Quantico Round Table: The Voice Revealed

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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 20, Alex was reunited with Drew, who told her about his time being forced to help The Voice, and that the mysterious terrorist is Ryan. Alex does what Drew suggests and plugs a USB drive into Ryan's computer to see if Ryan had the voice changing software. The kicker? Drew's actually The Voice, and Alex helped him plant damning information on Ryan's computer.

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Kelly Thompson, and Allison Nichols discuss The Voice reveal, Alex being in the run again, and so much more. Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts in a comment below.

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Drew's The Voice. React.

Kelly: I was actually hoping it was Ryan. I just don't want this to be another fake out of this person is the Voice, but then the next episode they are good again. Drew needs to be The Voice because these twist aren't entertaining; they are just annoying.

Paul: I thought it was a great twist, but I hope Drew doesn't end up being a villain. He's a great character, but I think he should turn out to be good.

Allison: I’m thinking that this isn’t a fake out. I really hope we get a chance to hear Drew’s side of things, and how he ended up there.

We started the season with Alex being on the run from the FBI, and now we're back here again. Do you like that we've come full circle or do you wish we mixed things up a little?

Kelly: I'm good with us going full circle. The show was at it's best at the beginning of the season. Alex being on the run works, and I assume she will be on the run again next season.

Paul: Totally agree with Kelly here. Quantico is a good show, but it faltered in the middle, and it seems like with Alex on the run, it could get back up there again.

Allison: I’m not totally thrilled with it. I mean as long as it doesn’t feel like an exact repeat of the beginning of the season, I’ll be okay. I hope Quantico can find a way to create intrigue and suspense without having to pit Alex against her friends and the FBI. It will only be exciting so many times.

Does anyone care about what happened in Chicago?

Kelly: No. And it's completely insane that everyone keeps talking about it. Unless the Chicago incident has something to do with all of this (and it better not be a reason Drew went evil), then it should never be talked about again.

Paul: Agree with Kelly on this one! There are a lot of subplots on this show that just plain suck and the Chicago one is the worst.

Allison: I’m so over Chicago. Let’s move on and focus on something new or remotely entertaining. Aside from Drew’s fiancé dying as a result of the Chicago screw up, there hasn’t really been anything that’s come out of all this aside from unnecessary Liam and Ryan drama.

Should we be worried about Nimah? She seemed off whenever she returned to Quantico after her date.

Kelly: That was confusing. I hope they revisit this and tell us what happened to her on the date. But once again, the time jump ruins this because we know that Nimah appears to be completely fine now.

Paul: This change of character all came on a little too quickly. Something isn't quite right.

Allison: I’m worried that the date went too far, and Nimah wasn’t entirely on board with all of it, but she did it to make sure her handler didn’t find out that she and her sister failed their mission.

What do you think of the fact that Alex was flirting with Ryan again like nothing had happened between them? Are you still shipping the two of them or are you over it?

Kelly: I've said it before and I'll say it again: Alex needs to stop getting involved in romances. And this time, more than the others, felt out of place because last episode they hated each other. I got whiplash when the flirting started, and I honestly thought I missed an episode.

Paul: I'm not a fan of Ryan, so hopefully they quit the flirting because there's nothing there.

Allison: I agree with Kelly. I thought I had missed something because suddenly Ryan and Alex were friendly and flirty again. This romance has run its course. Give up on it, and give Alex something more interesting to do than flirt with a guy.

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Alex: You know you don't need an excuse to talk to me, right?
Ryan: I'll keep that in mind.

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