up!

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