The Fosters Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Safe

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If the season premiere played out like a suspense film, The Fosters Season 4 Episode 2 played out like a horror flick, with eerie music, a shower scene, sex, a ghost, and more than enough jump scares. 

Alas, Nick's terrorizing reign has come to an end. Well, for now. 

Nick didn't initially come across as in interesting character. He was an arrogant, rich kid with "Daddy issues" and a bad boy edge to appeal to both the twins. There was nothing original or engaging about his presence. Until this arc. 

On one hand, his arc felt rushed. We were suddenly faced with a young man who was clearly mentally-ill and troubled, and it was a stark contrast from who we were introduced to in the not so distant  past. 

On the other hand, Louis Hunter (Nick) does such an exceptional job at playing this creepy stalker turned suicidal abuse victim, that it's easy to overlook the abrupt nature of his storyline.

He plays unhinged really, really well. It was difficult to not be completely enthralled with his performance. 

I need you to understand why--why I can't, uh, why I can't--because there are voices in my head and I can't think straight, because, uh, they won't stop talking. And I hate it. I hate everything. I hate myself, and I hate you. I hate you.


Did it surprise anyone that he was an abused kid? He rarely spoke highly of his father. Their relationship was strained, and in the few scenes they shared together, his father bordered on verbally abusive.

The physical abuse was a shock. It was also surprising that Nick compared Mariana to his father.

He humiliated me. Like you did.


Mariana has really matured over the past few seasons. She had multiple times to shine in the episode.

She spoke her mind on the Brallie issue, even if it meant not sparing Callie's feelings. She admitted to her own mistake of sleeping with Wyatt instead of being judgmental. She also revisited her S.T.E.M skills, by helping Callie and A.J. take over the "Fost and Found" website.

In one of the best moments for Mariana in the series, she was able to talk Nick down, by sympathizing with him, and assuring him that she still loved him. In the end she probably saved both of their lives.

It will stop if we're together, but we can't be together if you hurt yourself. Please. Don't leave me alone. Don't break my heart. I need you. Please, just come sit with me.


The episode wasn't without its faults.

We can't have an episode of The Fosters, without a fistful of "Brallie." The "Brallie" incident was revisited unfortunately, but the problem is that it's never resolved. Three seasons ago the relationship between Brandon and Callie was interesting. Two seasons ago, it was standing on its last leg.

The Fosters is four seasons in now, and for whatever reason, they can't seem to move on from this relationship and the drama that surrounds it, even though it has become the thorn in an otherwise fantastic show.

Every time we're led to believe that the romantic aspect of their relationship has run its course and they've settled into a perfectly acceptable and nice friendship/sibling relationship, they ruin it with more Brallie angst.

Physical violence should in no way be condoned, but the urge to reach through the screen and physically shake some sense into Brandon was strong in this episode. He was insufferable.

It was bad enough that he defied Stef's wishes and genuine concern for safety by leaving their self-imposed lockdown, but then he did it so he could go lay up with his girlfriend? Completely unacceptable!

Lena may not have approved of Stef heading to Courtney's house to give Brandon a piece of her mind, but I certainly did.

Brandon used to be the most rational, level-headed, mature Foster kid, but the Brandon of late has been a brat.

It was ironic, stood outside of his new girlfriend's house talking about his and Callie's forbidden love. It was even more so that he was trying to convince Stef he was an adult while behaving like a child.

It came as no surprise that Brandon decided to move in with Courtney. Brandon is notoriously known for making rash and poor decisions. This will be just another one to add to his list.

Justina may be gone for now, but her effects still linger, and it sucks.

Of course Justina shut Callie out of her own website. The woman has no heart.

Callie may have to deal with the repercussions to her relationship with Brandon being outed to the public, but at least A.J. and Mariana have helped her regain control of "Fost and Found," and expose Justina in the process. Hopefully there won't be any backlash. 

Speaking of Justina being awful, Jude had a dream about Jack. As if his death wasn't horrible enough, Jude and Lena learned  that the kid's body was cremated but the only relative he had, didn't want to spend the $400 to retrieve his ashes.

Dream Jack mentioned something along the lines of not having a home. It was a truly touching, that Lena brought the ashes home, and Jude and Callie were able to bury Jack beneath the tree dedicated to Lena's baby. Jack became an honorary Foster and found a home after all. 

So what did you think of the episode? Was anyone else excited to see A.J. return? What are your feelings on the latest Brallie saga? What do you think will happen to Nick?

Tell us what you think in the comments below. Also, if you're behind, you can watch The Fosters online!

Safe Review

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